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  1. I'm referring to compatibility, you don't just buy something and try to build and it turns out your parts aren't able to be used together.
  2. You can use PC part picker to check for compatibility or if you are buying from counter you can ask them if the parts are compatible they usually know as it is their job to know
  3. wouldn't matter anyway, ryzen doesnt have integrated graphics but the RAM slots will be useful
  4. 1 case fan is fine, but if you're planning on OCing then you might want 2 also RX 580 sounds good
  5. Pretty sure the Ryzen 5 2600 comes with a stock cooler if I'm not mistaken, it should be fine if you're not planning on overclocking as they're a lot better than intel's shitty stock cooling.
  6. baby is a soy boy cuck for drinking soy milk I drink cows milk because it's only $3 a bottle
  7. Remember those "video" links you sent him?
  8. ExplodeThePenguins


    Didn't you guys get married like 60 years ago?
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