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  1. Jamie

    Due to your past with cheating and your affiliation with people who cause harm to our servers, your appeal is being denied. Have a nice day.
  2. Jamie

    No, you and anatrax have been fucking with us for a while, you can come back if all the crashing, cheating and other stuff stops, but not while it is ongoing.
  3. Jamie

    I have no intention in unbanning you. You have very strong connections to invalid, legendofrobbo, analwax and the cheat named after meth.
  4. Jamie

    what in the fuck -1, if the previous things don't show immaturity, this does.
  5. how about you go back to pressing keys for colossal.
  6. Jamie

    @Lantos nice man, cant finish his laksa though.
  7. Jamie

    @Hamad scapegoat
  8. Jamie

    In the most recent 2 managers, we've taken applications privately, posted them internally and discussed them. This worked very well for us because we had a way to discuss them without shit between the discussion. I understand you may have not been aware of our new way of doing it, we actually discussed as an entire management team each person, without the "going to freaky or lantos and sucking".
  9. Jamie

    You don't have to update us on your playtime every time you play.
  10. Jamie

    +1 yall are too harsh, this guy knows how to play the game properly.
  11. Jamie

    should be back up now