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  1. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    The Pewdiepie game https://atmosgames.itch.io/zero-deaths
  2. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Don’t want to go off topic but why is someone not even in kindergarten playing Gmod smt
  3. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    smt if my reply gets 15 winner reacts I will do a IP address reveal
  4. yeah do it for g r o o t
  5. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    My face reveal time :0
  6. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    You haven't put much effort into your app with your why you want this rank you had a very short description have also never heard of you and never seen you in OOC. -1
  7. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    I like the idea seems good for saving money +1 as long as printers are not available for insurance
  8. Kaptian Core (Russ)

  9. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    I hadn't had much experience with you but you seemed pretty chill I remember when you got admin I think and proto kept making you big and you ran and terrorised the city as an illegal alien smt good luck with your HSC.
  10. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    +1 and also the private gangs could incorporate into it but if you wanted different skins for different gangs that's more size to the content pack that I know they want to keep down
  11. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    -1 I am pretty sure you were begging for it before calling us cunts for saying you shouldn't be unbanned on the discord and I am pretty sure you were banned along with fred lane from the Poseidon DarkRP discord
  12. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    not needed but if its not a big deal for Jimmy to code +1
  13. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    yeah so I am up for a base mate/roommate anyone up for it I am good at building efficient but not pretty looking bases
  14. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    I am surprised with the ARDM in the sit not resulting any further punishment
  15. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    Neutral its a tactic for base building people want to make their base hard to raid it's not unraidable it's just tougher