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  1. god damn templates, congrats if you see this (In-game Name) IGN: yinmaester8 Age: 19 Discord/Teamspeak Account: yinmaester8 Have you ever donated? yes Have you ever been banned/kicked or warned on our server? no Short description on yourself: Its ya boi, yinnypoo. Im a nerdy nerd who plays in minecraft in 2019. I work in tech, I study tech, I'm certified for programming in c++, java, javascript, im a certified network technician, basically surround myself with technology 24/7 I have a small pupper Why you want this rank: Theres never really anyone who's trusted on skyblock, only the survival server, so its probably a good idea to get somebody who actually plays on skyblock to have the commands that come with trusted Do you agree to use the commands that come with this rank properly? Sure please fix the formatting on the template @Cleddus
  2. ^ let big brain network technician be senior staff so i can afk for 3 months at a time, come talk about drugs and then leave for another 3 months But nah this is gonna be a big step for poseidon, we've got a lot planned and i'm hoping the community will appreciate it
  3. congrats to the queers so senior staff when @Jamie unironically tho im happy with the step poseidons taking, this is a good change
  4. What the fuck LOGAN crackhead capital of australia, you degenerates
  5. Am I the only one who has bourbon is it just me @bat save me from the children
  6. this makes me want to kill myself
  7. coming from a network techies perspective.. x to doubt
  8. It wasn't sarcasm. I've read through the contents of the PMs between Yuki and the guy asking for help. ( If he wants to post them here he can ) I'm gonna say the same thing I've said to the rest of the staff team. We shouldn't punish people with good intentions who are actively trying to help somebody. He was asked to move to pms, and he did. Regardless of what he said, the ban is a complete overstep on charlies part
  9. this isnt a shitpost firstly, a general chat is typically off topic anyway. theres dedicated channels for on topic conversation, ie issues and suggestions secondly, this is a clear joke pointed at an old developer theres a difference between haha this servers bad, and telling a joke that has actual humour from context
  10. I have to agree here regarding Cleddus I'm yet to see Cleddus make a biased or personal decision regarding punishments, he for the most part looks at situations impartially, or at the very least with input from his staff team I don't think he's to blame in this situation Charlie on the other hand, has repeatedly had the thinnest skin i've ever seen from staff of poseidon and we have hamad (love u) Honestly none of this was warranted, and I don't think anybody else on the staff team would come to the same decision as he did for "ok retard"
  11. +1 its well known charlie doesnt like either of them most biased ban ive seen since i was banned for shitposting in shitposting
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