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    Thing is with these images, there would be 6 of them for one row, I'd say about 2 rows of 6 (12 achievements) would be kind of neater than stacking them all over the place. But do the achievements then replace ones that are older or will it work on a tier system, where say the 2.5k post achievement would be higher than say the 100+ reacts. (Im so sorry if this dosen't make sense, I just blurted it out with no fucks given if it dosen't really make sense haha)
  3. Higashi

    That would be a hook within the admin cp, where when someone is given a rank e.g. Owner or Manager, the achievement would be given to people that have the Manager Tag. Could you also elaborate what you mean by "ut only 5 or so selectable at a certain time" ?
  4. Higashi

    Forum Suggestions: Brief Snippet: So basically how this would work is pretty much the exact same to the old Forum Achievement system that @Tyger implemented back on the MyBB based forum as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/WkhHn4t (Just a bit of Chris acting big brain back in the day). I feel like this would thoroughly increase browsing and post making on the forums something to be rewarded for. Suggested Badges: Name: Suggestor Picture: https://imgur.com/a/8qOZvAe How to Achieve: Make 15 suggestions. Name: Owner Picture: https://imgur.com/a/im9xgsl How to Achieve: Only achievable by Owners of the community Name: Agreeable Picture: https://imgur.com/a/HlTY7UO How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Agree reacts! Name: You got me there. Picture: https://imgur.com/a/Ya7GTrX How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Funny reacts Name: Talkative Picture: https://imgur.com/a/sxCnCX7 How to Achieve: Post 50+ topics in General Discussion Name: Don't you know who I am?? Picture: https://imgur.com/a/uvYs7c8 How to Achieve: Current/Previous staff Name: Veteran Picture: https://imgur.com/a/gVB3f3e How to Achieve: Spend 3+ years within the community (Forum time since joined) Name: Gametracker king Picture: https://imgur.com/a/FfzsKME How to Achieve: Reach top 5 on any Poseidon servers game-tracker Name: Hacker Man Picture: https://imgur.com/a/tbcXUub How to Achieve: Current/previous developer Name: Management Picture: https://imgur.com/a/90Z4uHx How to Achieve: Currently part of management Name: Insightful Picture: https://imgur.com/a/FFJhtsL How to Achieve: Provide 5+ solutions to any problems Name: Forum Lurker Picture: https://imgur.com/a/oB6dTrU How to Achieve: Actively view the forums for more than a year Name: 100/500/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 Posts Picture: Just a simple picture of 100/500/1k so on How to Achieve: Post (x) amount of times Name: Artisto Picture: https://imgur.com/a/BZNpG30 How to Achieve: Make an art piece for Poseidon Name: Opinion Leader Picture: https://imgur.com/a/9ZcQpPT How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Good Idea reacts The list could go on with each achievement, hopefully there would be a cap for the achievements so each user isn't filled to the brim with achievements. This is just an aesthetic/interactive system where by being active on the forums and posting regularly (besides shitposting) can and will reward you. I don't know how this could be implemented with already existing reacts on the forums, like will certain people instantly get the achievement based on what they already have? Possibly, a way you could do most of these achievement is to add a hook to what a user posts and how he/she gets reacted and go from there. Also borders around the images would make it a bit aesthetically pleasing. New Borders for ranks If you would scroll up once more and view Chris's post in all his glory, you'l see a border for his rank, him being Veteran. What I propose it to make an easily designed border around the ranks on the forums, just a simple suggestion that shouldn't even take 5-10 minutes for someone who knows what they're doing.
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  6. Higashi

    Shamelessly been getting into alot of electro
  7. Higashi

    100% agree but with the fact of a mimic of a developer can still become handy in some cases, I myself cannot code or develop anything customly made, but ive spent time editing and miss matching folders like im sure you have, to the point where I was able to give my server to Flux, which it was open and recieved 'moderate' success in being a vanilla server. But yes this suggestions provides something for the up and coming future of Poseidon (if there is one) and to suggest a basis on which to handle and delegate tasks to developers who ACTUALLY know what they're doing.
  8. Higashi

