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  1. Araxamas

    I have another idea, There are commands like /sellalldoors so I suppose there should be a command like /addalldoors where you can add another person to all your doors as a co-owner, and then /removealldoors to remove a person from all your doors. Those commands shouldn't work for job doors. Instead I think the Banker/Chief/Mayor should be able to add co-owners to job doors manually (There is only like 4 in the bank to do so it shouldn't take too long) It would be cool if the Chief could add co-owner as Police as well for non job doors, so if the Chief sets up a stake-out apartment or something, he can set all Police as owners in one hit. Creating a whole job & coding a whole system where people can be hired as special bank security isn't really needed, regular security should suffice.
  2. Araxamas

    What if the crime doesn't involve a death?
  3. Araxamas

    +1, To expand on the idea, Make it so we can see the @ chat we send and then have the server reply with one of the following: If there are no staff members online: Console: There are currently no Staff online, please contact Staff on the server's discord: DiscordInviteHere If there are staff member's online: All staff will be prompted with a window showing the @ message, and an options to Claim or Que or Reject. Upon clicking Claim, the Staff member will be teleported to the reporting player, given godmode, given noclip and can deal with the sit. Player will recieve the message: "Your ticket has been accepted by: Staff Name" Upon clicking Que, the ticket will enter a Que where it will be 'waiting'. At any time, any staff member can open the Que and claim the sit. Player will recieve the message: "Staff are currently unavailable. Please wait as ongoing tickets are resolved" Upon clicking Reject the player will recieve the message: "Your ticket has been rejected. @ Chat is only to be used for reporting rule-breaking indicents"
  4. Araxamas

    No and No and certainly not the other three. I counter with this; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853155677&searchtext=Playermodel Only 706KB, easy to identify, not outlandishly ridiculous, and I think it's colourable too
  5. Araxamas

    I agree with a strip swep, perhaps it can be made so it only works if the victim is crouching to prevent it being spammed on the streets. With also a 5-6 sec timer until it succeeds and unlike handcuffs, the victim can still move while being stripped, while the thief cannot move while using it. There would still need to be rules put in place to prevent abuse and perhaps it could be a Thief Donator & Gang Leader only item? +1 if above.
  6. Araxamas

    Although I like the idea for immersion purposes, I can see this generating OOC arguments in practice. Thief: Commits crime with mask Player: Reports Criminal Thief: Takes off mask Cop: Tries to arrest Thief Thief: 'Oh but you can't know that, Thats meta!' And yes in that instance it would be Meta wouldn't it? So how can cops do their jobs? Do you really expect cops to try RP 'investigations'? If so, how will these 'investigations' work? Will they just make up evidence? eg 'I found your fingerprints'? What if the Thief said they were wearing gloves at the time, so its still meta? 'Oh but I found traces of hair at the scene!' 'No you didn't, I was wearing a hairnet' so on. I say we keep the system as it is. You can take off masks & use Citizen skins by using the Wardrobe if you want to be less identifiable. -1
  7. RPName: Greg Hudson Suggestion: Fix Salaries Description: Current salaries are pretty absurd in some areas I noticed recently. Bloods/Crips/Mafia get $100, Gopniks get $45. Hitman gets $35 Banker gets $80. Seems a bit weird huh? My suggestion is to amend the salaries to better fit the IC role & OOC difficulty that comes with Rping that job. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggested new Salaries: (Base is $100) Hobo/Escort: $0 Citizen, All Gangs & Gang Leaders, Hitman, Thieves, Drugdealer: $100 Journalist,Mixologist, Security Guard, Clerk, Police Officer: $150 S.W.A.T,Gundealer,BMD,Doctor: $200 Chief,Deputy: $250 Mayor: $300 Banker: $400 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My reasoning is that a 'basic citizen' in society, which would include all the thief/criminal roles should be at the minimum $100. Remember that salaries will be reduced by Tax. Those that choose interactive jobs which require a bit more thought and RP skill are then higher, Journo, Mix, Guard, Clerk, Cop. With then higher skill or higher demand jobs, Swat, GD, BMD, Doc above that. Then last we have the higher ups in Society, the Mayor, his Aid and the Chief. At the very top, is the Banker. Bankers IRL are the most wealthiest usually & it might give incentive for people to play the job, seeing as it's as dead as Escort is. Let me know what you think in the comments & suggest alternative ways to dish out salaries if you have any ideas different to mine. How this will benefit the Server: Give consistency/logic to salaries, which is quite important now following the Eco reset.
  8. Araxamas

