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  1. Echo

    /moved to DarkRP Suggestions.
  2. Echo

  3. Echo

    @Jamie send pictures of your cat.
  4. Echo

    +1 Good boy today.
  5. +1, I use to hang out with you when you first started playing on Poseidon. Your super chill and you know what your doing.
  6. Echo

    /locked and resolved, Thank you for your report.
  7. My new profile song is ready to wage guerilla warfare against Nick Bean.

  8. Nick and I would like to volunteer as Kebab Chefs in the back courtyard smoking out the whole neighbourhood. (Legit can Nick and I start a Kebab area in it?)
  9. Echo

    Nooo, I would see you here and there and you seemed really genuine. Also how come nick was banned for 2 weeks for meta game but not william?
  10. Echo

    No i invited you for kebab with a special ingredient
  11. Echo

    /locked and moved on users request.
  12. Echo

    +1 May as well get staff, There is not that many and you seem pretty active.
  13. +1, Knows what she is doing. I couldn't trust anyone as much as I trust Majin with the perms.
  14. Echo

    I have never agreed much more, Your Microphone is completely fine and I have been talking on discord with you for months and not once has your Mic cut out or broken in general. I got people always telling me about certain issues with sits and whatnot, You are meant to take control of your Sits Jacen and not let others decide the outcome and to control it. Use your Mic it helps more in the long and short term and if you cant assemble a basic sentence as a chat trial then don't even bother. I have also heard and seen from myself how you would always ask other staff members to handle the punishments, This is not acceptable one bit as if a Ban appeal comes up you wont know what to say or what to write in the appeal response and it will overall get messy for both staff members and the other party involved. You should never hijack sits or take sits non stop as in the long run you will probably stop playing from all the sits you have done and 99% of the time when sits are done nonstop they are normally sloppy. Anyways unless more pops off on the application this will probs be my last response to feedback given to you Jacen, Do not take this to heart this is merely what I have heard and observed from your sits and ethic.