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    I picked C and I would never kill my boy Trevor, he's so lonely (Ron and Wade don't count)
  4. ExplodeThePenguins

    this, but its only until the 21st, get your alt accounts while its hot
  5. ExplodeThePenguins

    Trace ID: jl+RP61ulUu2cEtJ.8.1
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    So my dick was porn sized in middle school not yet fully the monster it is today and I got a boner in class and my teacher saw it when I stood up and her eyes got really big and pretended not to see it, so I went up and asked her a question and she wouldn’t look at me. Probably turned her into a pedo at the sight of it. Oh and my name is Emmanuel Macron. edit: this is legit in my clipboard
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    Simple question, what games and/or other gmod servers or gamemodes have you been playing since Poseidon was taken down? Ryeboy98 and I have recently been playing a lot of GTA online together.
  12. ExplodeThePenguins

    hello im 19 today (sorry for bed england)
  13. WOW unexpected victory from the libs! Should we ever trust news polls again?
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    fcuk dislexic peple
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