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  1. Doctor.Popcoin

  2. Doctor.Popcoin

    You cunts got poof music, expect for Heinzrich
  3. Doctor.Popcoin

    Yeahhh its also a renewable fuel source, Me and Elon Musk travelled to Mars and we only used about 8 kilograms of it to travel that far. Btw we fixed the Mars Rover Opportunity
  4. Doctor.Popcoin

    Oh replying is now shitposting fuck
  5. Doctor.Popcoin

    No problem.
  6. Doctor.Popcoin

    No i wasnt cunt, my mum told me i wasnt.
  7. Doctor.Popcoin

    I fucking playing a psychical contact sport every week, i train in a singlet in winter, i barely wash my hands and i hardly get sick.
  8. Doctor.Popcoin

    No idea what you talking about anecdote, but fuck i already got an anecdote for shit like tectis or whatever its called. I got fucking god to protect me bitches. You fucking jews
  9. Doctor.Popcoin

    They say disability's look like this: but they can also look at this: Cunt, you wanna know why they kids autistic, its not because he is unvaccinated, its because you go to a fucking special school cunt. I have never been vaccinated and i hardly get sick. I look at cunts that are vaccinated and they get sick like every 3 weeks. Vaccines are for the weak!!!
  10. Doctor.Popcoin

    I will manager if you need one since i am the best bhopper. +1 i will be a active player
  11. Doctor.Popcoin

    Fucking wow, what a dumb cunt, why would is Seb Looked down on this??? This a just someone random we dont fucking know, we dont care what seb does outside of the community its his life you dumb fuck, We care what seb does within the community and so far he is a great fucking member of it, he may make some wrong choices here and their but fucking every does, like why even bring this up. Seb is a great fucking member of this community he has been around for a while and he only got demoted due to a faggot called lenny or whatever +1 bring this mad boi back.
  12. Doctor.Popcoin

    I will be a bouncer and can i audition too?
  13. Dont know about yous but i'd vote for issac butterfield. OT: Well since 90% of Australia is brain dead it doesnt matter who you vote for cuz every that voted yes in gay marriage and every feminist will ether vote for greens, liberal or labour.
  14. Doctor.Popcoin

    Well i dont know about yous but i'll be making 5hrs on the server everyone week And i can say i have have over 10 people interested in the jailbreak server while chatting to them on csgo who were previous members in like 2016