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  1. Jamie

    lantos is on his way home from work, it'll be done shortly.
  2. Jamie

    I've updated with his real steam id and profile url.
  3. This is completely warrented. Please stay on topic, straying off to the side with your little arguements is stupid, this is an application. If you want to argue, do it in discord.
  4. Jamie

    i swear to god you fuckers better actually play on the server
  5. Jamie

    +1 Somebody who i actually enjoy being around.
  6. Jamie

    can i give you jailbreak manager
  7. Jamie

    after you sent lantos a pic of john mates nuts?
  8. Jamie

    well this is new, usually we get the "brother used my account" thing but now its an uncle.
  9. Jamie

    +1 free him
  10. Jamie

    i played swrp for 2 years when it has about 5gb of content. 40gb seems over the top af.
  11. but you kinda did tho
  12. Jamie

    -1 condescending as fuuuuuuck
  13. Jamie

    what the fuck
  14. Jamie

    I'm locking this because both Jimmy & Bat have voiced their intentions in not giving you this rank. This thread has also gone to complete shit, i'm sure @bator @Jimmywould like to follow up with a more detailed reason.
  15. Jamie

    It's been a while, you seem apologetic and genuinely intrested in returning. you may return.