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  1. Morgan Friedman

    I almost got kidnapped as a kid in Turkey, kinda. So when I was in Turkey I had a friend with me and I was walking back on the highway in Turkey with him and some guy pulls up to us in a car like some car from 1998 4 seater. Anyway so as we are walking it pulls up and the guy is like "Hey kids you're dad and mum want you to come home" so I jumped in but he turned out to be legit and was actually my dad's friend. After a few years I somehow remembered it and from then on I've had a really bad paranoia of when I'm walking alone or with just 1 other person in the middle of the night.
  2. Morgan Friedman

  3. Morgan Friedman

    In all seriousness no, or at least not right now. However later on throughout the years such as 2025 or maybe 2030 it would be good for people to start investing into solar panels and other sources of sustainable energy because right now solar panels are way too expensive and especially getting enough to actually provide enough power. For me personally, I would wait until 2030 when I actually have a home of my own when solar panels are probably more efficient and cheaper to get. If you're rich (which I doubt most people in this server are) and want to help the environment sure, go for it and spend like $30k+ on solar panels and wind turbines but if you're a reasonable person who thinks rationally and logically you would stick with the current power of fossil fuels.
  4. Morgan Friedman

    ye nice
  5. Morgan Friedman

    hapy birtday penguin its also my birthday so happy birthday to both us
  6. Morgan Friedman

    return it!! better than jailbreak tbh if it goes popular again it would be in this order of popularity (in my opinion) DarkRP, SWRP, TTT
  7. Morgan Friedman

  8. Morgan Friedman

    Legit the exact same model but just in suits and like shirts @bat the beard of my guy is changed though.
  9. Morgan Friedman

    1. Your DarkRP Name: Morgan Friedman 2. Suggestion (General Idea) To add the black model back. 3. Description of Suggestion (expand on the idea): This black guy model just looks so much better than the other one and I think some people would agree (some) that it was a fantastic model and they miss it (like i do) and I feel like it should come back to the suits, shirt ties, and all the other outfits the models name is Male 3 4. It would improve the server by adding another variety of a black male skin especially with suits and shirts. -Morgan Friedman
  10. Morgan Friedman

    also wastes his money on random shit 1
  11. Morgan Friedman

    perhaps post a picture of someones nut
  12. Morgan Friedman

    why the fuck hasnt he been accepted? +1 small child deserves a mansion
  13. Morgan Friedman

    i threw a chair at him for not buying my apple products and got arrested +1 mate what a god
  14. Morgan Friedman

    Some players may say 7 days is recommended but what they don't realize is that they said recommended and not the time needed and especially for someone like this 5 days is enough time for him to get mod. +1 good luck buddy
  15. Morgan Friedman

    This list compiles everything EXCEPT for airplanes My personal favorite is the Aston Martin Vulcan since it literally can be heard from over 10kms away and has been known for the 2nd loudest engine in the entire world (car engine btw) PS: here is the video https://youtu.be/7ts_j5Pmwb0?t=173
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