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  1. Bookmarks Bar: Bing - My search engine of choice. YouTube - YouTube. Facebook - Boomer Book. Useful: Xbox One Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool - The support link to download offline Xbox One updates. maxresdefault.jpg - Just a link i can use to get YouTube thumbnails in highest res. ray gang - You never know when you need a picture of RWJ doing your mom. GMOD Server - Steam guide that contains all commands you need to do all the stuff for gmod servers. Good reference guide. How to fix DTS Headphones:X 2.0 When not working if enabled. - Since Windows updates broke my DTS, this guide helps me whenever i need to fix it. I use a Logitech G433 headset, but this still works. XE - Sometimes i use this over just searching it in Bing. List of HTTP status codes - The Wikipedia article for HTTP status codes, very useful when developing websites or web servers that need to use them. YouTube Music Policies - Hotlink to the music policies on YouTube, this site actually sucks shit, easier to just upload a song and see what claims. Old YouTube Dashboard - Hotlink to the old YouTube dashboard/studio which has more features in more logical places than the new shit. YouTube Subscription Manager - This is just a list of channels im subscribed too. For some reason, YouTube doesnt actually link this anywhere as far as i can tell so i keep this link handy. MIAJ: MIAJ is my sandbox, not linking some of these as its not relevant beyond what service its for. Steam Collections - So many people ask me for my servers collections instead of typing !errors like most other servers. I'd recommend if you ever create a server, keep this link handy. Steam Workshop Downloader - This neat little website lets you download Garry's Mod addons without actually subscribing to them, it also extracts the GMA into a ZIP for you. Dev: Services: Application Load Testing - Just allows you to perform some basic load testing and see how your site reacts. Documentation: GMod Lua - GMod has its own Lua documentation, good to keep it handy. Python strftime - Reference site for Python's strftime functions. Very very very useful when trying to use that function. Other Bookmarks: Poseidon: DarkRP Staff Guidelines - Staff get a bible to live by, so i keep it bookmarked. I'm not allowed to share the link to this one publically, but if any DarkRP Staff don't have it, just ask in the #staff-chat and someone will link it. It's also pinned in that same channel if you get past Malco's announcements. Videos: Teenage cybercrime: Help your child make the right #CyberChoices - Funny brit's made funny ad. garrys mod car rampage - why did we remove cars again? NFL on Fox - Great theme song.
  2. I've already voiced my opinions of this topic in the staff channels but i'd like to add them here. TL;DR: I do not want a full reset because i don't want to grind for money again. I think my brackets system (the image) would be a good solution to "resetting" the economy whist not hitting users hard. If you're interested in testing these systems, i have a tool for that: https://lcast15.com/pspoc Here is what my proposal was; a band/bracket system (similar to taxes) that would be published before a reset allowing users to "select" the bracket that would give them optimum (highest) money. The advantage here is that users have the choice to act on it and maximize their outputs before a reset, and it's fairer as the users are given the chance to do so. This image describes the brackets i proposed: @Yuki ? has another system that is the same as what Jimmy described, it takes your money away by a certain factor (not sure if im allowed to disclose). I have a bias to my own brackets system (duh), but heres a pros and cons list off the top of my head. Lcast's Brackets: Pros Gives users a chance to get more money after reset Is completely transparent with users Ensures millionaires remain millionaires, and anyone who isn't a millionaire is unaffected (because they're already kinda poor) No one will have over $10,000,000 after reset Cons (I think this is an advantage, Yuki says it isn't) Dropping money could cause you to gain more money after a reset (see 80 mil and 150 mil) Could be confusing for users to grasp Non-active users will not get a chance to change anything Jimmy's/Yuki's System: Pros Affects everyone over 100k evenly (Yuki calls it fairly, i disagree with that to a point) Simple Cons Not transparent (assuming Jimmy doesn't tell us the values the system will use) Millionaires could dip under $1,000,000 (i believe this is a con as i think it's an achievement of sorts to have earned a million virtual dollars, really your decision if this is a con) Users aren't given any realistic way to change what they will get after reset (earning more money will give you a higher output but its not like a bracket where you know what's going to be your realistic maximum output)
  3. your profile song sounds like someone unplugging an amp smt

  4. See you on the flip side malco, it's been great. Whoever our Scott Morrison is has big shoes to fill my friend.
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    I'd love to see those snippets.
