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  1. Malcolm

  2. A republic is a democracy last time I checked mate. Your logic assumes we will elect parties that will legislate such laws, which is entirely the point of democracy, to ensure that we elect people who are not tyrannical megalomaniacs, which could be the case in a Monarchy for example. Also, you deliberately neglect the fact that many democracies have constitutions that limit the power of legislature, and entrench certain rights that ensure that the abhorrent laws you say are possible under democratic systems cannot come to be. You neglect the high correlation between human rights observance and democracy. You neglect the high correlation between quality of life index and democracy. You neglect the high correlation between freedom and democracy. Democracy has its flaws no doubt, but parading around as if there is a better alternative clearly available as although it doesn't have equal if not more flaws to it is simply disingenuous and quite frankly a poorly informed view in my opinion. Government and system of power is a dangerous toy, that is why democracy exists, to ensure the Government represents and respects its people. It's far from perfect, but I see no better alternative.
  3. Let's not forget to do our due diligence an actually conduct some historical research before making such absolute arguments. No, Nazism emerged as a consequence of the rise of right wing paramilitary groups and the general scapegoatism that emerged as consequence of Prussia's loss in WW2. The situation is very complex, relied on a very flawed constitution that was prone to exploitation, economical catastrophe that caused people to seek relief from more extreme viewpoints due the perceived failure of moderate politics. Democracy is flawed, but its better than Tyrannical regimes that sentence their people to death.
  4. I never thought I'd have to state such a penetrating glimpse into the obvious, but imputing fault or responsibility to an entire group on the actions of the very few, is simply logically flawed. All religions, and their adherents are capable of criticism, those of Jewish faith are no exception. If a group of I dunno, Christian militants bombed an abortion clinic, or plotted to install themselves in positions of control, absolutely you can criticise the religious doctrine that went to causing them to do so, and the perpetrators themselves, but it is simply not correct to apportion responsibility to the religion as whole, a substantial portion of its community unless there is evidence of otherwise. Regardless of whether you opt to believe poorly substantiated, implausible selection bias induced theories of Jewish conspiracy and control, at least do the decency of providing logical coherence.
  5. Regardless of whether it concerns race, ethnicity or religion, characterising an entire group of people as parasitic is hardly behaviour that you can ignore if you are going to start calling a thread participants for toxicity. Just my opinion fam, but it's not really a view I find untoxic.
  6. Whilst I agree Chris was being toxic, you also had other participants literally characterizing adherents of a religious faith as parasites.
  7. Malcolm

    It's not that Jimmy does not want it, as though he arbitrarily is opposed to the addon. There were various issues beyond those which they posed for the gameplay and RP, that contributed to Jimmy's decision to remove it. I can't speak for Jimmy, but in my own experience, there were various issues with the security of the addon, in that its features could be exploited to view private admin communications, view logs that were supposed to be only accessible to staff to name a few. It was also used to minge quite a lot of the time, with players nocolliding speakers and placing them in areas the remover tool could not access, resulting in the playing of obnoxiously loud noises without any hope of relief. Simply put, it was difficult, it was only used by few (it was donator+ only from memory) and generally had a net negative affect in terms of its contributions. Don't get me wrong, Wiremod was great in many respects, and I also found myself bewildered by the impressive constructions people managed with the addon. However, it had its issues, and like all things, they need to be viewed as a whole and not from the narrow perspective in terms of their contribution and impact. This thread is entirely Jimmy's call, hence why I haven't locked it. While we appreciate the suggestion, I am doubtful for your prospects @Kaptian Core (Russ).
  8. Malcolm

