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  1. Malcolm

    I said I would continue my previous appreciation post, and I want to honour what I said. Adding to the list, I like to express my appreciation for: @Nick Bean You are certainly one quirky chap Nick. The level of passion, enthusiasm, and character you brought to your RP could only be parrelled by very few on the server. A DarkRP server always needs 'doers', those who have the creative vision, and the capacity to inspire and direct others into creating truly immersive, enjoyable RP experiences. You were certainly a 'doer', and in my view an essential one when it came to propping up the server with quality RP in periods where it needed it most. You were and still are very underappreciated Nick, and I would like to do my bit in correcting that. Thank you for your contributions man. @Yuki ? One word, cringe. Okay, maybe not one word; that would very off brand for me. One of the most hard-working and mature staff members I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Always provided quality suggestions, and was never shy from providing the management team with the much needed scrutiny and constructive criticism needed to keep us honest. It is only through vigorous debate, and in the intense scrutiny of various ideas that the truly good ideas become apparent. You made me, and the other members of the management team better managers, and despite some of the harsh and invariably frustration borne responses I've directed to you in the past, make no mistake, I appreciated and valued your input. @Russian Spy Another adornment of Poseidon DarkRP. Like Nick, you regularly contributed to elevating the standard of RP enjoyed by those playing on our server. A server is nothing without it's players, and contributions like yours make it all so worth it, and all so hard when things are to be wound back. I've never seen someone with such diversity in their capacity to roleplay in various roles and in differing circumstances. Thanks for all the moments man, really appreciate it. @Araxamas In the same vein as the other mentions I've made, you were an indispensible part of Poseidon's DarkRP experience. No person can claim to have contributed more to improving PoliceRP than yourself. You were an ardent advocate for the improvement of the RP experience on our server, and it was always reassuring, if not sometimes intimidating, to see players equally, if not more passionate about the server than myself XD. Another important cog in delivering quality RP on our server, much appreciated man. @Friend Very amusing chap. Bit of a minge at times, bit of scammer, but always managed to provide me with something to laugh at whenever he was on. Your Apu-Bay antics were always a solid source of humour and enjoyment. I for one will never forget asking for you to deliver me poo on Apu-Bay, because as it turns out, I may be somewhat partial to potty humour, although no nearly as bad as @bat. Thanks for being a meme man, you were very amusing. More to come.
  2. Malcolm

    For your suggestion to be viable, the people you propose for management positions have to be interested in those roles, and from what I understand, this is not the case, aside from maybe Tyger. Part of the problem is those that are in management positions, such as myself, are for one reason or another no longer interested or able to invest the time and dedication to get a community and playerbase going in an increasingly difficult, more time-involving environment. It's been a fun side hobby which I missed and came back to, but it's just too much effort and dedication for me to justify against uni, work, and a social life. Suggest ideas away dude, but I would caution against suggesting and advocating for people to fill positions, which, upon proper enquiry, aren't actually interested in those positions.
  3. Malcolm

    In the same vein as what I said in my previous post, I wanted to acknowledge a number of people who have made considerable contributions, and who I would regard as being indispensable to the Poseidon Community. @Jimmy - Tireless and exceptionally talented developer. Provided a custom edge not only to the server's content, but to it's management. I've already said a lot about you, but needless to say that you did awesome work not only for DarkRP but for the community as a whole. @bat - Always a voice for reason and compassion on the all too often abrasive environment that is the internet. Always making quality posts on the forums and on discord, and honestly, I don't think DarkRP would have been marked with the degree of stablity and maturity in it's management for however long it existed without you. @Tyger - A bit before my time, but needless to say another great voice for reason on the forums. Took a lot of my Head Admin practices out of your book, and whilst I may have said no one person can be considered the backbone of the community, you certainly were one of the vertebrae. @Lantos @Skippy - Thank you so much for financing and setting up the forums and the community in general. Yes, you may have been a bit inactive, but I feel you blokes don't get enough credit for the level of autonomy and respect you afforded not only to the community, but to management teams of the servers within your community. @Hinzy - Massive closeted homosexual and needs to be outed. Lovely bloke, king of sarcasm, and a painful troll at times. You brought a wave of quality RP experiences to the DarkRP I don't think are replicable. Love the maps and the hardwork, and the quality RP posts on the forums. Indispensible part of DarkRP. @Rahj - The realest person on Poseidon. Genuinely such a nice guy, wears his heart on his sleeve, and you can tell makes a mean kebab. Had some great moments with you man, was nice to have met. I'll add more in my next post, to be continued.
  4. Malcolm

