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  1. 1080p Cat

    Half-life 2! and if you think it's not the best I'm gonna fight you
  2. 1080p Cat

    it really only caused problems when people had unnecessary amounts of wire gates and stuff
  3. 1080p Cat

    +1 wire mod was super fun to minge with
  4. complex! just make complex again
  5. 1080p Cat

    it will probably scare most kids tbh smt
  6. 1080p Cat

  7. 1080p Cat

  8. 1080p Cat

    +1 let me have a pulse cannon then i died with it in 10 seconds
  9. 1080p Cat

    can we just have sky factory i love that mod
  10. 1080p Cat

    I do not believe you are fit for this rank for 3 reasons. Reason 1. You have shown and even told me that you are very power hungry and are only in it for the rank. Reason 2. In my honest opinion, you have really shown little improvement with your maturity since your last mod app. Reason 3. I do not believe you will take the position seriously. (mostly fucking around with other staff out of impulse) -1 for now.
  11. ew a furry

  12. 1080p Cat

    I know for a fact that you can update keypads without removing them just by right clicking it idk about copying it tho
  13. 1080p Cat

    its updating it. can't you copy the setting of it?
  14. 1080p Cat

    you know you can right click them to update it right?