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  11. Howdy player or player's, In this guide I will be giving as much detail related to beginning a bit mining operation to generate millions of dollars. Pricing Bitminer S1 | $4,100 Without Upgrades | $56,100 for max upgrades| Bitminer S2 | $21,000 Without Upgrades | $73,000 for max upgrades| Bitrack's | $416,000 With Servers and Without Upgrades | 600K-800K for max upgrades Exact Digit still needing to be calculated | Now we know how much the actual machines cost lets figure out the cost of setting it up! Generator + Power Lead = $5500 Generator + Power Lead + Extension Lead = $6000 All Fuel costs $1000 Add these prices with the machines and you will get your grand total. Setting Up Now that we have our items required lets set it all up! In the first picture presented this is everything you will require. As seen here you require a Generator and Bitminer in a close proximity to begin. Next, Get a power lead and connect it into the sockets shown. And if you have the correct amount of power you can connect multiple with a Extension lead as shown in Picture 3. Commands Use "Mining Start" To begin mining once the setup has been completed. Use "Bitcoin Sell" to sell the bitcoin once its generated enough. Use "Upgrades or "Upgrade 1" Or "Upgrade 2" to upgrade your bitminer. Use "Clear" to Clear all receipts. Use "Info" for information regarding the miner Use "Help" to see a wider range of miscellaneous commands. Extra Tips & Tricks and Conclusion To disconnect a power lead press E on the link EG either the generator or Bit miner. Its recommended to make starting cash first before getting into bit mining EG Gun dealing or Printers Fuel Runs out quicker depending on the power output, Be sure to have a secondary source of cash for it so it does not eat away your profits. Just in general have a tightly secured base as the bit miners getting destroyed will completely ruin your cash if its done in the wrong way. In short, Bitmining is a 50/50 If you lose the miners your at a huge loss if you have not made it back or you either become very successful and become very rich. It is recommended that you roleplay more then sitting in your base 24/7 bit mining for virtual money on a source game so please don't sit their for hours on end.
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