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  1. THE_DIZ

    Sad to see it go, no point beating a dead horse. Ups to Jimmy for being a legend
  2. THE_DIZ

    I remember this guy
  3. THE_DIZ

    Should buy me l4d 2
  4. THE_DIZ

  5. THE_DIZ

    By its dick
  6. THE_DIZ

    Found it delicious
  7. THE_DIZ

    Get itttt
  8. THE_DIZ

    bruhhh, my wendys looks better
  9. THE_DIZ

    Dominos is only 5 dollars and you get better deep pan
  10. THE_DIZ

    Hotdog and Choccy shake was good as
  11. THE_DIZ

    Haven't had KFC in yonks. Best fast food change my mind
  12. THE_DIZ

    It should, way better to spend the time finding something decent then using that shit
  13. THE_DIZ

    Bruh no eshay drinks Vodka Filthy ass 5 dollar per gram PGR weed is where its at (nah but real, don't use it, it fucks you up so fast its uncomfortable asf).
  14. THE_DIZ

    Civ is free on Epic Games soon
  15. THE_DIZ

    Shiit, same man finished LiS2 a few weeks back. Got the go to Mexico and leave Daniel the snitch behind
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