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  1. Echo

    When’s the next one dude, I’m pretty excited for it.
  2. Echo

    +1 Active and maintains a decent OOC presence, Keep it up.
  3. Echo

    +1 Not much needs to be said, Having this would Ben like a complete revamp of the mayors abilities.
  4. Echo

    This really doesn’t make sense.
  5. +1 It’s been enough Time, Monroe is back.
  6. Echo

    2-3 Weeks is what seems to be circulating and I’ve heard it from Napoleon himself, Just give him time he wants community feedback first before launching.
  7. Echo

    Aight, I’m just going to move this to DarkRP discussion, Apparently server is not synced with newest update that may Be the reason.
  8. Echo

    Which server @Duckbug©
  9. Echo

    Blocking a window for owning a store does not mean spawning in at least 15 or more big fence props all clustered together causing lag for the server on the side of the street. @Jimmy @bat @Malcolm
  10. Echo

    Congratulations friend.
  11. Echo

    Legit smt, So many people have been asking for it. Ill be depressed if it dies in the 1st week.
  12. Echo

    Moved to shitposting.
  13. Pre-requisites You must be already active and well known: My activity has been declining since school started due to changing timetables but it will return shortly. You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot: All staff members have limits, I take breaks when needed. You must understand the chain of command: User/Donator-Trusted-Tmod-Mod-Administrator-Headadmin-Manager/Root-(Management Roles come after) You must be 15 years or older, or demonstratively mature: Myself and Others believe I am mature enough to begin an application for this role. You must agree that use of rank tools must only be used to help others and yourself: Moderator tools & permissions surely have shown this. You agree that rank can be pulled at any time without notice: Understandable, if necessary for the server. You agree that you will be active on the server at least every other day. We can easily peruse logs to see if are idling to get your hours up: My activity as said before was declining but it is slowly raising again. You need to understand that you may not receive the rank: Absolutely, I understand I may not have the experience or maturity in your eyes to withheld this position. I agreed to these requisites long ago with my moderator application, Once again I agree. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RPname: Ari Karyan Steam url: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198142568634 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91151453 Age: 14 (13 & 8 Months but cmon, Give some leeway here) Anyways I believe I withheld the maturity required for this position based off my experience with moderation. Why would you make a good staff member?: Personally I believe I have the necessary requirements and experience for this position, I frequently play on the server a lot and ensure that my sits are fair and reach out to all sides involved. The tools provided would very much help with staffing and completing more sits that require administrator assistance, These sits are mainly for stuck sits which would be a lot more convenient to do with Noclip. But I am very happy currently with the recent implementation of moderators receiving Un-NLR I just feel these extra command could maximise my efficiency and staffing in general. Admin Tell All would also be very useful for notifying players of certain events that are taking place in the server or just generally notifying a large group of people about a certain rule break which has become common. I have been moderator for around 3 months and in March will be hitting 4 months worth of staffing experience. I hope this time reflects on my current knowledge of the staffing atmosphere within Poseidon. Any experience with commands?: I believe I have got the necessary experience and knowledge with the commands, I only have trouble with commands such as Setting Names and whatnot. Any staffing experience in general?: Currently staffing as a Moderator on DarkRP and another unneeded addition but may help long term is Forum Staffing. Have you read, and do you agree to the prerequisites?: . Yes, I have read and agreed to them Here and my last application regarding a position with staffing. A little about you: (these questions are just for fun) Favourite in-game class/job:.Thief, Swat and Citizen ( I have stopped playing thief for a bit lately) Favourite game: Rust,CS:GO and Garry's Mod Hobbies: Football(Soccer) ,Eating Kebabs & Lately I've been getting into coding with .JS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback & Conclusion Its understandable if there are certain qualities that may give a blurred look of myself, All I ask is that proper feedback be given rather then -1 isn't mature. Being given proper feedback and solutions would help very much in the long term for future staffing. Thank you for reading and taking this into consideration.
  14. Echo

    just to add on Multiple staff including myself had told you to delete it’s aswell.
  15. -1 You really think bullying is funny don't you? Your absolutely disgraceful. Also may you explain to me the correct way to drown myself?