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    Hey guys, I am going to open up the Manager position for TTT. Currently the Server is managed by Yinmister however his management is only Temporary. We are looking for someone who enjoys the TTT gamemode. No past experience in server Management is needed. We have system structure that will allow for quick learning on how to develop and maintain the server. If you are willing to learn about devops, lua development and management register your interest. Ideally we are looking for someone who is familiar within the Poseidon TTT community. TTT management involves: - Utilizing the Github DevOps issues/suggestions boards - Listening to the players for improvements. - Developing of Addons ( no coding knowledge required ) - Updating the Map list to keep the maps fresh. - Work Autonomously Ideally we model TTT management of the DarkRP system which is doing well. Feel free to message me if you are interested in this position, serious enquirers only please. https://steamcommunity.com/id/lyndon94/
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    Lets go boys


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    oh sorry didnt mean to tigger the peak
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    daym boi https://web.archive.org/web/20161119063143/http://poseidonservers.net:80/ >when we use to avg 130+ players a night > when we maxed out at 300 players on peak nights
  5. Poseidon Quivers before him To see the truth please watch this 

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    Bug with one of the css that was a dependency. Manually fixed
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    once again we see the future given to us through japan. Why dont we say one six.
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    A good skills to learn is to just ask why, why do we do this or that. Why do two negatives multiplied give a postive... There are reasons why we do things but why do we just accepted they way they are taught. This way of thinking started to make me wonder why does the teens number set exist in more languages then English. For example; Number, English, German, french 8, eight, aucht, huit 9, nine, nuen, neuf 10, ten, zehn, dix 11, eleven, elf, onze 12, twelve, zwolf, douze And then we sudenly use twenty, twenty one twenty two, thirty, thirty one, thirty two... Forty.... Why does the teens subset even exist? An alternative would be to follow the patern set in twenty, thirty, forty and to use the sub patern with in tw+nty, thr+ty to form onety. Eight Nine Onety Onety one Onety two Ontey three.... If anyone knows why we didn't pick up a standard form shown in the ten counts in the teens please share
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    replace all the ohh with
  12. https://poseidonservers.net/forums/index.php?/profile/14-pelican/
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