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    It's my mistake for implying you claimed RP went like that, i should've worded that argument more carefully. This was not the intention, the intention behind that argument was your idealized expression is not harmed by Wiremod, to which you countered saying Wiremod discourages it. I disagree. Before Wiremod, it is impossible for Wiremod to have discouraged it, yet still it was rare that people RP'd the way described. While I agree that Wiremod does slightly discourage the roleplay described, I don't believe removing it is a good solution. If you would like to encourage that kind of roleplay you need to give dealers an incentive, which i will go into further detail of later. Your second counter focuses on my point that we should not force users to roleplay a certain way (or what they should do to RP). While i agree that you can influence and encourage RP, i believe that removing an addon that provides an alternative way to RP, does count as forcing users to roleplay a certain way. Fair enough, you're not going around telling people they aren't meant to RP like that, but you are forcing them not to RP with auto gun shops and what not by removing those features for RP reasons (i say this as if an addon is broken or causing major issues, even if it affects how users RP, it should be removed. Stability > RP). I'm not saying it's wrong for you to influence or encourage RP, i'm saying its wrong for you to force people to RP a certain way. In my opinion it should be up to the players to choose if they want to sit alone in their base making money thanks to a Wire gunshop or actually contribute to RP and waste said money at a Casino, or make back alley deals as you mentioned. I mentioned earlier an incentive. I like solutions that both parties can get behind, so here's my suggested solution for auto gun shops in particular. Give BMD's and Gun Dealers (hereon referred to as Dealers) the option to buy shipments specifically for auto gun shops, and a different shipment for manual dealing. The shipments would be restricted so that Wire Users could not be used on manual shipments, but could be on auto ones. The auto gun shop shipments would have a slight price increase, say +20% of the original price slapped on (of course this value could be altered until you have enough of a price difference that the incentive actually works). This would mean that dealers who want to have an auto gun shop inherently can't sell for as low as a price as manual dealers while still making a reasonable profit. This gives dealers an incentive to RP in a way that does force interaction, while still allowing them the option to use auto gun shops. Essentially this solution means that (hopefully) more dealers will manually deal guns, but guns will still also be able to be sold automatically. How does that sound?
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    Harsh words, Jimmy, harsh words. You can indirectly say I’m speaking out of my ass, but 2-3k hours in sandbox Wire experience, where cheaters come to play with their new-found Odium leaks, E2 scripts, and Wire lag machines seems like a fair reason to at least consider my input. This is how I tell you that the lag you experience server side is caused by some sort of abuse, but you're right, this is merely a guess as I don’t have access to DarkRP's setup, therefore have no way to verify this claim in your use case, as those in the community with anything more than 20IQ, might've guessed. Spanning hundreds of files and making use of libraries does not inherently make something laggy. Intensive is another guess, as I again don't have access to your setup, but for its size, Wiremod is incredibly efficient compared to many other addons. If your data stream to clients is so restricted that it can’t fit a few Wire entities without causing issues, I’d suggest there might be something more than Wire hogging it up. Client processing for Wire entities, just like the server, should not be intensive enough to cause a noticeable difference. You invalidate my claims because they're "guessing and misleading", as already clarified, these claims aren't just guesses, they're educated guesses with thousands of hours of experience behind them. I'm assuming you don't have any factual evidence that you can post here regarding Wire and its supposed intensive processing on Poseidon's DarkRP server, otherwise you probably would've. If you do have such evidence, would be great to see what might be causing lag on DarkRP, and who knows, maybe we could help optimize it for the best of both worlds? Jimmy, you also mention that things in Wire