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  1. Never done one of these before so I can't be certain but: I read a little into it and good lord it definitely matches me well.
  2. Definitely looks very good! Of course like Echo said it'd need to be optimised (seeing as it's a TTT map) so we can check it out once it's good to go. Keep up the work!
  3. +1 Active and well aware of the rules, also fun to deag battle : ). Good luck!
  4. About a couple of weeks ago I started on another map for TTT. No it's nothing like coastline I swear, but I figured I'd share progress as I've finally finished it up today. Note: I've optimised this map as best as I can. This means absolutely no water or skyboxes, just the void! If you'd rather experience the map yourself instead of reading this, the workshop link is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537549702 Basically the map is a series of rooms and areas based on a fictional facility I designed myself with inspiration from other sources. Players will spawn in a small cave just outside the laboratory's main entrance. This is the entrance. The room on the left is locked for a later date and will be a part of another system. Going forward through the door will reach the main area. From here, players can enter numerous rooms, hallways and open spaces to eliminate Traitors. This main area features the following rooms: Horizontal Glass Room (I didn't have a better name for this one) Red Carpet "Kitchen" Empty white carpet room Tri-Office & Filing Theater & Bigscreen Continuing forward from the door will lead you to the Fountain area around the back, which connects to the tri-office from before. Returning back to the lobby, if we turn right instead we'll reach this area: There are a few crates and desks first and then we reach the reactor & T Room. This map's T room is the glass room above. It cannot be broken, however Ds & Innos with a Grapple or Pulse can climb into them aswell. This is only detrimental in cases where players activate the void pit trap, or they choose to camp there. (For spectators sake you can possess the tower thingies there but if they're abused too much I'll make them static) Now, the reactor. No, it doesn't start a mapwide execution. Players can climb the paths alongside it for sniping vantage points and to escape other players. However, climb up enough and you'll come across a Combine Monitor. It will take a lot of effort, but eventually destroying this monitor will start a reactor meltdown, and close the blast doors. Anyone trapped inside will be killed after a few seconds. Traitors can also combat the blast doors in the T Room, by forcing them open again. This greatly increases the radius of the explosion but not by a lot. This has taken me some time and I know there are a few defects, but I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions to do with the map. If anyone finds any bugs, exploits or issues, let me know and I'll see to them right away! Once again, thanks guys for taking your time to read this, and be sure to give the map a go if it gets added!
  5. Seeing as Slams aren't always a commonly used Traitor Weapon on the server (aside from myself and a select few) I figured I'd try to encourage the usage of slams through this quick and simple guide! The M4 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM) is a small but powerful explosive gadget when playing as a Traitor. It acts as both a remote detonator and a tripmine, giving it a range of uses and strategies to winning the round. Slams can only be obtained from the Traitor Menu (Pressing C). Slams are a Reaper (stealth) & Opportunist based weapon. They can also be used in two separate ways: Remotely controlled detonator Laser tripmine Each method of using the slam has it's own perks, so we'll divide them into each group for the sake of simplicity. Tripwire or tripmine mode is perhaps the easiest but least effective way to use the SLAM. Attempting this will stick the Slam to a nearby wall, and then after a few seconds arms it. When armed, the slam will leave a faint yet distinct red detection laser pointing the way it's facing. If anybody (including Traitors & the one who placed it) touches the laser, the mine will detonate in a reasonable radius. Press E on a tripmine to pick it up. How to use this mode: Simply walk up to a wall with the Slam out. If it can stick, the viewmodel will change into the same position shown above, and a clicking sound will be heard. Press LMB here to place it on the wall, and be sure to move out of the way at the last minute before it arms. After that, simply wait for someone to come waltzing into it! Pros: Very good at catching people off guard if well hidden. Can catch multiple people if they're walking in a group. Works better on maps with tight hallways or enclosed spaces. Good range. Cons: The laser is fairly obvious to see and might be spotted. The noise created when placing a SLAM may be a dead giveaway. Doesn't work as well on open maps with few enclosed areas. They can be shot by other players and possibly be used to kill T Buddies or yourself. Can also hurt you and teammates. Tips: -Try not to place tripmines directly infront of doorways as they will most certainly be spotted. -It might be a better idea to place them around a corner immediately after a door as people might be attempting to flee and turn a corner blindly. -The red laser can extend for a long while, but it does not affect the radius of the SLAM. The SLAM will be triggered if someone touches the laser from outside the mine's radius, rendering it useless. -Please don't use tripwires as an excuse to hide and