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  1. Regarding the Towny/Worldguard discussion, we are using both Towny and Worldguard. We were going to remove Worldguard when we introduced Towny however with the unpredictable issues that we were having with Towny we decided to leave a known working solution in the server so that players could make their own decision on what system to use. Also, I couldn't find the plugin your suggested however I found this one: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/griefprevention.1884/ Is this the right one @AionNefelibata? If it is i would be more than happy to look into it further.
  2. Congratulations both of you, couldn't be left in anymore capable hands p.s have a safe trip lantos and spook
  3. Funny that you made these suggestions as i was speaking with Greg about every point you made just last night. We might make a few alterations to your suggestions but they will be implemented soon!
  4. Accepted | I have seen Aion show maturity and trustworthy behavior. Aion is more then deserving of trusted
  5. Accepted | Yuki is now unbanned in the discord.
  6. Staff are not and never were required to claim land for users. Staff claim land for users if they are having trouble or need a larger claim than usual. All users can make at least 1 claim
  7. Did a quick search and found this, the region claim command he used is outdated and the new one is /rg claim (region name). If you need any more help with this, just contact myself or charlie in discord.
  8. Excellent show and highly recommend it, unfortunately the next episode is the last of the miniseries.
  9. Denied | For the mcMMO and Economy statistics you can view them in game easily. Ill have a chat with the team about it but i doubt it will be a thing. And the map, I would prefer not to have a live map of the server, I want people to hunt for a biome rather than them look at a map online and go directly to one.
  10. Accepted | Great player who understands the rules. Lets hope that burglar doesn't come back ;)
  11. Accepted | While i understand that you did a tiny grief of a players base, I honestly believe that you have learnt from your mistakes and deserve the trusted rank.
  12. I will lock this now, thanks for your input Greg.
  13. Accepted | I see you around a fair bit and you are always respectful.
  14. Server is open to anyone, Use this to connect "mc.poseidonservers.net"
  15. Please have the Title of your suggestion/issue clearly and properly named. Suggestions: Minecraft Name: Discord Name: Suggestion: Benefits: Issues: Minecraft Name Discord Name: Issue: What Are You Doing When This Occurs:
  16. Implemented | Ender Pearls will be sold for $48 for 16 of them.
  17. Accepted | You are very active, respected and well known. BTW, love the island! ?
  18. Accepted | While you were kicked for a minor reason, I still think you are a trustworthy player who is very active.
  19. Accepted | I often see you online and you always follow the rules.
  20. Thank-you for your suggestion however, the team have decided that the worldguard plugin best suits our server and our vision of what we want Poseidon MC to be. I would also like to note that users can make their own regions however most users elect a staff member to do it for them as it is easier for the player.
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