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  1. Sorry Hamad.. Napoleon's Response:
  2. On behalf of Napoleon: (Napoleon's Response) Edit: Pls no dumb react meh
  3. I've seen the restraining be easily abused on alot of servers. Also, some players act like staff and restrain anyone who is breaking the rules and act as a staff member which isn't tolerated on this server. If we are gonna implement this, we will need proper rules and conditions for it to not be abused and used in the wrong way. Other than that, like most posts say, this will add more roleplay and could help with interrogations.
  4. My profile picture, just wanna see how good you can draw.
  5. Majin Goo

    big compute

    Remove the 2TB, you won't be needing that much space. Add a 1TB Hard drive and get a 500GB SSD. I usually use SSD for windows and games that I play alot such as R6s. I have games that take 80GB + (About 4) that are all put on my hard drive and I still have enough space to download alot more. If you are rich enough, just get a 1TB or 2TB SSD.
  6. For me, R6S is only 70gb. Mine would probably be ARK as well. It takes up about 170gb (including addons). Only reason I bought a 1TB hard drive
  7. Raiding with Jamie. All I do is AFK, go eat food and come back and we're done because he'll somehow kill everyone.
  8. It's also not realistic for a normal police officer carrying a m4, m3 super 90, sniper, raging bull, glock, battering ram and taser on him at once. As bat said, if we implement this we are giving police officers a handicap in which they really don't need since most of the times, its 2-5 people vs 15 heavily armoured officers.
  9. +1. Seems like a good guy from what I've seen in the past few days. Is active at times when the server has 3 players on and is dedicated. Good luck
  10. 1. Prison Break. In my opinion, the best show. 2. Dragon Ball. Like Shags, I've watched all the seasons including the movies and is a great show if you are a weeb. 3. Somewhere Between. It's like Prison Break but with a sci-fi twist and is a nice show for people who like Prison Break. 4. Here Comes the Habibs. Probably the most hilarious show I've watched. Too bad it was discontinued but I really hope it comes back. I was thinking about watching Chernobyl after bat's post because it looks like a good show. Brooklyn is a good show but these 4 have always caught my attention when I think of favourite series.
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