could be done in Lua so much easier and better. Yeah, you're right, but no one is gonna live update some new, untested, bomb Lua to the server because someone thought of the idea as a cool mini event to play. Wire allows for that spontaneous kind of thinking to be executed. Latu argues this better than I would've in their reply, so I’ll leave that there. I never said that removing Wiremod would stop players roleplaying (or enhance RP Malcolm, I said experience, not RP), I said "the possible creations with Wiremod outweigh the missed-out RP". This isn't saying that you're getting more RP from having Wiremod there, I’m just saying that the possible creations from Wiremod outweigh missed RP opportunities, but then again, they aren't really missed, are they? You can still RP as a manual BMD or Gun Dealer if you so desire. As for Malcolm's point on what the RP between a dealer and customer should be, that's a great narrative, and that would be great RP. Before Wiremod was added, that's not how I recall dealer-customer RP going down. As I recall it was a dealer behind a duped base that you've seen a thousand times, with prices and a money pot, you say what you want, dealer adds up, tells you amount, you drop the money into the pot (or have it stolen and call an admin), you get your weapons, and you leave. Vastly different to what you described. What I’m getting at here is that your view on what it should be doesn't match what it was before Wiremod was added, and just to add another counter, nothings stopping anyone from continuing to do that, Wiremod doesn't take away your ability to do that. Continuing with that, this is addressed to both Jimmy and Malcolm. You shouldn't dictate what people should do to RP (inb4 "that’s what rules are" comment), let them decide. If they want to make an auto gun shop and go over to the Casino and spend all their gun money, let them do that. If they want to wonder around finding small groups about to RDM each other, let them do that. If they want to sit in their auto gun shop base and get raided because they're AFK eating dinner, let them do that. Don't make them spend hours sitting behind a base wall waiting for the next customer or raid just to repeat the boring process mentioned before, hardly managing to turn a profit thanks to their competitive pricing. Fact of the matter is, as previously mentioned, there's a reason their job can be automated so easily, it's because their job is boring to most of the players, most of the players don't want to do what Malcolm said because chances are as soon as they sell the gun the buyers in the alley, either the buyer is gonna mug them, they're gonna get arrested by a swat sniper who saw the deal from the rooftop of the adjacent building and fell 3 stories just to arrest them, be RDM'd in crossfire later and lose their shipments in their pocket or be raided by the same 2 gangs, over and over and over again. TL;DR: ignore this and read my previous post, this is mainly just countering and clarifying for Jimmy and Malcolm.
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    -1 From a performance perspective, the tiny amount of lag that Wire contraptions introduce is outweighed by the use said contraptions bring to the game. I can tell you with 99% certainty that any server-side Wiremod lag is due to abusive contraptions, or someone who has no idea what they're doing and somehow managed to wire together enough shit to cause lag. Client-side lag from Wiremod is all visual, this could be people abusing lights, lamps, rangers, etc to create a bunch of light sources (and lines in the case of rangers) that will lag your FPS, as do normal lights or lamps, these things cause FPS drops, this isn't a fault of Wiremod. From the RP side of things, i personally believe that the possible creations with Wiremod outweigh the missed out RP. Let's be honest here, is the RP you get asking someone for a gun, paying someone for said gun, and using said gun to then kill that someone later in a raid really that valuable? Most of the time, gun dealers and BMD's don't add much value to your experience, not to say its not possible for them to do that, but it doesn't happen often regardless. Wiremod doesn't stop people from doing their own thing, it gives them the option to RP elsewhere. In conclusion i really like Wiremod, and believe it enhances the experience more than it damages it. Sidenote: I was under the impression that using Wiremod User's to pick up money was not allowed, if that is still allowed, +1 to having a rule that doesn't allow users to pick up money (or cheques) with Wiremod.
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