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  1. The definition of Free speech is the power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint or legal penalty. Free speech can be hate speech, the whole concept of hate speech was made for absolute snowflakes who loathe the idea that someone might just have a differing opinion to them.
  2. He's simply defending someones right to express their opinions, i'm pretty sure he is wholly against nazism and all the stuff they did but he's still remaining objective in allowing someone to express themselves
  3. yeah, its kinda like this discussion right now, me and yin supporting people's rights to freedom of expression and you trying to oppress that right. Does this mean we're gonna go to war soon because we're disagreeing?
  4. What he said may not be acceptable to you and others, but it may be acceptable to other people as well. It's just a perspective that he has on these things. Also Nazism is a political viewpoint, it isn't anything more or less.
  5. I agree that it's wrong, i'm just simply pointing out that it wasn't just the nazi's that were anti-semitic, and seeing as you said people that are anti-semitic should not be allowed to debate, I was just wondering what you align yourself with
  6. so what exactly do you stand for then in terms of politics?
  7. yeah im just pointing out that democratic governments also were anti-semitic, so does that mean you should hate people who support democracy because of what they did during ww2?
  8. I mean, I definitely think that the nazis were the worst of the bunch, but antisemitism has existed for millennia. Even the allies during ww2 turned away jewish refugees that found their borders and sent them back to germany knowing full well what was happening.
  9. Well i guess you assumed correctly when you said it was about religion lmao @Malcolm, but again with the whole toxicity thing, I believe its only toxic if its aimed at specific users on this site.
  10. To me, toxicity is more when comments are aimed at particular people on the thread or forum. Imo he wasn't specifically targeting anyone on this site to my knowledge so i don't really see it as toxicity.
  11. I'm not saying you're wrong with the whole transaction element, but I think that it would create a lot more RP in the sense that people can hire body guards or shops can hire security to ensure customer safety or the victim can hire a hitman etc, and yes the player can potentially lose money, but imo its no different from someone breaking into peoples bases and stealing their weapons, drugs, or bitcoin stuff.
  12. I think that is more so the religious leaders not liking the fact that gentiles can follow the Judaic ways, but you might be right.
  13. Who said he was talking about religion. A Jew is someone born in israel or someone who has parents that have a predominately Jewish heritage , yes believers of the Judaic faith are called jews, but the two can be separate.
  14. I know that darkrp isn't supposed to mimic real life, but the gamemode is based around the concept of criminal life which is why the name is darkrp. So it really does make sense to allow people to steal money from other players. I do think that dcing afterwards though is an issue and should be more so treated as toxic behaviour/mingery. I also didn't realise you disconnected like 3 seconds after, so i'm going to say -1 cause its a dick move
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