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  1. bye, have some of my farewell memes as I depart dead gmod forum
  2. You forgot my memorable quotes. brb gonna convert people to fascism anyone who gets butthurt by this is a nigger
  3. I want my mouth to gape deeper than my asshole and I want my wife's big buff black boyfriend to buy me a nintendo switch for christmas
  4. F for my mans 


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    2. Echo


      Im sorry sir, But orders are orders...


    3. Nick Bean

      Nick Bean

      Wait! You did this?


      Where did the orders come from?

    4. Barney on Meth

      Barney on Meth

      F -uck you echo you cant ban heinzrick

  5. Resettle them to a place such as Madagascar, and they can have their own business there and leave us be and we leave them be. So you won't have to worry about unnecessary bloodshed.
  6. Maybe! I checked out sportsbet and the coalition got a higher price on their bet whilst labor is lower, which means the odds of labor winning is high!
  7. I'm still questioning the whole thing whether it was fabricated or if the deaths happened for another reason or it genuinely happened because questioning things is very important even what is being taught at schools, I'd hate 1984 to occur. But let's say it did happen, I would say "Oi just put them in a selected area until we finish this war then we can resettle them to Madagascar, our priority is to use our resources to help on the 3 fronts not on civilians"
  8. I said I respect them for putting their people first, in regards to getting Germany out of the great depression and creating national unity. I was never relating it towards wartime era, my apologies if I was a bit vague.
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