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  1. god

    We got married recently and you didn't even give me a mention goodluck with school and your HSC tho, you got this!
  2. +1 Ari has shown that he can be quite mature for someone his age and I believe he's capable of holding this rank
  3. god

    That's classed as exploiting, if you see him do it get video evidence
  4. god

    you'll never stop the cowboys at ram ranch
  5. I wasn't, and if you think I was then take it up with Jimmy or someone.
  6. -1, I've only seen negative and toxic behaviour from Frank and feel that he isn't suited for Trusted. I'm going to expand on this a little bit and present the full situation; Frank was falsely demoted by a cop that he had killed in a raid and revenge demoted the cop, after the cop was demoted to citizen Frank went on to RDM them because of the demote.
  7. +1 I've only seen good things from this boy, deserves trusted
  8. god


  9. god

    +1 Donnie is a mad lad, knows and follows the rules, pretty mature bloke and deserves the rank
  10. god

    I've seen staff warn people for selfsupply even if there's basically no one on the server. Breaking rules isn't okay even if there are a very low amount of players on, because it sets a bad example and encourages the other people online to break them too.
  11. god


  12. -1, I don't see a point in increasing the drug limit seeing as there can be multiple drug dealers and you can just buy your extra drugs from them.
  13. +1 give this man mod already
  14. god

    thats how mafia works +1 for skin change
  15. god

    if i ever see this nigga as mayor, ill rdm him