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  1. Since i'm reading again, ill make some quick replies to each of your questions: 1. on fivem, we had Fear-RP but it was stated as you SHOULD consider your life, and not you MUST. this worked in many ways as if you had a valid reason for not following fearRP (ex. cops are trying to bust you, and you are loaded with drugs... the reality is you would try almost anything in this situation to try and get out of it). another thing they had was tasers, once tasered, you could handcuff them because they where unable to retaliate, creating a safer environment to arrest. In regards to Player Vs Player, the same thing could be said if you where loaded with a lot of cash or supplies.. supplies you really couldn't afford to lose. hand held tasers (not shoot able like officers) would come in handy and could also help the situation dependent on how it was played out. 2. i believe that when pulling your gun out, it takes a at least 1 second before you can fire.. this simulates the movement from grabbing the gun from your (possible?) sling and putting it into a firing position and also gives the perpetrators the ability to see the threat and act on it as if it was real, (at least gives them some time to react accordingly). secondly as i stated above, tasers are a great addition! However only cops should have "Deploy-able" tasers while civilians and the rest should only be able to use and obtain handheld tasers. 3. In regards to certain jobs such as bank tellers etc. there could be a rule addition that requires them to listen if Condition A,B,C etc. is met (Conditions such as 3+ men, On the same side of the counter, Have been tased at least once, etc. etc.). In regards to Player vs Player in bases etc. tasers and restraints could be used to ensure that they cannot interfere with the raid. honestly i don't see how this part will effect anything as this will actually help STOP NLR abuse because they are not dead and stuck in restraints (restraints should have a limit of like 5 minutes before auto un-cuff.) However these are just thoughts and a few rules ive taken from Fivem and arma.
  2. honestly, yuki as always brings up some good points. there is a fine line where a server becomes Ruleplay over Roleplay. FearRP is definitely one of those circumstances where FearRP can completely destroy any roleplay that was happening. Ive seen many servers do very well with less rules. This is mainly due to the fact that people hate reading rules.... Its not a new thing, but most issues come from the lack of knowledge from actually reading what literally is probably one, if not the most important things when joining a server. I believe that a possible Trial of a no FearRP system would be implemented. It wouldn't have to be long, just a few weeks or even a month, just to see how it plays out. hell, one possible addition is adding a form of "Zipties" to the roles that ARE allowed to mug or do such things, and see how using zipties can hold people for something like 1 minute and replace the whole FearRP. (hell, even adding a "knock out" system with a weapon would be perfect). just my thoughts on this.
  3. for those that struggle with getting work, a possible way for help is using work that gives you both a place to stay and a steady income. personally i was on centrelink getting about 260 a fortnight and at one point near the end of it, also homeless. I was lucky enough to have a cousin who knew about perisher where you work and stay. there are multiple places like this and its one hell of a way to get back up on your feet (its seasonal so only 4 months of work, but you can save a good $3,000 if you are determined) which helped me when the season was over in getting a place, and the ability to move elsewhere for work. its not easy, and seeing someone getting 2,400 a fortnight is unreal compared to my 260 but there is always a way up if you continue to look in the weirdest of places.
  4. .NTER Mr Lispy


    sounds like he should take a note from john mate and take the warning as nothing less then a few letters. ?
  5. if you actually read my "brainlets" and "wannabe intellectuals" paragraph, you would actually have understood that i was putting blame of immaturity on lack of protocols, lack of (at least somewhat) dedicated professional trainers and was stating that his age isn't entirely the problem with the professionalism. If you actually decided to read the paragraph ( if a non-brainlet like yourself even can), you would actually have read "Yes, they are both young, but largely if they can show maturity it shouldn't be an issue at all. " Learn to read before you post.
  6. coming from a time when we both used to admin actively, id say its not really about the age being the main reason for unprofessional standards entirely, but more or less, not having any proper training, no actual protocol that was Easily accessible or even known. another issue was there was no real enforcer on staff, the only time anything would ever be done was if it caused a large scene/stir in dark RP which ended up fluctuating back to Perrin or Tyger. Yes, they are both young, but largely if they can show maturity it shouldn't be an issue at all. If you are wanting to see a rise in professionalism and see a change for the better, you'll need to look to the managers on having a staff enforcer who's entire job is dealing with them, someone that gives 0 fucks if they need to demote someone or warn them (obviously following a multiple warning/demote/remove system etc). Just my thoughts on this as even when i was last admin, i did see a drop in staff professionalism (myself included) and it was mainly due to the fact that even if your standards changed, nothing actually bad would come to you. At the end of the day, if people casn show maturity (regardless of age), they can become moderators. However at the same time, there really needs to be a protocol put in place in regards to sits, Proper trainers who would be selected from the current staff team (if any are applicable) who are Professional beyond belief. In my opinion, Admins shouldn't actually be an application at all and should be selected within the staff team alone, and anonymously (since we all know people will +1 friends to keep them as friends rather then vote for the best of the community). anyhow, Goodluck with your admin application
  7. lets be honest, there really hasnt ever been many "mature" staff. you cant really expect that much from a gmod server where the vast majority are <15 as far as im concerned, as long as any moderator can show control in sticky situations and not overuse his abilities in an excessive manner due to being irritated, then they are more then capable of becoming an administrator. This is just more of a reply on the original comment and since i havnt been on in over 6 months (smt), ill leave that to everyone else to decide. Goodluck with your application.
  8. But in all serious now, i remember you big ambitous ideas to make a DarkRP that was better then anyone could imagine, i remember talking to you about redesigning it from the ground up and i still think you're one of the few people that could make it happen given the amount of time needed. its going to be different without you.
  9. good luck with your future endeavours
  10. Havnt Told Anyone here but ive already informed Staff chat im taking a break while myself and my misso are packing and moving interstate. probably will be gone for another week as im moving in the next few days and we are almost packed up. If someone can lock the thread till then, cheers
  11. dont get me wrong, some do, but many dont, compared to other cultures we accept.
  12. tbh what he has made could easily be done with video software, paint, and some extra effort in aligning timing etc
  13. the issue is exactly that though @Malcolm, they wont assimilate to our culture
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