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  1. Gel Blasters are generally legal in SA, WA, NT and QLD. I believe QLD is the only state where all forms of GB's are legal, with the other states having certain restrictions (ie, no metal receivers, no gas powered). Despite the fact its illegal in VIC and NSW retailers still ship there, which is only damaging to the sport they apparently care about. Funnily enough, WA is the closest to having Airsoft legalised, someone from the Liberal Democrats is pushing pretty hard for it, I believe his legislation is going pretty well and as of now is having changes made to appease certain concerns. I personally believe that retailers/fields and just the community in general needs to improve before they can be trusted with airsoft. Some of the biggest retailers take part in shitty business practices, one of them is run by an actual conman who sells gen 8's with like $5 worth of chinesium parts in it for $400 and unfortunately people buy it only for it to catch fire or something. Field wise, the safety at some of the bigger fields is abysmal, TE's fields don't have FPS or age limits and are extremely lax about eyepro, as in they will let you wear gas station sunnies to protect against gels going 400FPS, I'm actually suprised the only medical incidents at their fields have been heatstroke related. and the community can be absolutely heinous, the people who piss me off the most are the ones who try to increase their FPS as high as they can, literally sacrificing performance so they can inflict pain on others, genuinely pathetic. I'll let 'Mr hell blaster' sum this up (transcribed from an FB post) "My wife said she would leave me if I bought another FULL metal blaster. Well jokes on fuckin her! Just like my music playlist, my blasters are now all full METAL anyone dare challenge me?? please stay away from me on the field, I don't want to ruin your day with my precise accuracy. Plus my gel blasters (I like to call them "HELL BLASTERS") are all pushing 400fps. Do you think you can challenge me? Try it punk."
  2. Almond

    im not sure this man has ever played anything other than thief
  3. Almond

    -1 hours reset like a year ago smh
  4. don't struggle honey
  5. active warns last for like a day u numpty
  6. kevin feelin down fr
  7. -1 d i c k h e a d
  8. Almond

    dawg you gotta bind numpad or some shit to say the individual numbers and then u fuckin make a macro that presses them in a countdown after being activated, i thought u were the coder gamer man
  9. Almond

    yes, get a microphone if you dont have one, they only cost like 12 fucking bucks, and if you don't use your mic then thats completely your fault and you should face the challenges of typing shit. and i say again, make a bind yourself
  10. Almond

    If someone doesnt comply with a verbal countdown, what says they'll magically accept when they see floating numbers? Alternatively, make a bind yourself, dont make Jimmy code one for you
  11. Almond

    -1 "due to the reason of not wanting to play Gmod" why the fuck are you applying then!?
  12. Almond

    -1 magical numbers dont exist, use your fucking words
  13. Almond

    +1 to aramaxa's idea, also russ stop making suggestions that would be impossible to code/add
  14. Almond

    how the fuck can you guys disagree that gameplay aspects to make it fun are different from historical inaccuracies??
  15. Almond

    yeah but having things for the sake of the game and having uniforms from 80 years ago are different
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