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  1. Majin Goo

    First of all, you changed your name to Jeff Males which is when you decided to kill 4 people blatantly. I just checked logs and infact you did kill 4 people. Jeff Males and Bobby Deano both match steamIDs so this was you. Jeff Males(Black Market Dealer)(STEAM_0:1:107683108) killed John Fitsy(Police Officer)(STEAM_0:1:59536160) with fas2_ks23 Jeff Males(Black Market Dealer)(STEAM_0:1:107683108) killed Aleksander Borogough(Escort)(STEAM_0:1:56603133) with fas2_ks23 Jeff Males(Godfather)(STEAM_0:1:107683108) killed Finlay Valentine(Citizen)(STEAM_0:0:170605460) with fas2_ragingbull Jeff Males(Godfather)(STEAM_0:1:107683108) killed Wun Hun(Black Market Dealer)(STEAM_0:0:44874330) with fas2_ragingbull If you want to get unbanned, don't lie to us, you've got better chances being honest. -1.
  2. Majin Goo

    -1. You're lucky I didn't ban you for 1-2 weeks since that is the normal ban length for RDMing 4 people and disconnecting. The whole point of banning people is so they reflect from what they've done and learn off it. Read the rules and come back as good as fresh in 3 days.
  3. Majin Goo

    Sadly, I was forced by Ari and Nick to work in the kitchen and everytime I left, ill be bashed to death. Made some great food though. Right? Amazing event, thanks bat.
  4. Majin Goo

    Went from 10-30 FPS when 50+ players are on to 80+ stable FPS. Thanks Napo. Also, for some reason when I go at high speeds, it looks really weird, got a solution?
  5. Majin Goo

    You can't just appeal for a 4 week ban and expect an unban. The purpose of these bans is to make you have a timeout and realise the mistakes you've done and learn from it. I'm going to -1 for unban but +1 for a reduce because you seem apologetic about the situation.
  6. Majin Goo

    +1. Great RP yesterday.
  7. +1. Kellar is one of the best RPers I have seen on this server. Honestly gives no fuck on his money and I have never had any problems with him. I'll be happy to mentor him. Good luck!
  8. Majin Goo

    +1. I thought you already applied for Trusted and got it? Anyways, I don't recall having any problems with Isaiahh since the first day I met him, a guy just looking for these extra tools (adv dupe, stacker, extra jobs) to get more RP out of the times he is in the server. Although I think you're a good guy, just get well known abit more and have a quick brush over the rules. Good luck.
  9. Majin Goo

    What did you get perma-banned for? Although I came on TTT like 3 times, I guess bye.
  10. Where's the "[Fast-Tracking] Tuck Admin Application" huh. Seriously, you should do it. Although your activity isn't the greatest, so is mine but we can both improve on it. You still have time.
  11. Hello and welcome to my fast-tracking administrator application. It's been about 2 months since I have resigned and I'd like to come back to the staff team thanks to Malcolm's new fast tracking idea. If you are commenting on this application, feel free to give me your honest opinions and suggestions on how I can improve. Since there is no Administrator Application template, ill be using Poseidon 1.0 Administrator Application. Prerequisites: You must be known and already active: I'm certain I am known in the community and will work on my activity. You must be calm, and be able to handle stress: I am a calm person and play DarkRP solely for the good moments. You must understand the chain of command: Yeah, it goes by Root, Manager, Superadmin, Headadmin, Admin, Moderator, Trial Moderator, Trusted, Donator and User. You must be over 16 or mature: Currently, I am 16 and I do consider myself mature for this rank. You must agree to use your powers appropriately: Affirmative. You agree that your rank may be pulled at any time: Agreed. You must be active, maintaining an activity of at least two hours every two days: I will keep that in mind. You must use a microphone: About that.. You must be a moderator prior to applying for admin: I am fast-tracking for administrator. You need to understand that you may not receive this rank: Understandable. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MajinGoo002/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:91782523 Microphone?: No. DarkRP Name: Majin Goo. Are you applying for Moderator or Admin: Admin. Why do you want this rank? I want this rank because to use the extra tools I earn to help make the server a better place. I often come out and sometimes there are no staff on and the server becomes a shitshow which I want to help prevent. Another reason I am fast-tracking back to administrator is because I would love to mentor new trial moderators when they request help. I want to also use the tools I get such as no-clip to build bases for those great RP moments. Being able to clear disconnected props can also reduce FPS on the server which can help the performance of RP. Overall, with these tools and commands, I can help make the server a friendly and fun environment for all of us to have great memories.
  12. Majin Goo

