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    *unseen footage of heinzrich beanler arguing with skinny dick yuki* (2019, colourised)
  3. yinmaester8

    *long audible sigh* Congratulations @remix you're a true staff member now Jaytee, its one thing to be a little annoyed over what (to me at least), seems like a pretty harmless situation But a demotion report? Its not really necessary man. For something as small as handling their own report, I think its a bit of a far reach. If you think you're being treated unfairly, speak to Rahj or even myself, when Im on (i know its not much, uni killin me). @remix in future, don't handle your own reports unless you're the only one online able to do so please, otherwise we get situations like this I'm not gonna lock this just in case theres further discussion and its not exactly my place, but @Rahj will make his decision. For me its a -1
  4. yinmaester8

    its not lego star ward, i dont want it. fuck you
  5. yinmaester8

    -1 he plays csgo +1 fuck you
  6. Adding this to the list of reasons I'd rather live in america I was actually really surprised to hear that we don't have this in all honesty I think a right to defense is exactly that, a right But our government is useless, so its not entirely shocking Bring back trial by combat please
  7. yinmaester8

    theres a name i never thought id see again smt
  8. yinmaester8

    bat youve been banned contact lyndon for an appeal
  9. yinmaester8

    hinzy is every teenage girl doing tbh's on facebook "tbh idk u but u seem cool, 7/10" WE GET IT KIDS YOURE UGLY Hinzy is a good boi tho and i love him and lust for him daily
  10. yinmaester8

    im only to here to express my UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT with you all that this was ONLY jimmy reacted by myself. fucking degenerates.
  11. Yes. Get your ass back in here We're hunting for developers atm, so if you're willing, talk to @Lantos or @Jamie
  12. yinmaester8

    Considering there was issues recently regarding people not actually knowing how to program Managers need to be able to utilise knowledge in coding, not just be aware of the gamemode.. and there are a very limited number of people in the community that actually know how to code now. It's not a hard concept
  13. yinmaester8

    we dont know that its a parabola tho there isnt enough context to actually know what it is it could be as simple as a polynomial but my best guess is its a trigonometric function, or it could even be implicit. there's too many options to actually narrow it down to an exact function
  14. yinmaester8

    how many variables tho
  15. yinmaester8