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  2. My Child is dead

  3. Just got nutted.

  4. Goodbye, sweet prince.

  5. So long space cowboy.

  6. +1 posted john mates right nut

  7. Fusion61

    yea +1, nothing shows up in server alerts about you being banned and you were just unbanned aswell
  8. yea nah fuck this all my opportunities involve someone or a group pulling a massie killing a lot of people if any of the options were chosen
  9. time to open notepad ++ and get cracking on some opportunities
  10. Fusion61

    big fat +1 for unban for me John Mate is one of the funniest cunts there is on Poseidon and he really shouldn't have gotten a perma. I do the same shit as John Mate but where is my perma mate, and the situation that got John Mate ban reminds me exactly of my OG Death Squad going around executing every fucker that dares question my position as glorious leader Oh yea this happened a bit ago as well
  11. Fusion61

    wait who the fuck gave Ari forum mod Congrats mate I'm sure you will do a good job and give me that forum ban when I finally drop John Mate's right nut
  12. Fusion61

    Oof this is in shitposting for a reason ya know, but I still stand on the point that being bullied builds character and teaches people resistance yet I'm well aware bullying can turn into flat out harassment and that's where shit goes down hill. A bit of Aussie banter is fine but don't harass someone unless you are an actual cunt
  13. Fusion61

    It's fun as fuck to annoy people, why else would I do it? I actually find it funny as fuck to annoy the living shit out of people to the point they get pissed off at me. You could call it bullying but even then I find bullying is a necessary part of growing up as it builds character and teaches people ways to get over obstacles in life. How would I know? I was bullied for a long time but I just made it a joke and it would explain why I make everything a joke even if it is serious... But in all honesty if you can't handle people being absolute cunts online, you shouldn't be on the internet at all and good luck in the real world where things can hurt your feelings and you can get all sad or actually toughen the fuck up and deal with whatever is thrown at you Is this a shitpost? I don't know but it is honestly fun picking on and annoying the shit out of people online