delay, that's not what they're for. Detonator Mode is my favourite and personally what I believe to be the most effectively usable mode of the M4 SLAM. This mode can be done anywhere, and simply consists of just throwing the Slam on the ground to be remotely activated later. This can lead to some powerful and strategic moves into the round. Press E on a dropped mine to pick it up. How to use this mode: While holding the slam, simply LMB to throw it onto the ground. Doing this will make a loud swooshing sound effect that may alert nearby players. After it's on the ground, press RMB to detonate it. Note that if you have both of your slams out in the field, detonating will cause both to explode. Pros: Has a number of uses both in stealth and combat. A fair bit harder to spot alone unlike the tripmine's laser. Can be picked up with the Magneto Stick & thrown. Good range & crowd disposal. Probably a better trap than the Tripmine. Cons: Noise can alert players and cause them to flee before you can detonate (if used aggressively) They are fairly obvious and can be easily avoided. They can be shot by other players and possibly be used to kill T Buddies or yourself. Tips: -This mode is one where you'll have to pay attention to both other players and the slam itself. -Throwing the SLAM when other players are making too much noise can disguise the throwing sound. -Try to gain distance from other players before dropping slams or they might be heard (if you plan to trap). -Make use of the strategies I've suggested below and you'll be able to gain some scores. DETONATOR MODE Corpse Bomb This is a fairly simple method and can be used to target innocents or specifically detectives. After killing an innocent, do not identify his/her corpse and move it to a noticeable spot without being caught. Make sure you remember the name of the player as you'll need it to know when to detonate later. Drop a SLAM inside the corpse, keeping it hidden. You can move it with the Magneto Stick later if it's in the wrong spot. Additionally, do NOT place it in tripmine mode. Doing so will be a dead giveaway! Run before you're seen and keep a close watch on the Feed. As soon as someone identifies the body, detonate the slam and send them flying! An alternative way of creating a corpse bomb is to identify the body before you place the SLAM. Afterwards call a Detective and stay around until they arrive. When they bend down to grab DNA, boom! Knock Knock Knock Knock is a mostly stealth based but risky tactic to grab a kill. It'll require potentially giving yourself away and baiting players towards you. It can also be done in conjunction with the Disguiser. Find a door/doorway and drop a slam inside the room beside the door with you. It's optimal to make this a place with no backdoors, but remember not to delay. Also check which way the door rotates. There's nothing worse than having a setup where a door is in the middle of your slam and a player. (alternative) Activate your disguiser. Fire at someone or several people through the doorway, making sure they see you. Now close the door once they're after you. Wait until they come in. Detonate the slam ONLY once they're in the room, and not when they open the door. If you waited enough for a group, there's an easy 1-2 kills for you! Summary I'm really hoping to see this weapon being used on the server more often. It's a pretty fun and tricky thing to use, and can make for some fun T rounds (unlike the dull delay C4 jihad combo). Anyways, good luck fellas and thanks for taking your time to read this.
  6. My my who is this guy?
  7. While it's not exactly beneficial to the player, perhaps on map voting screens players can inherit a colour around their box dedicated by their rank? Sort of like how Managers have a gold(?) box when they vote on an item. This is also kinda tied in to the previous idea, but what if we tweaked the actual Ranks HUD and divided specific ranks into "Tiers" of sorts. This might be a more simpler way to dedicate rewards to players. To tie in previously, each tier would have it's own specific colour, the ranks in between would be different shades of that colour (Like how the first few ranks are green then they transition to blues). Ranks on voting would be the colour of the player's tier, if possible. Tiers could be named their own titles or simply numbers but whatever works. I just think it might be easier to use that system rather than seemingly randomising the ranks with rewards. EDIT: In terms of perks for ranks, maybe some gain extra T Credits or perhaps eventually a free weapon? All depends on what's possible!
  8. +1 Highly active and a dedicated player. Good luck!
  9. I'll volunteeeeeeerrrr! Provided you don't expect a whole bunch of em'. Also depends on the image size which I'd guess would be atleast max 100x100.
  10. Rainbow ranks would be somewhat interesting, only you obviously can't have a bunch of unique rainbow patterns cause they'll all look the same. I misread sonething so lemme try this again: perhaps a prestige system that utilises medals as reference instead of a simple color change? Something like this: New Guy | (the badge is purely an example and not a final result) To make up for the fact that you are most definitely not a new guy, we could have it renamed to something else or maybe just "Guy". That's just my thoughts, no idea if this could work or not.
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    Except you have numerous STIs.
  12. Caiques are best birbs. Change my mind. I did once own a budgie that died a year or two a go, birbs make great pets.
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