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  1. Jamie

    what did you resign from again? ot: cya higashi, i know our relationship has been bitter-sweet (mostly all bitter tbh) but i wish you luck in your future endevours.
  2. Jamie

    fucking retards
  3. Jamie

  4. Jamie

    down with the forum mod union!
  5. Jamie

    hey guys im going to be hamad " the discussion has finished /locked "
  6. Jamie

    He is community banned.
  7. Jamie

    *pins thread* yes.
  8. Jamie

    when friend uses an alt on the forums to bypass his ban smh
  9. Jamie

    Unlocked as hamad should not have locked it.
  10. yes my controler has inbuilt acorn
  11. i can still solo kill the entire team of army national pussies in under 30 seconds
  12. i'll still come back once in a blue moon to fuck you up nick. cheers for this, i laughed pretty good lmaoo
  13. Jamie

    "I like scat & watersports" - Bat
  14. Jamie

    "Is there a way to grope somebody non sexually? " - Dusk "There indeed is a way. " - Jimmy