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  1. Adobe After Effects

    Kellar Keemstar leeeeeets geeet roight into the +1
  2. Adobe After Effects

    I honest to god hope that you are either joking or know that it is only a select few who do things that you classify as "degenerate"
  3. Adobe After Effects

    Oh boy do I love oppression
  4. Adobe After Effects

    Your DarkRP Name: Skinny Jeff Issue/bug: XP between for maybe incorrect How it occurred/how to reproduce: Basically the xp needed for sergeant is significantly lower than the one needed for the rank below. I'm not sure if this is done on purpose or not but yeah. The EX to go from Senior Constable to sergeant is 16000 whilst the XP needed to get from Sergeant to Senior Sergeant is 6000. Images:
  5. Adobe After Effects

    Why does a regiment need 2 commanders?
  6. Adobe After Effects

    Is it prometheus by any chance?
  7. Adobe After Effects

    There may be a new version of the server coming out or whatever but that will only temporarily increase the player size when SWRP first released it had the hype of the Force Awakens behind it and there has been a star wars movie coming out every summer break since then other than this year. There is gonna be no external hype for a new star wars movie imo
  8. Adobe After Effects

    they truly know what they are doing no capitalizing the d and only the x. What a world we live in
  9. Adobe After Effects

    I cold heartily agree with this statement and believe that a more severe punishment than a demotion should be put into place
  10. Adobe After Effects

    Honestly, I don't know just something that I thought about a few times.
  11. Adobe After Effects

    If you're talking new game modes I'd suggest something that isn't an arcade type game mode such as TTT or Murder. More along the lines of something that you work towards and have a goal off of the top of my head a rust type game mode or at least some aspects of it.
  12. Adobe After Effects

    Evolution has led us to this
  13. Adobe After Effects

    pretty sure the colours are meant to distinguish the important people apart from everyone else
  14. Adobe After Effects

    Whenever swrp started
  15. Adobe After Effects

    Do something original or at least fresh.
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