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  1. Thank you For clarification. I remember the executor role he came up with was to fill a leadership role for both Shadow Intelligence and 5th. But it was also to fill a higher military rank that the server needed to manage Commanders and commander tryouts for some of the dead regiments. Think of Military High commands or Generals from other servers. I don't know where you got these numbers from but I distinctively remember the first event on Rishimoon getting 70 players and 50 players during peak hour for the rest of the week. The deployment was extended due to a vote put forth to the server that asked if they wanted to stay on Rishimoon. I do remember dupe spawning being a bit ridiculous but that is more of a staff team thing. The bug events were usually unplanned events to give troopers something to do, especially for the ones patrolling the walls so they could Rp spot hostiles outside and comms it in. And even so this was more than we ever had for the few weeks before deployment. The only people who ran events before then were Winters and Spooky anyway. Also naturally the server was not "near death" as the server lasted for atleast a month after the deployment with decent playerbase. Yeah Speirs is a bit of a meme, I put him there because I believe he helped plan the deployment. He also helped setup the security stuff. Thanks for Clarification When you say opened what do you mean? When Feg became manager or something else? "Nazi RP" is stupid they were just roleplaying seriously and enforcing the security rules that were there from the beginning. The server had also started to decline well before Speirs, Winters or even Feg got the reins it was a slow and steady decline since the Stevo Incident. Also didn't help having the server down multiple times for months on end. The server picked back up after Winters and Speirs introduced the more serious RP. We honestly believed we would have gotten more players if it wasn't for server limitations. As I said I quit around the time of the Kamino deployment, can't say if it was any good or not. Ye all good. All in all, doesn't matter now. Just wanted to get that stuff off my chest in the original post. I just follow your guys forums just to see what you are up to every now and then. Hoping for some grand resurrection into the #1 SWRP server again. I often talk to some of the Poseidon OGs on other servers just to hear what they have to say about old Poseidon. Honourable mentions: Jenkins, Feg, Omo, Appo, Frenchy, M00nbear lul, Mauler.
  2. I don't know much about the Speirs navy drama, but I think you are getting a few of these 5th fleet things mixed up. At the time Wolfgang and Sieg had control of 5th fleet and were pushing the heavy jail times and extra privileges for 5th Fleet, I think Winters and Speirs were friends with them at the time but after recent events we've realised that those two were dickheads. Also I believe around the time of the Rishimoon deployment we were on the new Venator map so I'm not sure how the Tertiary Bridge Access was a thing. And unless you have proof I don't think the server was getting above 50 players before Speirs and Winters, the server just couldn't handle that many players. The lag would just get to an unbearable point. I also forgot to mention the Kamino deployment but not sure if people enjoyed that one. That was when I stopped playing. Yeah he actually kept the server offline during that staff exodus. We lost so many players to Imperial and Gateway, bloody hell.
  3. Stevo was actively playing on Imperial Gaming at a high rank when he got the manager position on Poseidon, he pushed for the star wars galaxies mode which was basically star wars dark RP. Multiple people told him it was a terrible idea and would kill the server. The server went down for a month to setup the new game mode and once it was back up it lasted for a week and it was done. Meanwhile Stevo cozying up with Imperial gaming Management.
  4. Speirs and Winters (Under Fegelein I should have mentioned) brought in many additions that players wanted. PAC, Week Long Deployments, New Venator Map, New security regiment (Shadow Intelligence.) Winters was also the only 1 organising events for the server and getting other event staff to do their jobs. Winters wrote the entire rishimoon deployment event schedule himself with a bit of help from spooky. Also under their supervision they managed to get 2 regiments with high activity to actually roleplay (5th Fleet, Shadow Intelligence.) Albeit some people didn't like the stricter RP that they were peddling but they managed to get constant 40-50 players. However that was the limit for the server before the ridiculous lag kicked in that was never an issue for the older Poseidon Servers. After a vote that was orchestrated by the people from darkRP the server was switched back to semi-serious and thus there was a conflict from the Staff team (Winters, Speirs, Feg, Tech) and the friends of higher ups. Once they left I doubt there was anyone left to put in as much effort as Winters and Feg were trying to keep the server alive. Also special mention for Jones who was basically running the Jedi Order by himself.
  5. Poseidon lost its last chance of survival when the community scared away Winters and Speirs. They were probably the best chance it had at revival, even with server limitations they managed to get constant 50 players. The Poseidon community just isn't made for SWRP, minimal support for one of the servers that requires some of the highest upkeep. I applaud you guys for trying to keep Poseidon going after all this time with what little you have. I wish for the old days of Poseidon with all the boys but they have all moved on to other servers/other games. Probably time for you guys to move on as well. Also fuck Stevo for the greatest betrayal of all time. Single handedly destroyed Poseidon SWRP.
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