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  1. Lantos

    Careful you'll make irl jelous awesomestuff
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    I use gentoo
  3. hey im wondering if you're interested in starting a community on gmod with me. I have lots of knowledge and i think we can get famous


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    your song is sad


  5. Lantos

    I didn't neglect to mention it. I didn't mention it because its a null point in what I was saying. Thats why I lead with "The root causes of things is when you allow debt to go unchecked". you may have misread or interpreted my point with the tone of defaming people, which is incorrect. I am trying to relate background to the topic because it plays a big part into this problem. Why blame the people who inherit the situation... Also education around if uni is even right for you at highschool level would be an awesome starter. Perhaps could see a slight relief in prices of uni as there'd be less demand. someone edit the letmein meme so its yin, jackpot and his allowance.
  6. Lantos

    You'll find that crackheads aren't the major benefactors of social welfare. The majority of it will be going to pensions/students and single families. yep... just checked. Welfare in this case is just a band-aid to our problems. https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BriefingBook45p/WelfareCost The root causes of things is when you allow debt to go unchecked. I'm not saying that debt is bad. Things like having student loans adjusted at cpi mean that in future the price of uni goes up because there is more money chasing it. Then you have a bunch of students chasing debt and need "student allowances" to live on 2min noodles... combine it with students finishing uni and then being unemployed for a year, just to go on "start up allowances". Also the majority of the welfare for a student will be going towards rent. Which in turn props up the property market. Then you look at single families... It's an unfortunate situation but similar case. The majority of the welfare going towards renting... combine this with negative gearing, and foreign investment. you get a nice feedback loop. But of course the people the parents of the students won't want to get rid of negative gearing because its their nest egg for retirement . The same people who cry "my kids will never afford a house". Its the scenario of man bear pig in the recent southpark episodes.
  7. Lantos

    He has reformatted it. Might want to remove the other post.
  8. Lantos

    Don't worry, It was probably one of our mods. I'm sure it wasn't a constructive comment anyway.
  9. Lantos

    wow once again dusk and hinzy still real da real mvps and have common sense. It's like they were in the convo the other night when we thought about opening the server up. The main two things; it is that is an extra thank you to the people who have already donated and it is also to filter out the minges. We already thought about it. We could have made it $15 entry if we really wanted but I guess we are still the biggest money grabbing community out there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even with the 3 months donation rather then one. God forbid people like money. Maybe I should change the donation terms back to one month . No one is going to be donating $5 just to play the MC. Especially when all of our traffic is from GMOD. what a load of horse shit. $1500 for op on all MC servers FOREVER contact me edit: to all those who have donated and supported Poseidon. Thanks and I hope you have fun on Poseidons Minecraft.
  10. Lantos

    Look tbh, if donating $100 gets you admin for 3 months then It'd mean you'd be invested that the server doesn't get minged. But thats justa thought. prolly wrong
  11. @make it happen 

    Lets go boys


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    oh sorry didnt mean to tigger the peak