    Me too -1
  9. Araxamas

    1. I could work on a dupe for it, Neutral 2. Regarding Broadcasts, perhaps a perk that allows automatic broadcasts so the Mayor doesn't have to do it manually. Once the perk is bought, auto broadcast is enabled, and will send out a message every 5-10 minutes or so. The mayor could type /autobroadcast (message) to set the message. +1 if my idea 3. Regarding increased Unit slots I agree. A Police force should be coordinated enough to not need more slots. Already its quite hard for gangs to get off the ground due to full police forces. -1
  10. Araxamas

    I've thought about Grenades in the past and I have to agree. They are a staple of modern combat & police tactics and should certainly be implemented. Requiring the use of the Armory to aquire them, and having it S.W.A.T Only should limit the spam and annoyance. I would however recommend then in turn that smoke/flash grenade shipments be given to the BMD to allow other factions to use them, similar to how Door Charges are available at the Armoury & BMD, but the BMD sale should be at a high price to again, prevent spam and misuse. +1
  11. Araxamas

    I think Terrorists may have been a step too far, as said. But I liked the idea of a gang that had no 'rules' and wasn't bound by any criminal convention of how crime should operate. I'll edit my suggestion
  12. Araxamas

    I've been looking at this Thread for a bit now, and I found it agonizing that it took so many words to get the points across, from both the original thread & replies. It proves FearRP is a complicated topic, and I'll be giving my 2 cents now. Some of you may have bought up some of these points in earlier comments, and to spare text walls I am going to be brief and get to my points fast. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why does FearRP exist in the first place? It's a simple question, but once answered, we can put this issue into context. FearRP allows someone with a weapon, to essentially order around someone who does not have a weapon. It's a rule, because on both sides of the Roleplay, Police, and Criminal activity, poor roleplay ediquette and attitude can result in situations where players do not wish to go along with the RP. Instead of being arrested, they will opt to run. Instead of being a hostage, they will opt to run or die. It is considered unrealistic, un-immersive, and is generally annoying, when a Roleplay situation becomes impossible, when people refuse to go along. And they have their reasons for this. These situations are often one sided, giving entertainment to the initiator of the FearRP, who get to RP being the arresting cop, or the devious villian taking a hostage, while they will be forced to waste their time as a captive, either in a cell for 2 minutes, or as a gang hostage. 1. A situation where FearRP is neccisary is a one-sided encounter that will benefit and entertain the initiator of the FearRP, and waste the time and irritate the victim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If FearRP is only fun to do 50% of the time, when I'm the one doing it, and virtually un-entertaining for everyone else, then shouldn't we just remove it? Well that is only part of the solution. If you remove FearRP, you also make Hostage taking, and arresting, very difficult and virtually impossible affairs, as people will no longer be breaking rules by refusing to play ball. Instead they will opt to die, preferring to give up that $150 and put up with an NLR circle for 5 minutes, rather than be confined to a small space and have their time wasted against their will. Removing FearRP will not promote more or better RP, but it will do the opposite, as people will no longer be forced to Play Along to certain Roleplay Scenarios. Instead opting to die. The immersion ruined by constant death, will create an atmosphere of acceptable killing which will devolve to RDM and poor Roleplay that will only grow. 2. If FearRP is removed, an immersive substitute needs to be implemented to prevent that. Encourage immersive, entertaining roleplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Solutions. Weapon Draw Cooldown: Previous comments have described a cooldown to pulling out one's weapon. But I don't see how that option is viable. If weapons had a draw-cooldown implemented, it would just encourage people to hold out their weapons all the time, to prevent being at a disadvantage when surprised with a firefight. It will also heavily restrict thieves and law enforcement, who would suffer the cooldown when switching to their weapon after picking/cracking/ramming a door. Character RP: Other previous comments describe a character system, where, judging by pre-determined settings on how your character should act and behave, they either have to follow FearRP or not. Eg a Character might be 'fearless' and thus, not affected by FearRP. I think such a system is also flawed, as again, being under FearRP is a disadvantage and people will always want to have the 'fearless' option if they can get it. Again, because being put under FearRP wastes their time. Enforced Death: This is the solution described in the original thread, and discusses a respawn timer on death. This will make dying the worse option, when considering to simply run from attackers or police. FearRP as a rule will be removed entirely. I think a Respawn timer is the best solution out of those discussed already, and I think it will also encourage more serious roleplay in general. If one's life is valuable, then they don't want to lose that life, they will instead go along with whatever RP scenario is presented to them. Then, instead of time wasting, they will see it as preserving their character, rather than being killed. Which is also more