    Honestly, if people want the forums and discord to stay up, and they're happy to sort that out, go for it. But, I think it's pretty evident that GMod isn't what it once was, and that many people have moved on. We can dance around it, and put it down to poor management, the wrong servers, a lack of enthusiasm, whatever. We can attribute the failings of this reboot to anything and everything else aside from the reality all we want, but I think the game, the servers, the tiny Australian GMod population speaks for itself. I like Tyger as much as the next community member, but I'd really like to see some objectivity. Yes, he's mature, he's well respected. He also has a long history of being woefully inactive, saying he'll come back and resume his activity, only to go missing in action again; his post here is no different. Yes, he's an important community member, so are many others. The community wouldn't be what it is without many of Poseidon's community members, bat, Jimmy, Hinzy, Jamie to name a few, of course Tyger included. The backbone of the community isn't solely or substantially ascribable to single person, and as much as I have no problem praising Tyger for his contributions, which no doubt are considerable and worthy of recognition, I think it's really unfair and honestly rude to deny and neglect to mention the tireless contributions of many others in the same breath. Honing specifically into a change of ownership, of course he's welcome to have crack it. If he's willing to fund it, run it and sort it out, be my guest. But, I think when talking about what that may look like, or the contributions of community members to the community, we need to be fair and realistic.
  5. Malcolm

    Police in Australia are quite well equipped across the board. And I suppose that's a dimension to whether or not your satisfied with Police, as to whether they are well trained, sufficiently equipped, and perform their tactical job competently. I suppose what I was attempting to get at more specifically in this discussion, although obviously open to all manner of judgements, was whether people were satisfied with the Police from an ethical and professional standards perspective.
  6. Malcolm

  7. Malcolm

    this cringe thread
  8. Police in Australia: Are Satisfied? If yes or no, or somewhere in between, how might situation be improved or protected? Just prior to violent eruption of the Coronavirus into all of lives, there was quite extensive discussion in media about the Police and their controversial practice of conducting an increasing number of strip searches at music festivals, at least in NSW. Nested inside this discussion is a broader point to be made about Police, that is whether we are as the general public are satisfied with the Police, and to what extent. In many ways, I admire Police. They have very difficult, dangerous job, and are sorely under-recognised for it. They maintain civil order within the community, and are responsible for protecting us. These are all characteristics and functions of the work they undertake which are worthy of admiration in my opinion. Notwithstanding this, I also have my reservations about the Police, not necessarily as to the fundamental idea (of course we need Police) but with the state of Policing in Australia, at least in NSW. While many Police officers do the right thing, discharge their duties and a responsible fashion, and uphold the law, there is a quantity, a quantity which would probably surprise and alarm the average person, which do not. The NSW Police Force has been exposed at numerous points in history for the presence of widespread corruption and misconduct within their ranks. Their practices and SOPs have been criticised by academics and Courts alike as encouraging unlawful behaviour. It also an open secret within the legal profession and those who work with them on regular basis, that they regularly act with contempt of the law, discharging duties and powers outside the parameters that permit them. I've heard many people dismiss criticism of this nature by saying something to the effect of 'oh well, I suppose there's always going to be a level of corruption in all positions of power'. I accept this to be the case, but I do not believe it is applicable to the NSW Police Force in the manner in which people who wield that phrase suggest it is, that is, that the level of corruption in the NSW Police Force is 'acceptable', because it is plainly not. I don't say this without acknowledging, as I have before, that there are many officers which do not reduce themselves to this kind of conduct, and that represent the admirable ideals I aforementioned. However, it is not enough that a good many, or a majority of police conduct themselves lawfully and ethically. It is proper and right in my opinion to demand as a minimum that the Police Force, which is vested with considerable power and duty, as far and as widespread as possible, be compliant with the law and good ethical standards when executing their duties and powers.
  9. Malcolm

    Honestly, I don't want to sound pessimistic, (because in actual fact I am not) but I think we need to take stock of where we are, and prioritise getting individual servers of the ground before looking at the more extravagant details. I am not saying developers aren't essential in the long term, they are, but let's take things one step at a time, and focus on the present necessaries, instead of the future wants. I know the post probably was intended to be such that it was forward looking, but timing can distract at times, so I just thought I'd point it out. If we were to consider Graphic Design/Development applications, which I think is a good idea long term to have as infrastructure, I think it would be really important that the process focus on proof of ability, and responsibility, rather than the aspirations of the applicant. This community has seen far too many 'developers' who were really glorified notepad ++ editors and addon folder managers. Not only is this deceptive to the community, it is quite frankly insulting to the people who actually can and have gone to the effort of learning to code, such as ol @Jimmy to treat them in the same class, as though their work is equally deserving of our respect and recognition. I myself cannot code, however, on behalf of Jimmy, I am so sick of people passing themselves off as coders, developers, graphic designers when their ability is closer to mine than they are to definition of the role. Definitely support a review process where people who actually know what their doing, not glorified text-editors review the work of an applicant. We are in desperate need of more process and procedure in the manner in which we appoint people in to positions of power.
  10. Malcolm

