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  1. I just think it's gotten to the point its clearly obvious men cannot control other men, we all differ in opinion so wildly that no matter what happens someone will be offended or what they want to have happen is completely against someone else's. There's no escape out of this cycle sadly.
  2. Yeesh, I think there are more serious concerns than them currently. Personally I haven't heard of Jewish extremists or Jews shooting up schools but then again anything is possible, I don't think if it were so it would catch on with the media like Islamic extremism or school shootings. Just saying that the Jews are the least of our worries.
  3. Idk how this turned from what political party you support to why Jews are bad or whatever shitstorm seems to resurface itself more frequently than the tides withdraw and return but all I'm going to say is that everyone makes mistakes, history is exactly that and people learn from it, sure originally the Jews weren't nice people with the whole butchering of the mosaic law to benefit themselves and despisng anyone who wasn't of Jewish decent or an Israelite(ironically kinda like what modern day governments seem to be doing now) a law unto themselves kinda thing but I digress. The Jews learnt from their choices to an extent and stopped their extremist views and just because they did that doesn't mean they deserved what happened to them in WW2, in fact no one deserved what happened to them just because of one man's messed up ideals. As I said we learn from our errors, it's human nature to make poor choices but it's our ability to improve ourselves by learning from these mistakes that is what makes us human too. One of my favourite quotes is "Those who do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it" and seeing how the world is going, it's quite easy to see we haven't learned and we seem to be repeating things we have encountered.
  4. Personally, I didn't vote at all, I didn't even go to the voting place, I'm totally happy to pay the $80 dollars to either not go at all or to put in a blank piece of paper which would automatically have gone to either the current party or the winners (I don't care for it so I don't exactly know where the blank votes go to) either which way you look at the situation the people never win, the days of a party whom actually support the people who they supposedly have their best interests for are long gone, the only people they aim to benefit is themselves, politics are a cruel thing that unfortunately for our supposed free country we are forced to partake in except for severe illness or religious beliefs. The fact that the liberal party won just personally shows the apathy of the people, I mean as was said it should have been unwinnable but I think the majority of people on welfare just didn't vote because they are sick of being lied to and abused by the system, it doesn't phase them who wins, nothing will be done to fix centrelink, sadly since liberal won its only going to get worse for the people stuck on welfare to live week to week. I'm trying to look at this with a level head and since I didn't vote I don't exactly have the disposition to pick a side nor do I want to, as I choose to remain neutral in all aspects since no matter who is elected there will be a group of people who are disadvantaged and even the people themselves who voted for their party of choice will never get what they are promised. It's a battle of the most convincing liar and it's all it ever will be, it won't be long until another scandal happens and we will have to revote again. (Did turnbull even last a full term?) because it seems for the past decade noone has. Sorry for my rant but I felt like I should express my opinions on this
  5. TheDevastator05

    The only maps I don't suggest adding are mw2 terminal since its easy to exploit, chaser is apparently incompatible with the latest version of gmod and don't really want to risk it breaking the server somehow and waterworld since apparently it breaks the server and some peoples games play up with it I know for certain we have community bowling and templar Hopefully these maps can be added shortly
  6. TheDevastator05

    TLDR: Want more maps? Suggest them and link them here rather than telling us we need more, make it easier for us to help the community It isn't easy to find decent maps on the one hand most are poorly optimised for the later versions of gmod which cause bad fps and crashes for some players, we have recently added some maps but due to finding issues with these maps and the playerbase in general just not liking them we have to remove them, rather than people complaining about having a lack of maps how about doing us a favour and testing some out and linking us to maps you want us to try with the relative link to said map, it takes a lot of time and effort to put maps on the server so by doing this you would be giving rahj a massive break and the opportunity to work on the other bugs we are experiencing, as far as I'm concerned attempting to fix the hit registration is more of an issue at this juncture than a lack of maps,
  7. TheDevastator05

