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  1. This isnt funny retard
  2. There comes a time in every mans life where he is being pushed to his limits. When actions speak louder than words. When he's bound to behave in such manners of hectic proportions and the only true option he has, is to click it. Hectic and deceptic. @Rahj and @Majin Goo getting married? agree react or some shit to agree.
  3. Dusk looks like the guy from big brother (cant remember which season but he had long hair and i think his name was nick or some shit)
  4. You have the exact same table as me.
  5. Probably move on to another game like Cyberpunk but gmod will still be in my heart for having me be addicted for over 5 years.
  6. That's because Rahj is actually a good person.
  7. you look like that fat american kid whose 15 sorry
  8. Actually me @Napoleon @Echo
  9. looks like trying to call a gay club but play it off as if he is doing a business meeting
  10. Bro rahj is actually hot (i swear im not gay)
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