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  1. Higashi

    +1 Will make TTT less shit
  2. Higashi

    Doesn't you'll mean 'you will' Cracked is right
  3. Higashi

    This aint abuse, this is just fucking funny.
  4. Higashi


    wb astro
  5. Higashi

    @Majin Goo Sike nigga
  6. Higashi

    No, there is no 'severity' in meta gaming, it either is or they're not. Sure you could take into account the kills they got while meta gaming but its still meta gaming nonetheless. Say if he was minging and was toxic while metagaming then you would add on to the ban: Metagaming|Minge|Toxic - 6 weeks. Permanent is classed for ddoss attempts, mass BRDMS and toxic wastes. Not metagaming.
  7. Higashi

    Meta gaming shouldn't be a perm IMO, 2-4 weeks max.
  8. Higashi

    Least ur honest +1 Reduce to 2 weeks
  9. Higashi

    Unfortunately in this case, you are acting the same exact way towards others, your constant and needless shittalking behind other peoples backs, dont say you havent because Ive seen the chats in open discords as well as in private channels. Before giving other people feedback on mingy behavior you should first deal with your own. To avoid other needless conflict I will not respond OT: +1 remix is a capable who would do more for the server than 70% of the staff the server currently has. He understands most of the fundamentals of TTT and how it can be best played, hes trustworthy, funny to be around and above all efficient. Butttt he sucks at headshotting.
  10. You know whats up fellow Kebabs.

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    2. Hinzy


      another racist post........banned

    3. Majin Goo

      Majin Goo

      Higashi is gay unless he applies for mod.

    4. Blue Admiral
  11. AHAHAHAHHAHA Im sure your shit developing skills will be really appreciated over there mr senior developer.
  12. Higashi


    Please change back or get @Jimmy to create a option to change back to original vanilla one.
  13. Higashi