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    decals don't cause lag !cleardecals
  3. They aren't mutually exclusive. It isn't a direct democracy, but it's very much a representative one.
  4. people are getting their nuts in a knot over heinz supporting fucking fascism. America is a democracy. Democracy is much broader than you think it is.
  5. Would you actually support a fascist government?
  6. which parties stop people being influenced by media? I don't fucking know? Is there a party that breeds better parents? My apologies if I misunderstood this extremely funny image
  7. An elector will be guilty of an offence under s 245 of the Electoral Act and s 130 of the Referendum Act if the elector fails to vote at an election or a referendum without a valid and sufficient reason. An elector is someone who is over 18 and an Australian citizen. Part of your obligation to vote is obviously to enrol.
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    unban shadow clones
  9. Being a libtard socialist SJW fuck I'll be ever happy to see Reason, Pirates, Science parties; but I think the latter 2 especially fall prey to their own optimism and, because of their tiny scale have show no evidence that they can handle the economic side of their lovely goals. They still all have my support - they're never going to lead the country, but I want them represented. Reason is getting fairly big which is pleasing. As far as the parties that are actually represented go, Greens > ALP > CA > LDP > UAP > LNP > Katter's Croc Victims > One Race, Australian Idiots, etcetera. Those >'s are not of equal margin if it's not clear. I'd justify my choices, and I know I hold the burden of justification here but I have little to say that you can't see for yourself if you pay attention. I don't think any of them are without very notable flaw, I fundamentally disagree with the drivel that falls from some particular politician'sAHEM mouths, and their parties policies; But otherwise my attention falls from my effectively definite big party choices to the more optimistic, more niche driven minor parties; As aforementioned, they'll never lead and they wouldn't necessarily prosper in leadership, but them being represented in the houses would be nice to see.
  10. Minoru Suzuki

    I've been gilded on reddit almost 3 times
  11. Late 2016 Jar00d and I spent an hour on a rooftop talking about how we weren't really sure if bat would be a good manager. Subtly ignoring my dumb facade for a moment, if my math is right bat has been exclusively DarkRP (+ tier 1 employee benefits of getting a shitty forum rank) staff for longer than anyone else on Poseidon ever, and although originally there were some that felt she needed to resign because she's a dumb and incompetent bitch, eventually almost everyone realised that she needed to resign because this shithole does not even remotely deserve her mastering of the art of simultaneously giving all and no fucks about everything. Poseidon is the #1 DarkRP in AU and although that's in large part because of Jimmy and Pepsi, neither of them would be here if bat wasn't. DarkRP would probably be dead if bat had actually resigned soon like she said she would early last year, and late 2017, and early 2017, and late 2016. There's some shitty little self masturbatory plaques on the back of the sidealley bar in Little Italy on Triton, made to ""honour"" ""oldfags"" for ther ""contributions"". Bat and Infernus are the only names that should actually be there. More importantly than a shitty DarkRP server that no one cares about, bat has been a close friend (and annoying and disgusting fuck) to many of us for a long time now, and I'll always be thankful for most of that.
  12. Minoru Suzuki

    osama makes pathetic attempt at humour