    Core i5 6400 Gigabyte h170 gaming 3 motherboard Gtx 960 4gb oc 16gb ddr4 120gb data ssd 1tb hdd Built this as soon as skylake came out but is starting to show its age (especially in the storage area) still runs most things quite well (doom 2016 @ 60 fps ultra on 1080p and gtav at 40-50 at ultra on 1080p) don't feel like upgrading much else since I've sorta gotten out of gaming but I definitely don't suggest sata ssds or less than 2tb storage in this day and age
  8. TheDevastator05

    If its possible big +1 although i think its assigned to the old servers ip
  9. TheDevastator05

    smt vista is more resource hungry than 7. i mean sure it doesnt look that bad and after the service packs it wasnt that bad but still, not exactly a safe thing to be using in 2019
  10. TheDevastator05

    -1 Banned from ttt for metagaming along with one of his mates just like monkey said. wouldnt advise unbanning since if this is any indication his behaviour hasnt changed
  11. TheDevastator05

    Galaxy s8: only paid $250 for it. had a cracked screen but got it fixed for $100 Not a bad phone but unfortunately doesnt have official lineageos support (but the s9 does even tho it also runs an exynos chip :C )
  12. TheDevastator05

    TheDevastator05 STEAM_0:1:66094849 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092455427/ Have you donated?: No Current server hours: unknown, since time has been reset and no gametracker integration but easy over 1000+ (geez thats sad) Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes (Been Admin for a long time) Age: 20 What makes you think you have what it takes to be an Administrator? Since the server has recently had so much effort put into it and during the time the server had no players I have had the spark to play TTT reignite. Currently as a moderator I feel like I have the energy and commitment to further my use to the staffing team and want to help as much as I possibly can. I have staffed many times before and have retained mostly everything I have learnt. Due to the lack of staff at this time since the server is coming back I believe I also have what it takes to teach future staff what to do and to also be a positive voice for the community Thank you for considering my application
  13. TheDevastator05

    Fucking hell yin you rollin in that shit I only get $304.40 bucks a fortnight off centrelink on youth allowance of which the only reason I am on it is that I dont even have my drivers licence because my mum cant afford to let me drive her car and with the little money we recieve my mum takes $250 of that leaving me with $50 for 2 weeks which isnt enough to fix my car to get my licence to even consider getting a job (i have to look for 10 a month with no hope of getting to any living in country Victoria) Id love to work and have the skills needed but i just keep getting turned down because A: I cant get anywhere due to lack of transport and licence and B: No experience. how does one get experience if they cannot work The welfare system is completely fucked for some they are setting up to sit on due to large amounts of pay and for others to starve on not enough. And yet Australia is left bug eyed as to why suicide rates in youth are so high? Gee maybe because we cannot afford to live so we feel its easier on ourselves and our families to just end it all
  14. TheDevastator05

    TheDevastator05 STEAM_0:1:66094849 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092455427/ Have you donated?: No Current server hours: Gametracker isnt enabled at this time but last i checked it was over 1000 Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes Age: 20 Hello everyone: for those who dont know me ive been around this community for what feels like ages. I used to staff the server from 2016-2017 and on and off again till early 2018, I enjoy helping people out and to get them feeling comfortable in the game and do what i can to make sure its enjoyable for everyone Although im not too active on the forums anymore i still have a peek on and off again to see how everyones going since its a bit of a rigmarole logging on steam everytime i go to do something here Since the server has started up again I thought that id apply to help out again, after the break in the server it honestly felt rather sad to see how badly the server fared and i was often left reminicing on the good times i had and id like to get more involved in that again so here I am. Thank you for considering my application
  15. TheDevastator05

    Found a few more things of interest that id appreciate if you considered adding: Banana bomb: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654570222 Diamond HUD: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/gmodaddon/jiqo/A-HUD-for-TTT-Inspired-from-a-Dishwash-Powder-Commerical/1/ First link is broken but further down is a post with a valid mega link if not i have downloaded the file and if you want i can pm it to you I also found a massive github repository of ttt addons. idk if all these are payed for or whatnot but ill post the link anyway: https://github.com/CookieMaster/GMD/tree/master/Addons/TTT Have fun searching through that beast of a thing to see if theres anything you may consider adding :)