    Swats were also excessively spamming it. Also, this does not even help with attacking bases with killholes since they can legit spray their gun till you walk in and die.
  13. Majin Goo

    Expectation of smokes- Using them tactically during combat to run away, give you cover or assassinate your enemy. Reality of smokes- Being spammed on the streets and annoying the shit out of everyone. And flashbangs were trash because they barely even worked. This is honestly one of the worst ideas I think has been suggested by far. -1
  14. Majin Goo

    I think majority of players can agree that your mic is not aids. I've been in a discord call with you numerous times and have seen you use your microphone in game as well and I don't see my ear bleeding. Also, Thrawn Wilson had the shittest microphone and he could still conduct sits with it. You're not fast at all. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are one of the most important factors of typing during sits. Without these three criterias correct, this can often cause people to misunderstand what you are attempting to tell them. Also, I was not talking about how long you take to do sits, i'm talking about how you conduct yourself during the sit. Like I said, you failed poorly in typing during sits because you don't know how to control the sit which then the sit turns into an argument. Never complained about this but okay? Also, it's pretty common sense not to take all the sits on your screen. Thanks for pointing out your problems. You must never be stressing out or fuming while doing a sit. You must remain calm and resemble a mature mood to the people in your sit. If you think you are a burden then don't re-apply or fast-track back to your position. The team does not require people who know they are useless. Yes, you are power hungry. Threatening to use your powers about issues not related to RP or the rules is being power hungry. Obsessive banning for reasons that people could be warned for is power hungry. Muting/gagging someone because they voiced their opinion out not related to RP or the rules is power hungry. I've seen all these issues myself from you Jacen. If you done fucked up, I have a really good solution! Don't re-apply after 2 weeks. You remind me of when I had 16 warns and applied for mod and locked my application saying I would improve and 1-2 days later, I re-opened it. It takes time to gain maturity and learn from your mistakes.
  15. Majin Goo

    -1. As much as you're a nice guy Jacen, these issues need to be addressed. I've heard and seen players (staff as well) talk about how you can't handle/conduct yourself during a sit. I never believed any of this till I had my first sit with you when you were Trial. The first thing I would like to address is how you handle yourself during sits. During a sit, you tend to sit there and let the players argue till they finally come up with a conclusion and after they finish complaining, you PM the person who is in the right for a ban or warn for easy things such as RDM. In no way should you be asking someone if its a ban or a warn. I personally think you conduct yourself poorly during sits is because you don't use your mic. My opinion is that you don't use your mic because you are afraid people will make fun of you for having a child voice thus you thinking to solve this issue, you try and type instead which fails and turns into a bigger problem. You need to start using your mic and if you still are afraid of people making fun of your voice, learn how to do a sit while typing, I would gladly help. Another reason is immaturity. You tend to get carried away and forget all the prerequisites. One of them you tend to fail a lot is the ability to be calm and handle yourself during stressful moments. You can easily get upset over something and cause massive drama about it and I've personally seen this when I was online. This also leads to being power hungry and possibly kicking/banning someone for voicing out his opinion or saying things in OOC not related to the rules or RP. Prove to us you are mature. There are no excuses for being mature such as "oh i'm just a kid." What about Echo? Hagop? John? They are mature to handle this rank and have proven to us multiple times that being a kid does not effect how you staff. When you are staff, you are representing Poseidon Servers and I don't think people want to see a kid who gets upset over stuff easily and extremely power hungry. Don't take this to heart but the truth has to be told at some point. Good luck.