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  3. ExplodeThePenguins

    Ryeboy98 as the final rank
  4. ExplodeThePenguins

    Well tbh guards are basically nazis and you could say the warden is hitler
  5. ExplodeThePenguins

    Haven't seen you doing much stuff in OOC and I haven't had much experience with you, you also seem pretty young and new to the server so -1 for now.
  6. Can we have f for fred 

  7. ExplodeThePenguins

    The current ratio for guards is 1:3 which is balanced enough.
  8. ExplodeThePenguins

    Jamie did buff the deagle to be one shot headshot and both the AWP and scout were already one shot headshot, but jamie also changed it so the AWP was one shot kill to the body, but he also fucked up the cod guns while doing so.
  9. ExplodeThePenguins

    Here's hopping ot: cya 'round buddy
  10. ExplodeThePenguins

    Steam Link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/186867 not steam I know, but game banana is a good place to find maps and it was posted by the original creator of the map. EDIT: Forgot to add that it's not just a csgo map, it works 100% in gmod. Suggestion: Update this to the new version of lego jail as the old one can get a boring. Description of Suggestion: There a new features like Four Corners, a stage for prisoners with a large playable piano that makes sounds, a vip cell for prisoners that they randomly spawn in, more hallways so therefore a bigger map to explore and many other nooks and crannies that were added in this newer version. Here are some screenshots that I took: The Four Corners game- The VIP cell with and added bridge- The lobby area leading to Four Corners- The stage/piano area- How it will improve Jailbreak: New maps meaning people will have more fun exploring when they first play the map and prisoners in general will have more fun playing. Also lego jail gets more stuff for the warden to play with and prisoners can run off further to find guns as there are also more spots for guns.
  11. ExplodeThePenguins

    Make a crosshair that is green and static and remove ironsights on weapons
  12. ExplodeThePenguins

    Revert guns back to what they used to be while keeping the deagle and awp buffs
  13. ExplodeThePenguins

    congrats old friend, happy to see you contributing to jailbreak
  14. ExplodeThePenguins

    There was but I don't know what happened to it. Napoleon could always make a new one.