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  1. Cleddus

    Server is open to anyone, Use this to connect "mc.poseidonservers.net"
  2. Please have the Title of your suggestion/issue clearly and properly named. Suggestions: Minecraft Name: Discord Name: Suggestion: Benefits: Issues: Minecraft Name Discord Name: Issue: What Are You Doing When This Occurs:
  3. Cleddus

    Implemented | Ender Pearls will be sold for $48 for 16 of them.
  4. Accepted | You are very active, respected and well known. BTW, love the island!
  5. Cleddus

    Accepted | While you were kicked for a minor reason, I still think you are a trustworthy player who is very active.
  6. Cleddus

    Accepted | I often see you online and you always follow the rules.
  7. Cleddus

    Thank-you for your suggestion however, the team have decided that the worldguard plugin best suits our server and our vision of what we want Poseidon MC to be. I would also like to note that users can make their own regions however most users elect a staff member to do it for them as it is easier for the player.
  8. Cleddus

  9. Cleddus

    Donators - $5 3 Homes 3 Regions /hat /nick /warp spawn /warp shops Gold In Game Name Cheese Block Golden Lightning Hoe Ability Golden Sword Fire Ability Donation tools Fireworks $20,000 ingame cash Trusted 2 Homes 2 Regions /hat /nick /warp spawn /warp shops /vote kick (Coming Soon) Green name with [T] tag Fireworks
  10. Cleddus

    I have had a chat with Charlie @Kaptian Core (Russ) we have decided to allow Users to have 1 home.
  11. Cleddus

    There is nothing wrong with /home. You just don’t have access to it.
  12. -1 | This is not "Trusted" Behavior.
  13. Cleddus

    Majin Goo was the admin who banned you. -1 | For Unban -1 | For Reduce You should have clearly known that your actions were wrong as it states it in the MOTD. I personally believe that this ban is reasonable and should stand in full. I suggest that you have good read over the MOTD while you are on your 2 week break.
  14. Cleddus

    +1 | I have been saying this for ages now
  15. Cleddus

    -1 | For Unban You have lied about killing the four people as logs show that you did in deed kill four people. Own up to your mistakes stop saying "I didn't do it" as this wont get you far at all.