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  1. Cleddus

    Regarding towy we have tried it before, and the plugin itself had an issue (can’t remember exactly what it was). My main issue is it will change the server in nearly every way, it’s a big change to make and not one that should be taken lightly. We are not looking to make any big changes currently if we have enough community support in 1.16 we might make the change but until then, unfortunately this will be a no for now. Thank-you for your suggestion.
  2. Cleddus

    Poseidon Servers MC Survival is back, and we are listening to your suggestions. For those of you who are new, welcome! For those of you who have played on our server previously, here are some changes we have made based on your feedback. Removed Skyblock and Event servers Updated to 1.15.2 with a new map Simplified the Survival experience by removing excess features such as quests Overhauled the server economy Focus on player to player trade rather than buying and selling from the server Players can now create and advertise their own sign shops Server shop no longer buys easily obtainable and farmable items such as crops The items sold at server shop has been greatly reduced to promote player trade and to ensure end game items are harder to obtain We would like to thank everyone for their feedback as we are working to ensure that players have the best experience possible. Rules: No base raiding/griefing No spawn or shop camping No cheating or hacks (ie. X-rays) No ganking (continuously killing the same person) No advertising other servers No all caps or spamming chat No disrespect or abuse of players or staff No shop scams MC Staff: Join Poseidon MC Survival PVP on mc.poseidonservers.net
  3. Cleddus

    I will lock this now, thanks for your input Greg.
  4. Cleddus

  5. Cleddus

    Accepted | I see you around a fair bit and you are always respectful.
  6. Cleddus

    Server is open to anyone, Use this to connect "mc.poseidonservers.net"
  7. Cleddus

    Implemented | Ender Pearls will be sold for $48 for 16 of them.
  8. Accepted | You are very active, respected and well known. BTW, love the island! ?
  9. Cleddus

    Accepted | While you were kicked for a minor reason, I still think you are a trustworthy player who is very active.
  10. Cleddus

    Accepted | I often see you online and you always follow the rules.
  11. Cleddus

    Thank-you for your suggestion however, the team have decided that the worldguard plugin best suits our server and our vision of what we want Poseidon MC to be. I would also like to note that users can make their own regions however most users elect a staff member to do it for them as it is easier for the player.
  12. Cleddus

  13. Cleddus

    I have had a chat with Charlie @Kaptian Core (Russ) we have decided to allow Users to have 1 home.
  14. Cleddus

    There is nothing wrong with /home. You just don’t have access to it.
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