  11. Malcolm

  12. Malcolm

    Whilst I can't comment specifically on Minecraft specifically, Poseidon has had a number of historic issues with unsuitable management teams. I think it is a fundamental imperative, that given we have the opportunity to start a fresh, that we ensure we are properly sorting out the process of appointing server managers now, rather than be deterred in the future its 'all too hard' or too 'caustic' a decision to make. We should be treating the underlying problem, not the symptoms. We shouldn't tolerate decision making that is clearly biased, unfairly preferential, or clearly made because the person get a high out exercising power. It's incumbent upon upper management, not only to institute a proper process of ensuring those appointed to management roles are suitable, but to intervene where their suitability is clearly compromised. Whilst I can't comment on veracity of whether this was the case previously with Minecraft, it is something upper management definitely should look at, and take seriously.
  13. Nuclear is an interesting option. The energy benefits certainly speak for themselves, but, I wouldn't be so quick as to dismiss the environmental/health concerns that come with it. I want to make the point from the outset that I acknowledge that Nuclear Accidents are rare, and that the vast majority of Nuclear Power Plants operate without any incident whatsoever. Nevertheless, when they do happen, they are catastrophic, and often occur where a) it was not easily preventable b) having regard for human nature, it was probable it was going to occur at some point. It is not enough to introduce serious regulation, it has been established time an time again that recourse that sort of power, will even in the best circumstances, likely result in Nuclear Accident of some shape or form. Even if we were to accept the proposition that we got totally mitigate the risks (which we can't), we still don't have a solution for the toxic waste such energy produces. Nuclear waste storage is extremely difficult to manage. It's very costly, somewhat likely to be ineffective, and runs the risk of again, causing a nuclear accident. I accept that it's an alternative, and I agree much of the opposition to Nuclear Power is predicated on hysteria and the taboo nuclear carries. Nevertheless, there are real, valid reasons for opting against nuclear energy.
  14. Malcolm

    I honestly don't see the detriment of giving Minecraft a go, so long as getting that on a roll isn't to the hindrance of other servers being launched as well (which I doubt would be the case anyway). Obviously, it's a different story when you have a whole bunch of servers, which are inactive, and are depriving an active server of recourses it could put to use, but I can't see that being the case if it's just TTT, DarkRP and Minecraft. In terms of answering the question, I think we have to look at addressing the past issues of the community; now is as good a time as ever in opinion, fresh start :). Without naming names, one of the main issues this community has had to put up with, in my experience, is the poor management of servers. All too often have young, immature, plainly unsuitable individuals been given the reigns for gamemodes that are cherished by an existing playerbase. I am not saying we should take an elitist approach, and bar anyone besides those who've proven themselves in the community, but I think the Upper Management need to take a more considered, formal approach when looking at appointing someone to head up a gamemode. This goes for those in other positions of authority as well, Forum Moderators, Senior Staff, Server Staff - the whole shabang. Also, I think it's time we sorted out forum moderation, particularly rules, and what kinds of behaviour is acceptable/unacceptable, as well as the sorts of punishments that should be imposed. Penalties were measured out in very inconsistent fashion, decisions were made which were not justified by the rules, and threads were locked for reasons beyond explanation. The problematic nature of these issues are fairly self explanatory. I propose that we a) revamp the rules b) introduce (as mentioned above) a more considered formal approach to the appointment of forum moderators c) give further guidance to forum moderators as to how and when they are to exercise their permissions. I can certainly say from first hand experience, that it's not so clear what decisions ought to be made as a forum moderator, or whether the kinds of behaviour you are observing are contrary to the rules. That's my two cents for the mean time.
  15. I think the climate science is pretty settled, in that it is clear human beings through our carbon emissions are contributing to climate change. I don't really think there's much in the way of debating the scientific consensus. Nevertheless, it is somewhat a different question as to what role we ought to have reducing that, say by moving to renewable energy. The reality is, even if you a) don't believe climate change is a real phenomenon b) it is real, but due our negligible global contribution we ought to do nothing, the fact remains is that fossil fuels and non-renewable resources are finite. Predictions are that we will run out of these resources in the near future, maybe not in our lifetime, but sooner than you'd think. With that in mind, unless we want to condemn our children and our children's children to a situation were power is unreliable, or extremely expensive, in the long term, the transition to renewable energy is simply a given if we want to retain our way of life. With respect to the actual argument that we shouldn't because we contribute a negligible amount, I would say this. Firstly, whilst I can't speak intelligently on the economics of a transition, it has been suggested that doing so would create jobs, encourage technological innovation, and would overall be a net good for our economy, allowing us to export power and technology to the benefit of Australia. With this in mind, despite our minute contributions, it would be smart in the long term to make the adjustment to renewable energy. Secondly, it all adds up. We don't say don't vote, don't pay your taxes, or go and steal because the impact is negligible because its just you. Why should that logic apply in this instance? The reality is, we all need to pitch in if we are tackle the issue of climate change, as well all do when we want to vote a government in or out, or want to live in a society where people don't steal. I think the facts speak for themself.
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