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  1. I mean what's the issue if you do, people are going to see it in public anyways, no matter where you are people are going to find you either ugly or okay, people both in public and online will think the exact same things about you in their head or out loud. It's really no different to going outside and people seeing you
  2. Hell yeah I want a Poseidon sticker too, I'll stick it on the back window of my car
  3. I'm proud to have small hands its a good thing, especially for working on cars so you can get into tiny spots to unplug wiring and to undo loose bolts without needing to use a socket
  4. Same here, only kept going on Poseidon since I didn't want to see TTT die off so I came back to help but unfortunately it did so anyways. If the forums and discord servers stay ill always be watching those to see what's going on.
  5. Petition to change the thread name to the roast of hamad
  6. OK I got one more and thats it, this nigga looking like a lawyer telling you if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesotheleoma you might be entitled to financial compensation
  7. I honestly think this deserves a shutterstock watermark, it looks like some generic business/productivity image
  8. We will never beat yinmaester8 levels of dumb reacts
  9. I just can't believe how so many people look older than me, I'm 21 in 2 weeks and there's people out here who look 25
  10. Nigga looks like he's going to be in the next kinsman movie
  11. Oh God, poor rahj is gonna need therapy after this
  12. If he did that the server would overheat, it's a well known fact all TTT staff are hella thicc
  13. Had to take photo in 6mp, stupid camera, thanks for the help
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