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  1. FarmboyJ

    +1 | I have been saying this for ages now
  2. FarmboyJ

    -1 | For Unban You have lied about killing the four people as logs show that you did in deed kill four people. Own up to your mistakes stop saying "I didn't do it" as this wont get you far at all.
  3. FarmboyJ

    Oh the stories I could tell.... Great event, would love to do it again!
  4. FarmboyJ

    Stage is setup and ready! See you all there!
  5. FarmboyJ

    -1 | For Unban -1 | For Reduce Learn that you have done wrong and broken the rules, and take this time to read the MOTD and reflect on your actions.
  6. FarmboyJ

    +1 Your RP is Perfect! Keep it up Buddy!
  7. Stage Security an Option? If so, I'm keen
  8. I like this Idea, would love to be apart of this rp.
  9. FarmboyJ

    I still don't think that this is necessary/work. When a user makes a sit request they wait in a queue, staff members start at the top of the queue then claim them as they go rather than claiming them all at once. I guess what I am trying to say here is that when a user makes a request, they know they are in a queue and they will have to wait their turn. So the whole "Claim", "Que" thing I cant see working sorry. However I do like the idea of a staff member being able to reject a sit if they think the sit doesn't have enough information.
  10. FarmboyJ

    DarkRP Name: Cleddus Travis Suggestion: Part 1: Change the default player model for the Thief role to the Citizen skin. Part 2: Add functionality to put on the mask/remove the mask via a key bind. Description: Part 1: This would help with users not being able to meta-game as easily because they wont know who is a thief. At this current stage in time users are always hesitant around someone who is in the known thief as they never know if they are the next target of their crimes. Part 2: This would be helpful in mugging or raid situations as a thief could walk around like a normal citizen and then when they decide to raid/mug they can put a mask on to become unidentifiable and then when the raid/mug is over and they have fled the scene they can take it off. How Will This Benefit The Server: Part 1: I believe that this could help stop or prevent meta-gaming as users wouldn't be able to easily identify if they are a thief or not unless they look in the tab menu. Part 2: This would be a nice feature to have so that when the raid/mug is over they can't easily identify the thief. Credit to Bat and Yuki for the discussion to these ideas.
  11. +1 |Majin is one of the best admins that i have seen, she is extremely caring and has an exceptional understanding of the rules. I wish her the best of luck on her application.
  12. FarmboyJ

    Amazed, great work Hinzy!
  13. FarmboyJ

    +1 | Good Guy, Knows the Rules great to RP with
  14. FarmboyJ

    -1 | As Majin said, please don't take this to hart as I know that your intentions are good-hearted. But from what I have seen from a staff perspective is that I don't believe that you are suited for staff as you don't handle stressful situations well and you seem to make a big situation out of nothing, such as a comment in OOC. However, I will say that you have an excellent work ethic and you only want to do right by the team. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are not offended or take this to heart but I just don't thank that staff is for you.
  15. FarmboyJ

    +1 | Good guy, knows the rules and is trustworthy