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  1. comedy at its finest ladies and gentlemen ^^^^^
  2. I have only been a parts of this community since January 2018 but I have enjoyed the people I have met on here and I hope to stay in touch with them. It makes sense for it to close down due to the lack of funds. Garry's Mod is a dead game and they should have moved onto something new.
  3. +1 give him owner he will revive the server!
  4. yeah but it won't be half as good including Jimmy and yourself
  5. you telling me I either have to make my own community or go to ggsx ewwww
  6. yep +1 not Event C's anymore they all left (and demoted)
  7. and added a secret script to make his profile creepy af
  8. how are you going to get those 25 - 30 people on in the first place ?
  9. Will this mean that anyone who was treated unfairly with the current system will have their bans revoked?
  10. Even though this is totally inaccurate he put lots of time into the server and even to the point he had to stop for a bit as it was affecting IRL stuff.
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