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    RP Name: Russ Johnson Steam Name: Kaptian Core Discord: Kaptian Core #5274
  3. Kaptian Core

    Any proof neutral until then
  4. Kaptian Core

    I would want a 2020 Tesla roadster spaceX pack armoured
  5. Kaptian Core

    what sort of games
  6. Kaptian Core

    Here Is 2 Of Mine Meme And UwU I am not very good at doing all that technical building
  7. Kaptian Core

    Aren’t you not aloud to advertise
  8. Kaptian Core

    As it is been 1 week *bump*
  9. Your DarkRP Name: Russ Johnson Suggestion (general idea): To buy singles out of the f4 menu instead of taking singles out of shipments Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): To have the option to buy either a shipment or single in the f4 menu. How it will benefit the server: it would make it easier for either bmd or gun dealers so they don’t have to buy a new shipment for singles
  10. Kaptian Core

    Deals with sits and issues very well and knows the rules, and still saves time to have fun and roleplay +1
  11. Kaptian Core

    So neutral I guess
  12. Kaptian Core

    I don't I was in America for a holiday and now I am back in sydney
  13. Kaptian Core

    Your talking about him right ? Because the fact that an ex admin said the complete opposite
  14. Kaptian Core

    So no actual context of me being a minge ?
  15. And it probably would unless you could make chief see colours as then he can’t identify his cops from fakes coz of no difference between the disguises and the actual cops models