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  1. Lcast15

  2. Lcast15

    GMod Game Night

    we doin another game night. this time we're starting with gmod. will be fun. gamemodes we can do: TTT (with or without custom playermodels) prop hunt murder slasher guess who (probably not tho) collection (MAKE SURE YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED BEFORE THE NIGHT!!!!!): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585562161 ALSO MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LINKED COLLECTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, IT DOESN'T DO IT IF YOU JUST SUBSCRIBE ALL!!!!!
  3. Lcast15

  4. Lcast15

    upload limit looks nice now, even if it's tiny. thanks bat
  5. currently your nginx is setup to 1mb so we all get a mysterious -200 error (actually a HTTP 413 error) uploading anything over that. this is a simple config change. the IPS upload limit config is set to 50000 which makes it appear like "48.83MB" to us, perhaps try 51200, this might make it appear as 50MB. please also fix the banning thing as well, idk why this is happening and im sure youre already on the case, but its really cringe. thnx
  6. Lcast15

    Game Night

    we finna do some games jackbox skribbl CAH leave ur suggestions for games in comments i wanna hear em please
  7. Lcast15

    interested if you dont hit 8
  8. Lcast15

    played this game the other day, it was shit. among us is way better, but it does cost money unfortunately.
  9. Lcast15

    game night, officially sponsored by
  10. Lcast15

    oh yeah, with those gamemodes i was more referring to using them on game night/events rather than as a fulltime server with a manager and staff team. i've done a similar thing with some friends before, here's exactly how i had it setup: Add base gamemodes Set a simple password up on the server Add ULX. Add a couple trusted members to superadmin and leave it as that, no fiddling with groups or anything. This is for kicking people ruining it, changing gamemode variables (generally we want more traitors) or force changing maps/gamemodes. Turn off the MOTD Add alot of maps. I made everyone choose a playermodel from workshop that they could use in TTT as everyone wanted custom playermodels. This won't be as easy for Poseidon, so possibly skip this or add some more generic models. Put it all in a collection, and send that to everyone a couple days in advance to give them time to download it. and then when it's time, start the server and give everyone the password. for poseidon, i'd probably also change the password each week (avoids people joining without being in voice chat/other people you dont want joining). i think with deathrun we all hated the actual gamemode so we just used sandbox on a deathrun map and did the same style vanoss does in his videos where you get 3 lifes and you just noclip back to where you died. this probably wont work all that well for large groups like poseidon because people will just cheat, but something to think about none the less. as for actual full time servers, my guess is darkrp would be the best start seeing as it was the biggest and last server.
  11. Lcast15

    i think splitting it kinda ruins the playing together thing. there are games that support higher playercounts without being too annoying that we could try. here's a list of some of my favourites that work with higher than 8 playercounts: gmod ttt prop hunt deathrun murder gta v races gamemodes freemode fuck around freemode objective (perhaps something similar to survive the hunt?) halo (mcc or ce) ctf tdm sven co-op/synergy this one might be harder as we'd have to get people to actually do an objective. depends alot on whos playing. and here's a list of some of the games that are fun but max out around 8-10 players: jackbox fibbage earwax bidiots quiplash trivia murder party tee k.o. survive the internet monster seeking monster civic doodle split the room mad verse city patently stupid dictionarium push the button (only good if the players arent dumb) joke boat role models (players should know each other well, otherwise it wont be as fun) tabletop sim monopoly uno cards against humanity good cop bad cop etc. (theres a fuckton of board games on the workshop) sketchful.io (like skribbl but better) human fall flat (requires players to not be assholes all the time) i'd like to see if anyones got some more suggestions for higher counts, particularly if they don't require downloading a new game?
  12. hi baby how are you

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    2. Yuki ?

      Yuki ?

      did you forget to take your pills again? i thought the nice ladies at the nursing home were supposed to help you with that

    3. Lcast15


      no i am pilled the ladies inject me every morning i hate it stop

    4. Yuki ?

      Yuki ?

      im sorry, but they said you wouldnt take them on your own

      you know what happens when you dont take your pills..

  13. Lcast15

    I'd like to offer a counter suggestion which is to delete the forums again. After you decline that, a changing gamemode server seems alright although im not sure it would be very easy to generate a playerbase with a server that constantly changes gamemode, plus they'd feel out of it with all the in references of the people who've come back (this might not be a big issue). Also bring back Jailbreak, even if no one plays.
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