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  1. KaptianCore (Russ)

    +1 if you could give grants only that can be used for job items otherwise people can give their friends money
  2. KaptianCore (Russ)

    He doesn’t have enough clips when I asked
  3. KaptianCore (Russ)

    Don’t rush him he’s just got manager and we don’t want him to rush it and do a shit job because u guys want it now
  4. KaptianCore (Russ)

    Sorry for the confusion Wrong person OT: you seem mature and you used to be trusted so +1
  5. KaptianCore (Russ)

    It was a bit ago but I have seen you break rules and I haven’t seen much of you so neutral for now
  6. KaptianCore (Russ)

    I have no idea for a name like but a smuggler to smuggle stuff into the prison like drugs etc? soz for the shitpost before
  7. KaptianCore (Russ)

  8. KaptianCore (Russ)

    wait why Lantos isn't Jimmy able to do it?
  9. KaptianCore (Russ)

    banned for doxing
  10. KaptianCore (Russ)

    yes he either closed it for inactivity of the player base or he couldn't @Jamiecan we get a response if you don't mind?
  11. KaptianCore (Russ)

    oml that is original
  12. KaptianCore (Russ)

    I was present at the time if this was today I had just got on the server saw a ton of fences and was about to call a sit but I saw ari there so I didn't I thought this would have been extended to a perm but that didn't happen there was no reason to do it -1
  13. KaptianCore (Russ)

    So people can suggest ideas for events so EventC's can run them or build them
  14. KaptianCore (Russ)

    oh it's true eek
  15. KaptianCore (Russ)

    oh yeah like when you said I was your friend right.