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  1. Echo

    Could you at least suggest ways which this could be done?
  2. Echo


    1. Russian Spy

      Russian Spy

      A shrine to the Anti-Christ herself.

  3. What pisses me off atm is the fact that the WA labour party did a thing called a "filibuster" on a bill which would have essentially legalise the ownership and use of Airsoft markers in WA. I'm jealous of every other western country for being able to own and use Airsoft markers
  4. Echo

    Mr Satan is destined to become the grand leader of Poseidon
  5. Echo

  6. Echo

    Violates Hinzy and then he right hooks Ella in the jaw knocking her out cold
  7. Hello, I decided to split the topic so we can keep Malcolm's post on topic whilst creating another healthy debate regarding a separate issue . For a little more background feel free to check out @Malcolm post.
  8. Echo

    To be fair it was justified for the National Guard to respond, The police where heavily outnumbers and were unable to bring the city under control, Alot of the National Guard units deployed weren't even helping police but helping firefighters safely go to locations within Minneapolis to extinguish fires set by the rioters.
  9. Echo

    I'm very impressed with Australia's standards within its police departments, You don't normally see anything that racist unlike the US. ------ A tiny bit off-topic because its interesting and I feel we can tie it into this topic a bit. The protests in the US are for a very good and noble cause but on the other hand the Riots are further pushing this narrative of every officer being a minority killing shithead. I have noticed that whenever the police retaliate the same people who constantly loot and burn down business or properties act as if they are completely innocent. There are bad and good cops and its officers like Derek Chauvin who completely destroy the reputation of law enforcement, Admittedly we have had more instances of police retaliating far too aggressively but this could also be attributed to the stress of the situation or the risk of being completely beaten by a mob that outnumbers you 4 to 1 that provokes this rapid response. TLDR: Aussie cops good , US cops also good but bad cops ruin the reputation and destroy the reputation of Police in their nation.
  10. Echo

    At the hospital Bat's accomplice named Hinzy arrived at the hospital with intent to finish Edgar to get revenge on Komanov and Hans.
  11. Echo

    Whilst your at it I may aswell mention Arma 3 is very cheap on the Steam store for a limited time along with its biggest DLC's (Content wise).
  12. Echo

    She then saw Victor Hans with a gun outside her window ready to pull the trigger to get his revenge.
  13. Echo

    Exhibit 5 - Homosexuality and playing all sexuality's Courtesy of @Lcast15 As you can see in the image above Bat constantly makes herself out to be a homosexual yet she also claims she is straight, This is a blatant disrespect of peoples sexuality and therefore she should be questioned in a mental hospital whilst put in a federal prison for her numerous other crimes. She is truly despicable.
  14. Echo

    The police then proceeded to beat the black man and then Yuki comes out from the same bush and divorces Albus
  15. Rust and I began playing Lego Star Wars the complete saga. Also Which district do I belong to?
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