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  1. Fuck off, lester. https://thoughtcatalog.com/sari-moon/2012/08/a-letter-to-your-ex/
  2. yes, we know. thanks. still getting back on track after the migration.
  3. Hey there, We've recently been undergoing some internal management changes and we'd like to make you aware of them. Due to Lantos & Spook moving to a different country, Jimmy and myself will be taking the helm of Poseidon as main partners. We will be releasing more servers for different games when we settle in. Rest assured, nothing major will change. Poseidon will continue to run the same as it has for the past few years. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to send a PM to either @Jimmy or myself. Lantos and Spook will still be avaliable, but they will be hands off.
  4. Jamie

    Quote thread

    Jimmy: "That's it, do you wanna get abused? "
  5. I've said it about 100 times, we upgraded the forum software and the profile song addon hasnt been updated yet.
  6. wow your so funny haha i totally bet this isnt for attention!111!
  7. It's such a well made show, the visuals are just amazing. Sad story too.
  8. H1Z1: Just Survive has and always will have a special place in my heart. It's the only game that i've ever truely loved and enjoyed playing. I started playing H1Z1 with a few friends from this community back in 2015. We built a pretty shit base, had fuck all materials but we had fun. Somebody from a large clan, his name was Super showed up at our door and we talked. I ended up going to join their clan with 2 people, Lightning and Omoshoroii who i played StarwarsRP with. The person who invited us was named Gurpz. I met gurpz 2 years prior to that, on Poseidon Jailbreak. small world huh? Well, i joined their clan on probatory status. We played for days on end. We built bases, we became the most powerful clan on the server, we were named Aussie Pride. Our group had a couple of older people (40+), who were large racists. We would kill anybody who was not australian, and we would usually kill australians anyway. After this picture was taken, 2 more players were invited into the clan. You may remember them from darkrp, Donnie & Diego Delgato. They were both best friends and i have no idea how they joined the clan, but they did. We played with them on the 5th wipe of the clan (wipes are about 2 - 3 months each) until the group seperated into two. Unfortunatly, i had year 12 coming up so i left the game. During my time gone, the game underwent some drastic and shit changes. The game had moved to a different building system which nobody liked. The game died. Fast forward to the year 2018, january. Me and Donnie built a base on the highest population US server, we kept getting fucked. Until i met an old friend, Spotter. He was a good friend of one of the older guys who i got along with, Cropper. We started playing and made a base, we were playing with a few americans, one of whom was a US marine and a fucking cunt. We were good friends with them, until they pulled this shit on us. This video shows a "friendly" pvp, one of the friends of the egirl who was in the background who also worked at hooters was telling her what to say, and we ended up getting fucked after they exploited. I kept playing for 2 months, with Crabby, Spotter & PussPussNobNob who we abbreviated to PK. We continued to kill asians, we defended our bases multiple times against raiding attempts until the eventual wipe of the server. This would turn out to be the last wipe before the game was shut down because shortly after the wipe, the announcement was made that the game would be permanently closing due to lack of players. People were outraged, they wanted a rollback to 2016 Just Survive, the reason it died was because of the new playstyle and mechanics put in place. The servers closed on October 24, 2018. We all played up until the very end. We had one last PVP battle, where everybody was given guns by the developers. We had fun those last 2 hours, then nothing. I loved Just Survive.
  9. yes because you can donate with amazon credit
  10. Also, have you realised how the server usually goes 5+ days without a restart? well, do you want to go back to twice daily crashes?
  11. -1 As jimmy has said before multiple times, it was extremely inefficient and uses stupid methods/functions to do things. I highly doubt it will ever be added back considering how much jimmy hates the addon.
  12. Can you not join because of ping? or vpn restrictions.
  13. A rust server is in our crosshairs, We've just recently installed a new server in a datacenter (thread about that coming soon) and we want to expand our offerings to not just gmod/minecraft. but yeah, dont get your hopes up but know that it is being planned.
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