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  1. Jacen Echo

    I've never felt this much grief & despair, saying "Don't take this to heart." is almost like saying "Hey, lets add fuel to his grief & despair." I though I helped & made Poseidon Server a better place, but I found out in reality in 'their' eyes that I've failed everyone & made everything worse, I am sorry I failed the staff & everyone. Maybe I should exile myself from Poseidon Server's existence so that I can be long forgotten. I will take all criticisms, but it's going to take awhile to breath in. In the meantime I'll just -1 myself for acting so immature, I deserved it.
  2. Jacen Echo

    First, l only speak onto discord with a phone. Just to clear all the misleading info about my microphone. I should have mentioned that.
  3. Bob, spends the rest of his life workin at maccas.
  4. Jacen Echo

    Nothin much, how bout chu?
  5. Jacen Echo

    YeY, new & spectacular map made by Hinzy. I hope you make more of these in the future, I would love to play on your maps.
  6. Jacen Echo

    To explain why the microphone issue is not all about being shy, if I use my mic in-game even when I have my headphones on, their ears would either bleed or pop from all the static interference or they can't hear me at all. I am a fast typer when I'm in sits, I need to stop picking up the habit of using grammar & punctuation in my sentences. Leemon had already pointed out my mistakes in that regard thus he told me that I don't need to type like a professional I just have to just simply type out the sentences that I want to type out. This is the main problem of why I take my time in sits. Another thing of this, is because I always take all the staff's sits which Cleddus talked to me about, because it made it more harder for me instead of letting others taking a crack at a sit, it was my recklessness that had put me into this situation therefore I always have to keep my stress level as low as possible if I need to succeed. This is another mistake on my part. The third is sometimes that there's a lack of help & communication between me & some staff whether they're either AFK or doing something else, while I am in complicated sits I do tend to call for help, but in some cases that requiring assistance is thrown out of the window, this makes the sits I'm conducting taking a very long time. Endless to say, it causes me to stress either way; hell even when I keep a level-head in matters but some fumes just had to be left out. (I don't blame the staff) Lastly, 'Power Hungry'? I never was power hungry to begin with, all I wanted is to try my hardest & wanting the staff to be happy & proud that I am doing my duties as a moderator. Some staff may think that I'm a burden to them & I respect their opinions, yes it's true that I get carried away on numerous occasions, I initially though that this is going to go well. In reality it's not that easy, & I feel like that I've let all the staff members down because of the failures in my service. I seek out for guidance & knowledge to all staff whom-st are willing to hear me out in my darkest times. Another mistake of mine. The morale is that I know I've been nothing but a fuckup at the beginning, I do push myself to my limits trying to feel like I am doing a good job, it was rough for me in the initial stage, but most of the staff that are my closest friends both higher-ups too, had helped me throughout my days as a fresh moderator. And knowing that I have some of the staff team giving me inspiration, I strive for achieving to be a good staff member. Even when I do not have a mic, I still fight on.
  7. Jacen Echo

