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    winters and spiers managed to be toxic enough to get banned by yolocaust, they're really not worth having around
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    copied from the last time I argued this In other words, gender incongruence tends to only become a mental disorder when the person in question is not supported by society. hmmmmm http://www.apa.org/topics/lgbt/transgender.aspx Some other notes: From the Australian Psychological Society | To date there have been no robust empirical findings demonstrating therapeutic success in directing transgender people to live as the gender normatively expected of the sex they were assigned at birth. By contrast, a growing body of empirical research has demonstrated that affirming clinical responses can make a significant positive contribution to the mental health of transgender people World Health Organisation's International Classification of Diseases "It (gender incongruence) was taken out from the mental health disorders because we had a better understanding that this wasn't actually a mental health condition"
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    They all supported the AA bill, they can all go fuck themselves. Both sides. This isn't particularly relevant to this post but I'm just grumpy across the board as far as Australian politics goes now.
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    stranger: i support gay rights heinz: *opens coat*
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    The annual rate of gun homicide per 100,000 people in the US is about 4.5. In Australia it's about 0.2.
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    thank fuck
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    Take Harry Potter for example, there was a British boy named Harry Potter who went to wizard school and fought evil forces, once there was no more evil he needed to find a problem to fight so in his later years he resorted to having his canon ruined by shitty plays and new movies. I'd advise against using fiction as evidence.
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    1. There's not a massive amount of research in this area but there's absolutely some biological and neurological factors that at least have some effect on sexuality (https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25121-anti-gay-uganda-claims-sexual-orientation-is-a-choice/). It's certainly not "learned". 2. More people are coming out because there's a significantly lower chance of them being attacked, harassed or looked down upon. I don't see how the influence of the mainstream media will suddenly make someone want to come out in the way that you're implying - gay people will be more inclined to come out because there's significantly more social acceptance. if someone who isn't gay has these "morals shoved down their throat" and "comes out", they're not coming out; they're simply lying. 3. This point is one that I take really great issue with. Sex ed has been a compulsory part of the school curriculum across all years and all states for a long, long time. Kids aren't told that being gay is awesome and they should totally try it out, they're taught about sexuality, gender, safe sex practices and general biology in a totally partisan way. (https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/health-and-physical-education) It's pretty clearly important for this to be taught, and your implication that it's a "conversation for parents" makes a lot of assumptions: -That the parents themselves have been educated properly -That the parents are willing to teach their kids about the aforementioned matters -That the parents are capable of teaching in a way that encompasses all viewpoints and possibilities. Having a shitty sex ed curriculum and relying on parents is how you get stereotypical rednecks. Girls start (generally, there's cases of it beginning as early as 4, 5) puberty between 9 and 14, boys between 11 and 16. 10 is a pretty fair age to discuss sexuality and sex in general, I'd say. You're extremely poorly educated. And you're a dick about it too. This is not how you apologise for making a joke in extremely poor taste with the only prior context you being a fuckwit. I'd say that supporting LGBT+ rights and supporting child abuse are fairly different. Cite your statistics. Are you 12? 1. Certainly your perceived popularity of the term is skewed by where you're looking, which you addressed pretty well in your latest post. 2. I'm not well enough versed to say anything concrete on this, but I believe that LGBTQIA/+, which certainly represents them in name is probably the most common abbreviation outside of the original LGBT/+.
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    Why would you ban people who start the most discussions on the forum? And if you're not following that mentality, why hasn't Heinz been banned for 3 lifetimes?
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    it's not a bitcoin store you dorks, prices are manually set and manually changed by the developers
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    anderson / goldbergs was probably an inside job tbh not sure about spex
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    so much nostalgia here https://web.archive.org/web/20181027014949/https://poseidonservers.net/forums/
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