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  1. yinmaester8

    @Hinzy ban this kid he shitposted ni shiptoasting
  2. yinmaester8

    @Lantos he wants milkies
  3. yinmaester8

  4. yinmaester8

    unban heinz he was banned for shitposting in shitposting
  5. yinmaester8

    free him
  6. yinmaester8

    connor for president
  7. yinmaester8

  8. yinmaester8

    hamad omegalul
  9. yinmaester8

    10 million and 20 no scope "im not hacking ur just bad"
  10. yinmaester8

    imagine letting hamad run a union :omegalul:
  11. yinmaester8

    i mean youre not wrong
  12. yinmaester8

    +1 free him
  13. yinmaester8

    whats that? i couldnt hear you over my white privilege
  14. yinmaester8

    im white and straight deal with it libtards :coolguyface:
  15. yinmaester8

    sorry dad i missed it :'(