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  1. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Neutral You complained about fading door abuse when Angelo had a perfectly fine set of kill holes you didn't know it was aloud. Become More Familiar With The Rules Get A Bigger OOC Presence
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    the jet is going to be
  3. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    U know I always take this and use this service well.
  4. Kaptian Core (Russ)

  5. Kaptian Core (Russ)

  6. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    This got me thinking can't you use the same source from the main page server list on the forums page?
  7. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    yeah, I was unknown about these issues you have brought up so I think it actually should be denied looking at all this feedback and how bad the addon was at least just add the text screens diz did as it seems everyone wants them. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    If my wiremod suggestion is declined +1
  9. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Apollo Bot
  10. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    if there were rules against having them that would be fine or other countermeasures
  11. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    it would require someone to create it and launch it thats it
  12. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Your DarkRP Name: Russ Johnson Suggestion (general idea): Bringing back wiremod so people can build cool contraptions and things with it but this time with better organization of the tools to different roles. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): Wiremod was an amazing tool that I never got the chance to use on Poseidon but I have used it a bit on other servers and seen not even close to how far people can go using them I know how good scruffy and tuck were back when it was around and how upset so many other people were when it was removed. How it will benefit the server: So many people were sad when it was removed it would be added back and people would be happy and also would allow people to have lots more creative routes for things they want to build. P.S The only reason now I am doing this as that Poseidon said they have a new more powerful server which means that the darkrp server should be more powerful and less prone to crashing and glitching with wiremod. People have said Jimmy has a grudge against it but I can see why but I want to see if he will give it another chance.
  13. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    This has been joked about but I am serious A gmod race server would be another chill server for Poseidon now that it has the server to host it without being resource starved. give bat manager or remix as they are keen I just wanna play on it an chill with whoever is on.
  14. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Also Just gotta say nick just dumb reacting posts if they go against what your saying is just childish people are allowed to have an opinion.
  15. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    just not yet! if only it would be true