    (stole bats idea)
  9. Malcolm

    Declined. This may come as a surprise to the community, considering the perceptibly overwhelming support the applicant has received, and as such, I am aware this is bound to give rise to confusion and frustration. I politely ask that you read through my explanation before jumping to conclusions of unfairness or bias. Contrary to popular belief, the decision made on applications is not merely an actioning of what appears to be majority support on the application thread. While the views of the community are a dimension frequently consulted in the process of determining whether an application is successful or not, it is only one dimension among many, that only assist insofar as that aid in our assessment of the applicant's suitability. While we appreciate you are popular Russ, and that many members of the community feel you have changed, we unfortunately hold a different view. For your own reference, I actually sat on this decision for quite some time, and probably gave it more thought and consideration than I have done with any other applicant before. The following reasons are why Russ, was denied. Firstly, Russ has exhibited a pattern of behaviour which is still cause for concern. I know you contend that you have changed, and that you no longer as overzealous with your rule enforcement as you previously were, I disagree. You consistently straddle the border between providing assistance to players, and borderline impersonating staff. If a player has an issue on discord, or an issue with ban, or whatever, and staff are more than available, you are to direct them to staff. Commenting on forum threads asking it be locked because a player has been banned, or asking about why a player is complaining about as a staff member or the way something has been handled, as though you have a stake or role in it, can give players the impression that you are a staff member. Not only does this convey a desperation to be on the team, which I believe could lend itself to an unhealthy exercise of power if promoted, but it suggests that is a lack of appreciation for one's place or role, something that staff members must be critically aware of to avoid overstepping in power. Some may argue, well this is just Russ helping out, and I would be inclined to believe that if I was ignorant of the context surrounding Russ. I have received many reports about expressions of 'power hungry'ness' of the part of Russ. At first, I didn't read all that much into them, I know all to well how influential members of the community plaster the names of people simply because they don't like them or find them annoying, but after reading the examples, and seeing the corroboration of those examples, there wasn't much more I could do to dismiss them. I am not going to go into the specifics (it would be too long and this post is already as hard as it is to write), but I will say I am satisfied that there is a unhealthy desire on the part of the applicant to seek positions of and exercise power, which I am concerned could lead to an over enforcement of the rules, and a desire to exercise power and punish at every opportunity, without a regard for appropriateness or fairness. Lastly, I think you still have ways to go with maturity. You appear to get upset rather quickly, seem impatient, and generally have qualities that go to questioning your level of maturity. No doubt you are likely mature for 13, you are still 13. The maturity bar I think is much higher than many players think. It is due to these reasons that Russ has been denied. THIS IS NOT TO SAY we don't appreciate Russ. Russ you are responsible in many aspects, and your help is appreciated. But we still feel issues need to be corrected. Russ, I feel that although you have attempted to treat the symptoms (attempted key word), I think you haven't treated the cause. We want people to be staff because they just want to help out, and have fun, not for other reasons. We appreciate the effort you have gone to it drafting up this app, and working towards change, but we still feel it falls short. The changes we want to see are the following: Just play the game. Enjoy your time, be a responsible player, assist when it is your place to do so, and people will come to see you as someone suitable for the role. Actively seeking out roles, commenting on threads where it isn't really your place to do so only gives the management team the impression that their is an unhealthy desire to exercise power and authority. Respect the place of the team. When you see a player having issues and a staff member is more appropriate to deal with it, get a staff member. The point really here, is to respect the role of the team. I know you want to help out, and thats great, but there is a difference between helping, and borderline impersonating staff. Be patient. We know you care about playing, we really do. But the sense of desperation we get really does not bode well with assessing your suitability.
  10. Malcolm

    Accepted. Welcome to the team, you should receive a message in the coming days about being inducted.
  11. Malcolm

    Lifting the ban in it's entirety - Denied. DDOS threats are never to be taken lightly. We simply cannot entertain an environment where threats slip through under the veil of humour. Reducing the ban - Accepted Your ban has been reduced to two weeks. Please be very careful in future.
  12. Malcolm

    Firstly, this is not up for debate Yuki. If you have criticism to raise regarding them approach that is being taken, do it privately with myself. I understand some of you may disagree with the approach, but the more appropriate forum for that is privately, or at least on its own separate thread. Regarding locking applications, I think it is more valuable to us, those who actually make the call on the outcome of the app, to hear all the feedback we possibly can. This is not to say applications will never be locked on request, they will be locked or remain open for comment depending on the circumstances. If the player merely wants to lock it, and it appears that the reason simply is they are no longer interested in the rank, that is fine. But if we can see they are attempting to shield themselves from having poor conduct being publicly exposed, it is in the interests of the whole us, and I would argue the community for that to be heard.
  13. Malcolm

    Locked. You had a perfectly good application already posted, and it was closed in suspicious circumstances. I am not going to entertain or aid in efforts which I suspect were intended to sidestep poor feedback on previous app, by simply just reposting another. That's tantamount to deleting comments.
  14. Malcolm

    Applications are not to be locked until those in the Management team give permission to do. The application process primarily exists for the purpose of eliciting relevant feedback from the community. Closing them as soon as the feedback received is not favourable just defeats the purpose of having an application process in the first place.
  15. Malcolm

    Unbanned and locked.