immersive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think it could be taken a step further though. What if we took New Life Rule, to a new level? What if on Death, you didn't just die, but you also got demoted? and your props removed? and your RPname changed? A real, 'New Life'. Perhaps a player could choose their last name, but besides that, a pre-generated first name is granted to them, and that is their name for their life, until death, and they have to pick a new job and create a new base. Then again, this could make RDM more frustrating. Perhaps 'Lives' could be implemented, where you have say, 3 Deaths, and after the third, then your demoted/props deleted/name changed etc. I'll leave that to the Staff to think about, for now, I am certainly on board with a Respawn Timer of some kind to discourage bad roleplay, and for the removal of FearRP, in the event a respawn timer is implemented. Staff would also need the ability to remove the timer in the event of RDM, similar to NLR. I think a respawn timer could also benefit Raiding, as defenders/attackers would not be able to rejoin a raid as quickly, and people who minge about and immidiently return to their place of death, will be stopped at least for a few minutes. +1
  13. DarkRP Name: Greg Hudson Suggestion: Overhauling of Gangs (Models/Rules and Abilities) Description: Changing of Gangs to be more realistic and immersive organised crime groups. Instead of citizens with a different model and a team chat. Bloods -> Drug Cartel Crips -> Biker's Gang Mafia -> Banker's Union Gopniks -> Reckless Drug Cartel Cartel Members can purchase some drug shipments, but not the combat enhancing ones. (Eg Weed, Meth, LSD) Cartel Leader can buy all drugs like a Drug Dealer Instead of Printers, Cartel Members can buy Drug Labs which will be a Printer reskin essentially. Or we could add back the Meth Cooking System and an NPC to sell the meth to. Leader can purchase Machete's and weak pistols Models: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951320281 Biker Gang Equipped with Machete's Biker Leader can purchase a Bank Drill Leader can purchase weak pistols, Raging Bulls, Lockpicks/Crackers, and that Pump-Action Shotgun Models: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1095647608 Banker's Union Replaces the Banker Job. The Bank is now owned by the Banker's Union team. Like the Mafia, the Union features Suits, and represents highly organised crime. Union Members can purchase superior printers for use in the Vault. Should try to maintain a neutral or friendly relationship with the Police/Government Leader can purchase Glocks, Kevlar, Lockpicks & Crackers. Models: Existing Mafia Models Reckless (Edited) Gang Leader can rename their gang to whatever Ideology they wish to represent. (Eg Communism, Hobo Liberation Army or whatever) More extreme Gang. Doesn't crave money, but rather to 'send messages' by commiting acts of violence and raids. Leader can purchase Unstable Chemicals (Bombs) and Machetes Models: Unsure, could use existing Gopnik Models perhaps, open to suggestions in comments. Rule Changes General: Gangs can form alliances and raid together but not base together Drug Cartel Can Raid but not take hostages. Cannot Raid PD/Mayors Office. Can Raid without Leader. Can Mug Without Leader Can't force businesses to pay protection money/fees Can't use Police Disguises Biker Gang Can Raid, can Take Hostages, Can Raid PD/Mayors Office without Leader, Can Raid without Leader Can Mug without Leader Can force Businesses to pay protection money/fees Can use Police Disguises Banker's Union Can Raid but only properties they suspect have printers (To add to their vault) (So no Raiding Gunstores) Can Raid PD/Mayor's Office with the Leader Present Cannot Mug, but can take Hostages Can force Businesses to pay protection money/fees Can use Police Disguises Reckless (Edited) Can Raid, Can take Hostages. Can Raid PD/Mayor's Office but only with leader present. Can Mug Can Set off Bombs/Attack Public Areas under the conditions of: Must be trying to promote a message/ideology Must designate a building or property to attack (So not the street), cannot kill people who are not in that property or imminently in it's area. (EG could hit City Hall & Kill people right outside it, but no further) Must wait 10 Minutes between attacks Leader must be present Can force Businesses to pay protection money/fees Any Raid/Attack must be aborted when the Leader is killed. (Leader is seen as the prophet/boss and strong willed, while their underlings are less willed and fearful without the guidance of their leader) Cannot use Police Disguises How this will benefit the Server: Enriched Gang RP, that will make Gang's relevant and keep people playing them, making them more common, and thus More RP More Realistic and Immersive Gangs can purchase & start with their own weapons. Which can increase RP and prevent situations where gundealers/BMDs arn't selling. Gundealers/BMDs are still kept relevant as they can supply far better weapons than the gangs start with. Let me know what you think below.
  14. DarkRP Name: Greg Hudson Suggestion: Change the S.W.A.T Name Description: Nice and simple suggestion, S.W.A.T Officer --> S.R.G Officer (Special Response Group) (Federal) or S.P.G Officer (State Protection Group) (State) How this will benefit the Server: Small change, but big effect. S.W.A.T are American, which often leads RPers to believe Triton City is set in America, when it isn't. It's Australian as shown by the Triton PD signs and ranks. Could encourage better RP as the class, as changing to a better, more interesting name could increase immersion for players. How it will benefit the server:
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