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  1. THE_DIZ

    big compute

    That motherboard can hold 2 DDR4 sticks.
  2. THE_DIZ

    big compute

    That looks good, people don’t realise the difference good thermal paste can make! Do you want RGB fans? If so they should be good, but if you don’t you can find much cheaper solutions, or even the case’s stock fans.
  3. THE_DIZ

    big compute

    Get thermal paste, very few cpu coolers come with it pre installed or with the thermal paste included
  4. THE_DIZ

    big compute

    Awesome, that case looks nice aswell. If you do want to, you could easily up the cpu to 3.9 or 4ghz with the stock cooler with ease, just find a reputable website as a guide.
  5. THE_DIZ

    big compute

    Personally I like the RX 580 more. The 2600x comes at 3.6 ghz, compared to 3.4ghz. The 2600x comes with a cooler that on average gets 20 degrees cooler than the Wraith Spire. The 2600x can easily overclock to 4ghz with the stock cooler. The cooler that comes with 2600x is around the same (if not a few degrees cooler) than the 103. I’d recommend you get the 2600x over the 2600. The case will come with enough fans.
  6. Could you copy the bank from triton_v2, and replace our current one with that one? I assume there won’t be any new textures or anything considering it has a similar colour palette to Triton_v1
  7. I admitted I was wrong, I don’t see why you have to keep beating a dead horse.
  8. Look, just stop making sarcastic comments. My view has changed on the subject, and I do think now that Charlie has a tendency to make decisions based on his personal thoughts rather than fact. I was pulling at straws when I was talking about shitposting. Sorry for presenting a different point of view because that makes me dumb!
  9. That shows Lenny blatantly shitposting in general, and shows how Charlie politely asked him to keep it to PMs.
  10. I can see Charlie saying “how autistic can you be” and then these two bans that I believe had fair grounds, but a lot of people disagree. I can barely see any strict evidence on what they have done wrong, if I’m not reading these posts correctly and they do have clear evidence please tell me, but there is currently nothing that would constitute a demotion of two people that have been zealously pursuing the creation of an amazing server. I have seen Cleddus to be very dilligent, and respectful in his time being head staff/manager on this server. I feel that this whole thread is just a ‘shit on Charlie and Cleddus’ game.
  11. How about instead of making a remark that is directed at my previous comment you actually read what I said? I clearly said it was an by Charlie.
  12. That was an un-constituted remark by Charlie, but I believe you were using TNT to grief other players bases, so I don’t clearly see how you should be playing the victim.
  13. I understand that you obviously feel that “Ok Retard” was a benign comment, and I cannot disagree, but you certainly misread my post by saying that I observed it as a ‘cover up’. I clearly stated that, the current ban took into account previous actions by you. Of course there is, in no plausible way that contradicting managements decisions is a bannable offence, but you have barely played on the current server, and from what I can see you are by no means a player that contributes to the server. The rules clearly state that there is to be not shitposting in the general chat, and from my view making ‘benign and meaningless’ comments in the general chat would be a breach of those rules. I cannot completely prove that he did so, but it would make complete sense to view a players previous actions to decide on a much more reasonable response/ban.
  14. He merely stated the direct cause of that ban, his other actions would have been taken into account.
  15. I do not beilieve Charlie should have banned you after an impolite comment, however, I do not think you should be unbanned. Ever since you have joined the Minecraft server, you have acted sarcastic, volatile, and snarky. Albeit you haven’t caused the end of the world, you certainly have made Charlie, and Minecraft managements time harder, and worse than it should be. Although Charlie banned you for calling him “...Buddy Retard” that is certainly not the only reason and I do feel as though you know that. Neutral, I don’t have any evidence, or a strict point of view that makes me want to contradict upper managements decision, nor to the contrary.
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