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  1. heinz got his memes from some blackmarket source ngl, not even 8chan lmao
  2. 1. not an insult it just made no sense to me 2. fuck you and your hyper-intelligence you win
  3. Ok now that you've presented your point in readable form i agree with it
  4. ucp is darpa equivalent of having an assignment for 7 weeks and doing it the night before its due smfh
  5. To articulate my arguement, all players metagame to some form, its subconscious for some (like opening tab constantly). Making thief skins non-permanent for other jobs makes no sense, do you want a suit? Use the permanent suit skins. Do you want a mask? Well there isn't really any other job that would justify using a mask in RP. fr just be patient and wait for a slot smfh
  6. you fuckin brainlet im talking about metagame in this instance
  7. but you cant remove it, everyone metagames to some point, hell, i've seen admins meta game really fuckin hard on thieves in disguise
  8. when people see thief skin they go wowee a thief, casual meta my g
  9. this is ominous and i don't like it, go on but in all seriousness ive never played f1&2 i got f3 on the xbox and did shit all cos it was 2016 and fuck the 360 f4 was my first fallout game and i fuckin loved it despite its linear-ness havent played f76 but it looks good after patches
  10. they're non permanent for a reason, if it was that easy to imitate criminal jobs it'd be unfair
  11. -1 we have enough models already. In terms of realism, USAF camouflages won't add realism for shit
  12. >suggesting something without reading the comments on it
  13. fallout 1 and 2 are for the people who think they're quirky for playing an old game fallout 3 is a boring game fallout nv is overrated, got so bored i used cheats just to see the ending fallout 4 is fucking epic fallout 76 is a currently decent game only made bad by mob mentality and memes
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