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  1. csgo server when? It's been a pleasure though, goodluck to everyone with whatever they do afterwards
  2. If you were to go back and actually read the full post, rather than quoting one specific part out of context, he mentions that it was Supremacy that he was trying it on.
  3. Before anyone comments saying "-1 ban reason on discord said no appeal!!!" I went and asked Jimmy to give Angelo permission to appeal. In regards to the appeal, +1 for a reduction to maybe a few weeks or a month/two so Angelo has time to reflect. I've known Vanetti nearly the entire time I've been playing and believe he wouldn't intentionally try to crash Poseidon due to how long he's been around and his nearly clean record on the server.
  4. Rather than post on both ban appeals I am posting the one response to cover both of them; I was spectating Andy hunt at the time the sit abuse occured, and upon seeing it I immediately pulled the two of you in to a sit about it. After mentioning it to you, you proceeded to tell me that "we were doing it just to see if it works", and from what I saw while spectating it looked pretty intentional considering that you sat on him once, got up, sat down again and that was when he stood up to push you through the roof. It is true that you didn't kill anyone or attempt to raid through using this, however as a long time player you know very well that sit abusing is against the rules, and from what I can tell you knew exactly what you were doing. The call to ban you wasn't mine in the end, Perrin told me to give the 1 week ban, which I believe is a fair punishment for the situation. -1 for an unban or reduction.
  5. -1, demote Herculs instead he constantly rdms me!!!1!
  6. +1, Patrick is a mature and kind player, and with a bit of mentoring would make a great staff member. Best of luck!
  7. +1, I've known Foxtrot for quite a while and can say that he definitely fits the Trusted role. He's mature and follows the rules, and I honestly can't see him misusing any of the tools or commands.
  8. I'll take Mixologist!
  9. Sad I couldn't make it ? hopefully I'll be free for the next one tho
  10. I'm just gonna jump in here because I witnessed the incident; you were banned by John Cologne for MRDM in sit (x5) where you killed 3 staff members, one of them twice, and another user that happened to be nearby at the time. -1 for unban, -1 for reduction at this point in time - you've been playing for quite a while, you knew you were breaking the rules and still went on and did it
  11. I have plans on Good Friday so I can't play sadly, you'll have to mix without me
  12. RPname: Kellar Keemstar Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/kellarkeemstar/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95576692 Age: I am 19 currently Playtime: Currently I have over 28 days of playtime d Administrator Recommendation: Yuki Akihito (who is currently playing under the name Quentin Jones) Comment from Recommending Administrator: Good player, follows the rules, and would definitely be suitable for the role of Moderator Why would you make a good staff member? I am mature and responsible. Although I don't use my microphone (issues with my current laptop, though I'll be using my mic when I get a new computer) I am fairly fast at typing and feel that I could still get sits done effectively. I am a fairly active player as I play most days and can generally put a bunch of hours in to the server on a weekly basis. I already help players in OOC (when I'm not busy roleplaying) by answering their questions, however becoming a staff member would allow me to help players further by dealing with sits when other staff are busy or unavailable. I feel that I've demonstrated my ability to remain calm no matter what the situation, which is a crucial asset to any staff member. Due to my high playtime, I know all of the rules and can distinguish what actions are acceptable in certain roleplay situations, which can be beneficial in complicated sits. I'll be unbiased and won't give any players special treatment, regardless of personal relationships. I can work and communicate effectively in a team. I generally play from late afternoon to late at night, when other staff may not be available Any prior staffing experience (includes command usage)? I haven't staffed a Garry's Mod server before, however I am familiar with most commands used by staff members, and if needs be I can always ask another staff member to clarify on how a certain command is used. As for staffing experience, years ago I used to staff on Minecraft servers, with my most notable experience being a Moderator on a server that had hundreds of players online at any given time. Do you agree to the prerequisites listed above? Yes.
  13. Next week sounds good to me, I'd also be down to go Mixologist and make drinks for people
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