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  1. THE_DIZ

    Weekend is fine in my eyes, (my holidays end on Monday) so I would think next weekend would be good because everyone is off whatever they are doing?
  2. THE_DIZ

    Maybe there is a set FOB or all swat and they can rest and relax there?
  3. THE_DIZ

    +1 this would enhance Mayor RP so much, and I think would make gang rp and government rp in general more interesting and fun!
  4. THE_DIZ

    And I’m saying that it was never and is never a sophisticated genre of music, people who listen to it may be but the genre is not, a tree is not without its root if you know what I mean.
  5. THE_DIZ

    Baby has a mic?
  6. THE_DIZ

    Hmm, I think someone with a mic would probs be better suited I’ll ask Russ tho!
  7. THE_DIZ

    Okay! So we have 3 @Anthony @Nick Bean and @Napoleon! That is great, we still need all the other jobs!
  8. THE_DIZ

    Jazz is literally one of the greatest genres of music, it was a mother to many of our modern genres, jazz didn’t come from a very sophisticated place or musical origin, it came from ragtime which wasn’t sophisticated. ragtime was music like the entertainer which had ‘wierd’ time signatures and didn’t sound ‘classy’. Alternatively, blues came from poor African American communities in places like New Orleans where it was made from music forms that originated in African countries. In conclusion jazz is not sophisticated, but was probably one of the most important genres due to genres like rock and roll coming from it and it’s parter in crime blues.
  9. THE_DIZ

  10. THE_DIZ

  11. THE_DIZ

    Dear Poseidon, Russ Johnson, Boy Sempson and I have created an event dupe that we like to call Poseidon Got Talent! We will be talking to Jimmy to see about what we can do staff wise for the event, but everything is okay yo go ahead. We do not have a date yet but we will host it in the coming days. Jobs Needed Now, for this event to run smoothly we will need a few different hosts, security, and talent. We require: We need 2 bouncers, but we may accept more on the day We would like a Store Clerk and a Mixologist We will also need an organiser who will get everything ready like the performers in line their clothing etc. We also need auditions, you can apply on here for a time spot or come on the day Judges: Nick Bean, Nancy Higgins, Vladimir Napoleon Host: Baby Cakes Conclusion Okay, in conclusion, the day is TBD and we will accept walkups on the day, if you are talking and misbehaving you will be kicked out, me Russ and Boy want it to be fun for everyone! PM me, Russ or Boy or talk in the comments for further information!
  12. THE_DIZ

    No PayPal smt!
  13. THE_DIZ

    I’ve just finished rigging it from scratch since auto weights wouldn’t work tommorow I will fix the textures and make him into an addon!
  14. THE_DIZ

    What was the other ban for?