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  1. Almond

    Real SWAT are just regular Police when not doing SWAT things, if you mean completely off-duty, its a bit redundant since there isn't really breaks in this game. If you mean ANG, I dont think a model change is warranted if its only going to be used by like 2 people.
  2. Almond

    Going off of Nick's suggestion, I suggest that the off duty slots look and act like regular police until activated. Perhaps they could retrieve all their SWAT weapons and gear from the armoury once activated. In order to make this more worth it and intimidating , SWAT may be equipped with and can acquire more kevlar than regular players, similar to that one Juggernaut idea that was on here at some point.
  3. Your DarkRP Name: Chris Mango Suggestion (general idea): Add an option for the Mayor to 'Deploy SWAT' Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): SWAT/Military/Special Forces aren't a regular thing you see in day to day city life. Which is why it shouldn't be a regular thing in RP. However situations do arise in where SWAT/National Guard/ Special Forces are required. Therefore, I propose a system in which the SWAT job is locked until the Mayor activates them for RP purposes such as a hardened base raid, martial law, riot, assassination attempts, PD raid, et cetera. Once SWAT is activated, players can join the role and perform what is required. This could be done similarly to the lockdown system where the mayor does something such as /activateswat (reason) and then that reason is shown in a notification to the server. In order to prevent the Mayor from activating SWAT permanently, a debuff could be added where either: a cap is added to reputation such as 60% to make it easier for the Mayor to be recalled if he slips up, or, reputation is lost periodically to simulate growing unrest, climaxing in a recall. To stop a loophole in where someone could go Mayor, activate SWAT and then change roles, SWAT may only be active when A: there is a Mayor and B: SWAT is activated. How it will benefit the server: This will benefit the server by adding realism to it as SWAT are usually just regular officers until they are called into action for special operations. Yes, this will break Nick's heart but what is more important, your killing boner, or realism?
  4. Almond

    uhhhhh, bump
  5. Almond

    +1, 5.45 guns arent even in game anymore
  6. Almond

    neutral, since you gotta take file sizes n shit into play, also maybe link it for convenience
  7. Almond

    I'll do external security, like a bouncer but SWAT
  8. Almond

    Neutral, you dont actually RP, all you do is sit in your base or raid. I've yet to see you do some proper RP
  9. Almond

    -1 Broke FearRP because he didn't personally agree with the situation.
  10. Almond

    Your DarkRP Name: Chris Mango Suggestion (general idea): Addition of Flashbangs Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): We previously had flashbangs on the server, for some reason they broke due to the server itself blocking whatever screen effect was meant to be applied. Anyways, flashbangs (from what I know) have never been fully utilised on the server, so I thought it might be a good addition. I suggest that this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727861475&searchtext=m84 be (re)-added but with some things changed. -Flashbangs are only available to SWAT via Police Armoury, this is to stop minging by the general playerbase as it won't be able to be bought and abused by dealers. Also, minging would be reduced as donators and of course trusted are generally more expected to stay within rules. Additionally, if someone does minge with this, the suspects are only narrowed down to at most 4 players. -Rules are added to adress flashbangs, for example: "You may only use flashbangs for valid RP situations such as in raids and riots." (Note: unjustified use of a flashbang on crowds may be classed as Mass RDT or something along those lines.) Hit reasons could be added such as, "The Target is a SWAT Officer who has used a flashbang on you." -Flashbangs are fixed, I made an Issues post back when we originally used flashbangs but that was lost when forums reset (or whatever happened). Basically, the server was blocking the effect that was meant to give off the actual 'flash' (white screen for short period of time) whenever the flash bang went off in and you were standing in its radius, it would throw a short error in the console. I'm no dev, but with what little experience I have had with these things, it doesn't look like it would be too hard to fix. How it will benefit the server: Allow for more realistic SWAT rp, make raiding those sonofabitch bases easier, give SWAT an edge over regular police (that actually works ((yeah im talking about door charges)). This tool could be used to create immersive riot control situations and give the public all the more reason to hate police. Please give feedback and make further suggestions on how this could be improved.
  11. Almond

    I mean if you believe that salaries actually matter on the server where you can make 2k in 10 seconds, you're doing it wrong. TBH I think taxes/salaries in this game are just a novelty and have no real effect, no matter how poor you are, $300 every 5 minutes isnt going to buy jack shit.
  12. Almond

    by nazi i meant harsh totalitarian
  13. Almond

  14. Almond

    -1 The worst kind of mod is a nazi mod.