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  1. Doctor.Popcoin

    no problem i recommend waiting like 1 week before holidays before realising as you will get the server more popular around that time
  2. Doctor.Popcoin

    isnt from the old days??? like 1 year ago? it is bitch
  3. Doctor.Popcoin

    Whats a shit post?
  4. Doctor.Popcoin

    ^^^ Thx for the notice i was expecting longer tbh.
  5. Doctor.Popcoin

    Whats the estimated date jailbreak gonna come back???
  6. Doctor.Popcoin

    Awww thats hot...
  7. Doctor.Popcoin

    +1 Legend just give him it, btw he know de rules and verrryyy active.
  8. Doctor.Popcoin

    O you play csgo add me https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198869329139/ Btw +1 he is a fucking legend and knowzz rules and is sickest mod everrrr
  9. Doctor.Popcoin

    No vlad has to be RyeBoi As it stands foR RIOTBOI
  10. Doctor.Popcoin

    I got one: RYEBOI should actually be one ^^^ OT: Black Guy Mexican Drug Lord Adolf Hitler From The Future Ryeboi Goku Popcoin Tri Poloski Gopnik Lord Smuggler Bar Breaker Bone Breaker idfc
  11. Doctor.Popcoin

    Looks like need to post a introduction post soon...
  12. Doctor.Popcoin

    Mmmm sexyyy
  13. Doctor.Popcoin

  14. Doctor.Popcoin

    thats the point. Am i really leaving if its coming back soon?
  15. Doctor.Popcoin

    its been a good time but i have takin intrest into a full time job that pays good. i am sorry i have to leave, i will still play the same amount as i do now... none... (prob atleast 2 times a week) and if..... JAILBREAK COMES BACK I WILL PLAY ONCE EVERYDAY!!!!