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  1. omg perrin your such a boomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. *Insert sarcastic comment here* "YOU BOOMER!!!!!!!!!"
  3. The image applies to the entire forums smh
  4. guys hitler did nothing wrong. guys Armenian genocide doesn't exist. the white genocide is happening please help me.
  5. scintst dus nut lik por shitpost, realy funy react fur extarmenattion of shitpost.
  6. -1, May have been a long time but you have made 3 alt accounts to bypass the ban.
  7. Echo


  8. As some may know I enjoy making Gmod Art, I decided to make a diorama of the Army National Guard deployed in Triton! Not the highest resolution but this was mostly a light test. @Nick Bean
  9. Use template otherwise your application will not be considered by the DarkRP Management.
  10. Please refrain from shitposting, Also remember to give proper reasoning a behind your ratings (+1, -1, Neutral). Anymore shitposting and bans or warnings will be handed out based off severity.
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