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  1. Hey all, im with monkey and basically I, like many many other dont like this community anymore and what it has turned into, I know most of you are glad to see me go and im glad I could make you happy even if its from me leaving this community. @Monkey - Im glad to be your friend, you've inspired me so much @Tyger - You got me my first ever staff role in the community on darkrp and you've been a really good friend ever since, I love you to death man. @[Deleted] - Sorry so much drama surrounded you during your time as a manager and developer and even after it, honestly the people that made fun of you are really fucking childish. @Owners - Had plenty of laughs with you guys, great crew and im sorry that I mistepped a few times and am thankful that despite all I did you always gave me a chance. @f.blazevski - Did more for this community than anyone realizes, if not for a few people who broke this community to smithereens, you would of dont a whole lot more. @Dusk - Honestly a fucking great guy, nothing more can be said about him, the mans a god. @Yeti - Wherever you are, I want a rematch on TTT. @Thatcher - My waifu IRL, great cunt and one of the few people who is actually non bias and understands all perspectives. @Rahj - Probably can say as my first ever friend in poseidon, you already know how I feel about u man, love you @Hinzy - <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Fun run all in all, ill still join the servers once in like a year but all in all been pretty fun, sad to see some individuals bullying and forcing people out of the community but it is what it is, I left out alot of fucking people so just a few more to appreciate and to be annoying, Blue admiral, mushy, larko, oliver, lucky, pizza, sky, guitar guy, daddy, echo (2), zachy, devastator, mr cain himself, profwhale, my nigga geebs, remix, jamie duck. Plenty more but eh. Peace nibbas
  2. Higashi

    And saved. OT: Ill be joining you in your resignation, I love you to death man and we had a good run before....shit happened. Lets play dying light so I can kill you again You've been an inspiration and a role model to me throughout the years ive been here and during my time as murder and TTT staff, i would have no one else as my higher up.
  3. Higashi

    I wouldnt bother applying man, what server is there to get trusted on anyway?
  4. Higashi

  5. Higashi

    +1 Good old nick, has been a while and hes clearly sorry about his actions.
  6. Higashi

    In terms of how he set up his regime yes, in terms of his decisions...uhhhh.
  7. Higashi

    You're really testin it
  8. Higashi

    I would debate that its the internet and you dont actually know what kind of tone im using, for someone being toxic I picture, say, someone getting really angry over a comment and having to storm out. Now since you dont actually know my reactions or anyone elses when it comes to internet situations you use the words that we use to represent how we are feeling at the time, and thats all you can take from it. Ive even stated several times over discord that I in my comments are not toxic, or at least I wasnt toxic at the time of posting that. I dont need evidence when you yourself know what Im talking about. I could bring up the shit you put in Cinema Discord if you really wanted me to. But that would prove that you admitted to being retarded (Which you did) (Oh and gn <3)
  9. Higashi

    Shit like this is why I dont agree with the thread I made about removing the dumb react anymore, because now that we have you, lenny and others being batshit autistic, the react finally serves its purpose, its even doing a better job than I thought, to the actual point where you complain about it and accuse us of being "toxic".
  10. Higashi

    Like I dont even know if your memeing or just being plain straight fucking autistic? Elaborate?
  11. Higashi

    Its classed as masturbation, so no?
  12. Higashi

    God you're so funny!