  9. Higashi

    Developer Suggestions Brief snippet: Right now the communities on its bare bones and it might be increasingly difficult to start it back up without the support of dedicated playerbase within this community, I'll be one of the few to start things off with one of my usual posts and add others slowly depending on how people react to them. I want to start this off by saying there is a lack of developers and graphic designers within the community, and to actually place a foot hold once again in Gmod or any game that is, the community needs developers to work on projects and tasks to get things done in an efficient way, right now I can name two semi-capable developers in mind beside Jimmy and Tyger, and thats @Yuki ? and @Lcast15 Developer/Junior Developer rank; As I said before its no surprise that Gmod itself is running shorter and shorter on developers, I believe its high time that upper management release a developer/graphic designer application section for people to apply for developer on a server or for Poseidon as a whole, in the past Poseidon has had a bit of a broken trust record when it comes to developers, but I believe its because they weren't properly monitored. Overseeing/Trial period - Upon being accepted as a Developer the individual would be on a trial period where they are to be given designated tasks to complete and have very little to no access to any of the servers at all. This trial period shows upper management and the other developers what the individual can do and how they can improve Poseidon as a whole. Project Designations - When developers either put their hand up or apply in the near future, it would be efficient to set a few at a time on a certain project, working together as a group the development team could be more efficient than ever, these projects could be entire servers or simply something that needs fixing. Graphic Designer; This would be included in the development team area, Pos has always been lacking in this group, so releasing a group solely devoted to making art aimed at and for Poseidon could re-design the aesthetic of the community. Like Developers the Designer team would be asked to complete projects, whether it be banners for DarkRP or a community image. Both Designer and Developers should not be pressured to make stuff enormously but be motivated into creating tasks and seeing the community grow with each work they submit. (Oh and the art for Developer and Graphic Designer could be put straight on the Graphic designers as a task that needs to be completed) Mock up application template: Steam Name: SteamID: Steam Profile: Age: Why do you want to become a Developer/Graphic Designer? Examples of your work: (I also realize that the community at this stage probably doesn't need these apps at all, but rather people who are willing to raise their hand to help out in anyway, this post serves an idea for future or for anytime upper management realistically want to consider it.)
  10. Higashi

  11. Higashi

    The only viable way this community is ever going to lift off the ground is through an active and dedicated management/development team. Tyger has been at the forefront of Poseidon Servers since as long as I can remember, he breathed the community and gave it his all, he's still willing to give it his all if he has the access to do so, without him I feel that the community will never be what it once was and still, Poseidon has a long way to go to regain what it had. I personally feel Lantos and Spook should move to the Partner role and let Tyger do his thing and pass it on gently to him, I feel they don't have the time to put all of their effort and time into the community, especially in the stages that its in. Tyger knows how to code, he's one of the owners of Poseidon and has every single server file with him for use, now is a time for a new leadershup for Poseidon and a better comeback than Kim Kardashian (Get it cum on her back) TTT, Darkrp and Minecraft,; Probably the 3 best options for restarting, to then branch into more gaming platforms. If Jimmy is willing and able to sacrifice a bit of his time back into the community then we already have a capable and fully functional server that the old vets would flock to and re-establish a functional playerbase (triton best map btw), TTT is easy to do, but a custom server is needed with the current competition (Trust me ive seen it and been apart of it while pos was down) to actually compete for the limited playerbase and to provide something unique for players (having the feel of Vanilla too), Ive got multiple server files for this because I thought fuck it why not and reworked most of the borked ones too. And minecraft is a mouldable server that could have literally anything onto it, all you need is vote rewards, good pluggins, jobs, mcmmo, PVP, good builds. TDLR: Trust in Tyger, community and management need to dedicated; profit.
  12. Yo wtf it was his cousin I swear, I van him!!!!!

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