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  1. I cannot believe you are actually attempting to humanise Hitler lmfao. It doesn't matter how many times you say you don't support genocide, it comes off as shallow and insincere because you make every attempt to then justify how the nazis were just trying to "put their country first", which really just sounds like you trying to humanise a genocidal maniac. I don't see how you find it fit to ban people for being "toxic" against neonazis but it's completely fine when Heinz regularly posts antisemitical, homophobic and racist content on the forums.
  2. It's funny how you claim not to support them but then do everything you can to not only legitimise the belief but platform it while disguising it as "objective moderating".
  3. So you claim that you denounce Hitler yet you still feel the need to justify him? Ok pal I guess the Nazis were just expressing themselves when they decided to massacre millions of Jews.
  4. Free speech does not equal hate speech mate, I have no idea where people get this idea from at all.
  5. Haha, this is laughable. Defending nazis is not taking an objective view. If you are so open minded about your position why don't you just come out and admit you hate jews just like heinz, at least he has the balls to admit it.
  6. Wow, this reply really checks all the hallmarks of faux centrism Remember when the Allied powers rationally debated the Nazis in a calm, mediated discussion? Yeah me neither. Like I said a million times on this thread. There is no rational debate with Nazis, simple as that.
  7. Supporting nazis is more then just "a different political view" lmao. In what way is anything he has said acceptable?
  8. "potential" i think heinz is an experiment of what happens when you bring up a kid on /pol/ memes and fear mongering.
  9. It's because you're a waste of air and so is anyone else that holds your views. Remember when our grandfathers and great grandfathers went to war with these shitbags? How far we've fallen now that people can openly support them and be protected by people under grounds of "free speech"
  10. Honestly, I've typed up like 5 different things trying to reply to this but I just can't. This is by far the stupidest thing I've read here and I don't know how to reply to this amount of vitriol coming from someone who most likely has been brainwashed by cesspits like /pol/ and the like and hasn't experienced the wider world at all. Thanks for proving all the points that I made earlier.
  11. What I stand for in politics is completely irrelevant to my point? How hard is it to process that hating an entire ethnicity no matter who you are is wrong
  12. And? Just because other people did it doesn't mean it's right.
  13. Idk man, maybe it's just the fact that they tried to systematically erase an entire ethnicity full of mostly innocent people? If you support what the Nazi's did (which I know you do) then you are a piece of shit, and you don't deserve the right to be debated. Simple as that.
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