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  1. 🎈Cracked

    Thanks bat. I as the real manager am too busy to hop on so I will get my staff members on it. Thanks for reminding us.
  2. 🎈Cracked

    bump because needs dono's
  3. 🎈Cracked

    thor was the best part
  4. 🎈Cracked

  5. 🎈Cracked

    Windows Vista? No thanks Mista' Just get Windows 10 4HEad
  6. 🎈Cracked

    no u (notathreatdontbanme)
  7. 🎈Cracked

    it's actually y'all.
  8. 🎈Cracked

    99% sure yall who "meme" about being a Nazi are actually Nazi's
  9. 🎈Cracked

    Thats not my original request. This suggestion is just allowing you to pick traits to increase RP. Some roleplay some gameplay. Not like suggested in the comments where your stats increase by running etc.
  10. 🎈Cracked

    Its April 4th dumb skrat
  11. 🎈Cracked

    @Higashi traitor :^)
  12. 🎈Cracked

    i like to slice my banana's into thirds, cover them in olive oil then bake them in the oven. Once they come out I actually put more olive oil on the banana then I begin to create the chocolate mix. Once done I actually add more olive oil to the bananas with more olive oil on top of that. Once the olive oil is out of the oven I begin to add more olive oil. That's when I put the olive oil on, it really gives the olive oil that olive oil flavour and it is just divine.
  13. 🎈Cracked

    thank god, frick indians amirite
  14. 🎈Cracked

    -1 Horrible idea. Like I've said many times, you get 10 players on launch, later on you'll get 1 player on every 4th day if you're lucky. No setup needed it'd just be another empty server.
  15. 🎈Cracked

    I too feel like there needs to be a reason for choosing a negative trait other than RP. With the whole altering the rules I do understand but in real life there are people that will break "fearRP" aka being not being afraid with a gun pointed at them. It will be more enjoyable to be robbed and have the ability to defend yourself rather than losing a few $$$'s. It will also make it more interesting, more risky and less predictable when robbing someone.