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  1. Malcolm

    Face Reveals

    @Majin Goo. Here you go Mr Goo.
  2. Malcolm

    Face Reveals

    @Tuck fine. Actual photo of me and @Hinzy before he discretely knifed me; wouldn't be the first time ;).
  3. Keep the conversation positive please, this thread is for goodbyes and general reflection, not the re-enlivening and expressing of personal vendettas. Want to yap on about it, take it to another thread. Further irrelevant discussion will naturally be removed. Thank you gents.
  4. Your shout big man. XD nah ill split it.
  5. It has been great. Special thanks to @Jimmy @bat and of course @Hinzy for being great people to know. It's been a pleasure to be in a management team with such mature, intelligent and colourful people, which although at times was challenging due to server constraints, it was always refreshing to know that I had such a well balanced, mature, and wholly personable team to rely on. To my dear staff team, who as much as it pained me at times to keep you rabble in check, it was a pleasure, mostly. To Yuki and Lcast who would unfailing provide a 'healthy' or not so 'healthy' level of critique at a moments notice, to John Colgate and Lemon Koala whose voices evolved from the pitch of whingy soccer kids to even whingyer teenagers in a matter of weeks, its been great. You have all been great, and despite the misconduct and abuse that I am sure occurred underneath my nose, I want you to know that its been wonderful to get to know each and every one of you. To the forums, thank you Heinz for being a great sparing partner on debate threads, Latu and Anthony for dumb reacting my of my overly nerdy posts, and Hamad for being Hamad. To anyone else I mentioned, you know who you are, and you certainly know how I feel about you. If you don't and would like to know, shoot me a pm. Thanks all, this will hopefully be the last essay I subject you all to, its been fun.
  6. It's rough I know, but all good things must come to an end Nick. Thanks for the good moments and the interesting to questionable RP at times.
  7. Firstly, it was a group decision taken by the management team. Secondly, you exploited, we had every justification in the world to remove your rank. Trusted isn't your right, you aren't entitled to it. If you wanted to retain it, you shouldn't have exploited. I have already discussed this at length in the pms with you Steve, there is no need to inflame the situation by discussing on a totally irrelevant thread mate. If you want to properly appeal the decision, or continue discuss it, I am more than happy to, as I am sure Jimmy and Bat are, but this isn't the place. (If you wish to discuss this further, pm me. Comments discussing this further on this thread or any other irrelevant thread will be hidden due to irrelevancy).
  8. Malcolm

    Three word story

    cuckholded passive husband
  9. I am far from the most being knowledge of all the facts, but I think we really need to be careful when considering banning someone for 'toxicity' or in other words, a pattern of unpleasant behaviour, directed at other people. I am not of the view that we should simply tolerate toxicity and unpleasantness because its the internet, somehow that give's everyone the immunity to say and do whatever they want. People care about this community, people invest a lot of time into crafting relationships, and generally derive a lot of joy from being a part of it. You can't simply minimalise that by claim oh well its the internet no one cares, clearly people do, and people have every right to care if they want to. No one has ever explained to me how the platform upon which people talk somehow controls how that person receiving the message is to receive it. Yes, of course jokes in context should be treated as jokes, but the internet is not simply a broad context where everything negative said is conveniently a joke or banter, because clearly it isn't seen that way. Like any method of communication, context is key. If you are bantering with a mate at uni, or at bar, or wherever, they know what you mean is a joke. Same goes in the forums, if the context is clear and they get it. The internet is not some large veil with which you can assert universal context that is non-serious to shield yourself from being criticised when it gets pointed out when there is toxicity. I won't comment on whether Higashi's pattern of 'toxicity' warrants a comm ban specifically, but what I will say is clearly there has been inconsistent handling of the community ban process. If people are going to banned for toxic behaviour, at least be consistent with its application. If Higashi is to be banned, I am sure many of us could rattle off another 3 or so names that equal the 'level' of behaviour he displayed, and therefore, should be banned. Simply on the basis that the ban not appear to be objective, I am inclined to say it should be lifted. However, I won't be leaving an +1 or -1 simply because I am not informed enough as to the facts. All I'll say is that criteria needs to be consistent, and if it is shown that Higashi has been banned, not on criteria, but simply to settle a score, it should be lifted; if that happens to be the case of course.
  10. Malcolm

    Three word story

    no worldly existence.
  11. Malcolm

    Three word story

    half eaten turnip
  12. Malcolm

    Three word story

    labor party voter
  13. Malcolm

    Three word story

    nostrils to smell
  14. Because Heinz' shitposts were really original and quality.
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