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  1. yinmaester

  2. yinmaester

    I apologise for nothing Me in quarantine be like
  3. yinmaester

    this^^ Frankly knowing how to do version control and requirements documentation is going to be vital no matter where you end up
  4. yinmaester

    Australia should move to nuclear.
  5. yinmaester

    this is twice that ive gone to bring this thread back and bat has done it right before me
  6. yinmaester

    God damn it Bat, taking my idea as your own? Rotating game mode was my idea
  7. yinmaester

  8. yinmaester

    hi cutie good luck with your band in future im now finishing my degree fully online which isnt that bad considering ive done most of it online anyway but ive gone from earning 1200 a fortnight to earning 550 a fortnight yeet
  9. yinmaester

    Bat is stinky and also smelly
  10. yinmaester

    +1 called my mum gay
  11. yinmaester

    hey hey hey hey hey hey bitconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeits fucking true
  12. yinmaester

    i can think something is misinformation, but still be interesting
  13. yinmaester

  14. yinmaester

    Haha gottem
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