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  1. +1, once i get windows 10 and Steam working and downloaded again i will definitely jump on as Bunnyhop is a generally fun game mode meant for people to chill, talk, relax and especially game in a cool environment whilst DarkRP is just full everywhere..
  2. MariosMillion


    I can run Windows 10 and also 32 bit does work on Windows 10. As well as Microsoft having a site just for windows 10 with a disc image of an ISO file which prompts you for a product key during installation but can be skipped... I just need to find out a working way to use the disc image (ISO File) of windows 10 to work so i can install Windows 10 without a product key... Everything you mentioned above was irrelevant about a product key and that is only needed after you have windows 10 installed and running on your laptop (only if you want to add a product key) 1st proof of evidence so you dont think im crazy: 2nd proof of evidence: These are both taken from my computer using the snipping tool i hope everyone understands of what situation im in now and maybe someone could help me..
  3. MariosMillion


    The bit with Rufus and actually launching windows 10 with the USB, it just went to a screen with the Windows 10 logo and nothing else appeared or happened for about 1 hour... It's meant to have the logo and actually load into the process of downloading it but it hadn't done it, i tried it 2 times just to make sure i didn't mess up and same result.
  4. MariosMillion


    I've tried that whole thing it didn't work, i double checked it too meaning i spent about 7 hours for nothing.
  5. MariosMillion


    Post any song from any culture or any country, im putting one Greek song that i semi- like, my family comes from Greece.
  6. MariosMillion


    May you suggest a way of helping me instead of commenting on the fact i played on Windows Vista... everyone knows that i do, but i cant anymore.
  7. MariosMillion


    Won't work windows vista gets redirected to this page at all times https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10ISO need tutorial for Windows10ISO download
  8. +1 would inspire RP to the server, especially to the SWAT role while still giving the Mayor a extra command!
  9. I agree with THE_DIZ outlands was much more fun then survival. BRING IT BACK
  10. Neutral leaning to -1, you should know that glitching/exploiting or anything in the sense of cheating in a unfair way will get you banned in a weeks time make sure to double check the rules..
  11. MariosMillion


    Yeah its me i really want to jump on Garry's Mod again but it wont work with Windows Vista anymore if anyone has a Windows 7 Product Key please message me on the forums ? This is the only way ill be back.
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