    PREREQUISITES: HAVE YOU READ, AND DO YOU AGREE TO THE PREREQUISITES: Yes, I have read the over carefully and I am fully aware of what I am tend to do. YOU MUST ME CALM AND KNOW HOW TO HANDLE STRESSFUL SITUATIONS AS AN ADMIN YOU WILL BE STRESSED A LOT: I do suffer from a little anxiety, but I do always tend to get by and handle confrontations and situations in a more civil-collective way possible. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE CHAIN OF COMMAND: I do understand the chain of commands. YOU MUST ME AT LEAST 15 YEARS OLD OR OVER, OR DEMONSTRATIVELY MATURE: As you all already guessed it, I am 17y/o. YOU MUST AGREE THAT THE USE OF RANK TOOLS MUST ONLY BE USED TO HELP OTHERS AND YOURSELF: With all loyalty and true definitive obedience that I will swore an oath to never abuse the rank tools power for a twisted corrupt ambition, if shall, I was ever to received the tool. YOU AGREE THAT THE RANK CAN BE PULLED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE: I agree whole-heartily. YOU WILL AGREE THAT YOU WILL BE ACTIVE EVERY OTHER DAY AT LEAST, TO ALLOW AN EASILY PERUSED LOGS TO SEE IF YOU ARE IDLING TO UP YOUR HOURS: I always play until midnight strikes every other days, I most likely try to pull an All-Nighters. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THE RANK: I do understand completely of the decisions, and I open up to what will it unfold, to accepting their final conclusions. RP NAME: Jacen Echo STEAM NAME: Skeletal Dong (I do apologise for such an in-mature and non-professional name.) STEAM URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198298581785/ STEAM I.D: STEAM_0:1:169158028 AGE: 17y/o, highlighting my upmost respect to the staff that is dedicated to help break away conflict or resolve any ongoing problems creating fun events to keep the players morale and ambition to always play by the rules and have fun. I would take full-responsibility to demonstrate to the people of Triton and staff by keeping up to date with the efforts as a staff member even when the staff are not currently present at that time. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE A GOOD STAFF MEMBER: As far as I concerned to my own, I will face the inevitability of the path that most of the staff and players that will conclude me of not making the cut for the staff, and I know. I do take peoples criticisms and opinions into the notes, I learn from the trial and error of the staff seeing first-hand of the process of a staff-sit, and sure I do have a mic but although I only talk in some cases or occasions, leaving me to rely heavily in typing to communicate, however, I will try to make the improvement of talking via-mic. I am always the type of guy that always focuses on building following by playing ball with the rules and regulations that are set fourth. Adding someone like me into the team can always be nerve-racking adding the fact to feel the separation between myself and others contributing, on the bright-side though, I do tend to listen when I'm instructed to mentioning the fact that staff can be a help into guiding into the right procedures and what to do in sticky situations. Moreover you can turn passion for creating builds or other e.t.c. into a opportunity to benefit staff and events. I will do the same to try until I have been proven worthy enough for Mod. ANY EXPERIENCES WITH COMMANDS?: To be honest, I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of commands however I will ensure you I will learn until you are satisfied with the results. ANY STAFFING EXPERIENCES WITH IN GENERAL: Not that I know of to be fair with you, and I'm definitely not sure if it counts that I'm a 1945RP Staff.. ADDITIONAL PERSONAL INFO: HABITS/WEIRD STUFF FOR LAUGHS: I always have this thing of where I sleep on any surface to soft-hard surfaces and somewhat unique, one example is that I used 4 dining chairs to line them up to make a temporary bed, but I ended up falling asleep anyways and got yelled at. This one is a habit that I still have to this day, I always like the taste and the crunchiness of raw pasta; "HEY! HEEEYY!.. Don't judge me into how I eat I like it this way and ya'll can't change it, unless if I die from severe constipation or a massive ass blasting capable of killing everyone around it including me. :3". FAVOURITE GAME: GMOD, no doubt about it, I always wanted drop something of a 56 story building, and immediately getting vaporised upon initial impact. (R.I.P, Robby the Headcrab. ;c). I have about 2112 hours poured into my playtime overall in GMOD. HOBBIES/IRL STUFF: Love to draw things on art paper, building, designing, cooking, and.... I dunno.. Hope ya enjoyed my boring Mod App that you won't care about anyways. (heh, me opinion tho. Xdd don't hate me bby. ;c)
  8. Jacen Echo

    @MalcolmMost kindest & caring person to have the pleasure of talking to & play with. @NapoleonFor always making me laugh with his loud noises & a weird sense of humor. @Fruity BoyAlways makes things more interesting in DarkRP & the most chilled lad to hang around. @EchoReally good at building things that peaks my interests & he doesn't fail to make me happy & laugh. @babyReally fucking funny in DarkRP all the time, not to mention he's nice to chat with. @ExplodeThePenguinsIs such an epic gamer.
  9. Jacen Echo

    Delet Dis.
  10. Jacen Echo

    Really ghey
  11. Jacen Echo

    I'm Level 96, last played Fallout 4 (A month ago).
  12. Jacen Echo

    Why you so mean to me. ;c
  13. Jacen Echo

    Unavailable. hmmmmm..
  14. Jacen Echo

    Wanted everything... But god gives you...
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