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    welcome back juvare, nice to see you.
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    your annoying fucking voice cunt. jk ily. (Ear Rape Warning BTW) I've heard this in my ears through headphones.
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    The reason I made this is because I wanted the community and mainly @bat to decide the consequences of his actions. Staff members are aware (that were on at the time) I asked if I should make this post because it is a little too out of their hand to deal with this sort of thing. Like stated in the post I feel like a warn wasn't enough.
  4. Gamemode: DarkRP SteamID: STEAM_01151901478 Reason for Ban: Being a general nuisance to the server resulting in multiple RDM incidents seen in the "evidence" part of the request. He changed his name a few times but the main one he rolled with until he got warned by Baby Cakes was "brenton tarrant" also known as one of the people responsible for the shooting yesterday (15/03) Overall he was being highly disrespectful to not only New Zealand but to everyone on the server. He was focused on spreading the word that because the holocaust was still relevant that he could make jokes about the shooting that occurred yesterday. This has no place on the server, I don't feel like a warn is enough. After he was warned he was running around screaming "Join my religion and you can be a jihadi" or something similar. You will see it in the evidence down below. I also request that any names related to the shooting would be blacklisted from the /name change feature as its really retarded anyway. I know this comes off as people being too sensitive to this sort of thing but it only happened yesterday and it was really close to not only New Zealanders but Australians too. Evidence: I have a lot more footage if needed. These are just the main ones to get my point across. He has said the Rainbow Six joke multiple times to multiple different people. This one shows his actions leading to other people RDMing him. RDM bc.mp4 R6 Joke #1.mp4 Jewhad joke.mp4
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    Ill do one too. I'm more important.
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    Idk why I just love the way he said "Oh" Dogfood.mp4
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    Or you just remove money mugging from the game and instead have mugging be *empty your pockets (drop shipments etc)* or *drop your weapon* Mugging only gets like $30 half the time anyway unless you get those people who drop $50,000 etc.
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    https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions Cool website that I can watch anything I want on and allows you to not only view but to like and subscribe to see their content later on. It's really neat and I hope you guys like it too.
  10. hey im wondering if you're interested in starting a community on gmod with me. I have lots of knowledge and i think we can get famous


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    But whats the point of spending money on ranks / roles when none of that gets you money anyway? Perhaps you could implement the /traffick mod (dunno where it is) but you type that command, a shipment spawns somewhere like the PD, you grab that shit and take it somewhere else on the map to get $$$ sorta like a heist / trafficking. But mainly I don't see why people would want to put money into useless roles that only affect roleplay.
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    smh when your spy goes rogue. +1 If there's anything to go by this fuckfacesmalldick will assist you in any way shape or form. I just wish he allowed a bit more fun every now and then...
  13. Imagine rating dumb on posts that don't share your opinion in 2019.

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      a) Cunts refer to EVERYONE in Oceania. Cunt = Friend, Cunt = Asshole. There's 0 instance where you're not a cunt.

      b) Imagine being so fragile that words hurt you.

      c) Everyone deserves as many chances as you give them. - Abe Lincoln.

    3. John Strange

      John Strange

      a) Yeah fair enough

      b) It's not that the words hurt people, it's that they view him in an understandably different (and negative) light because of it. People in the community obviously don't want someone that toxic.

      c) And they decided not to give him another, as he deserved according to your quote.

      Anyways, I was just proving a point that I wasn't reacting to your post just because I didn't agree with it. I truly hope you have a nice day.

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    Tis Oceania, everyone's a cunt. Tbh he bears the right to express his own opinion. He deserves a chance.
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    F R E E H I M Shooting and rootin tootin people ain't a very tragic event on that community Dark Roleplay. As though it may seem, Johnson had encountered many errors during his timeframe on the Videogame. Although it seems what it means, Johnson obviously wishes to rejoin the server as he has stated in his response above. If he continues he may have his ban reinstated.