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  1. yinmaester8

    -1 he smells funny, just ask perrin +1
  2. yinmaester8

    "anyone who doesnt jimmy react this is banned" - me, right now
  3. yinmaester8

    cant stop the pie
  4. yinmaester8

    hamad got demote haha
  5. yinmaester8

    Everyone please congratulate echo on his new forum moderator position
  6. yinmaester8

    white genocide is real
  7. yinmaester8

    fucking betas man
  8. yinmaester8

    kinda needs to be a reason to get comm banned
  9. yinmaester8

    still more relevant than you
  10. "tHaTs NOt ReAL DemOCRacY" its not a representative democracy, because the representatives are bound by the rules surrounding the constitution, and don't have the power to overrule the constitution as an elected representative
  11. ... its exactly why it works you have it entirely backwards
  12. communism failed because its communism u liberal humans are greedy by nature, we strive to improve ourselves consistently communism doesnt work for this exact reason
  13. Why is everyone getting their nuts in a knot over heinz saying democracy is inneffective? it literally is The entire essence of democracy excludes minorities e,g nazi germany "hey, what do we think of all these jews" This is why america's system wasnt designed as a democracy, and rather a constitutional republic Minorities voices actually get heard, and with california and new york being an EXTREMELY large part of the country, in a democracy their votes alone would be enough to sway an entire election Democracy is a bad system.