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  1. this may be old and ppl might forget but a while ago I use to say canabilistic food actually, I think someone recorded some of it (where I was heard in the background with my shitty voice)
  2. lets hope JB HI FI has the ability to let us test them out!
  3. Thanks for the information! However got any good silent mechanical keyboards to fight Razer's orange n yellow switches? I might check em out o: and than god i've picked a logitech headset then xD
  4. What's wrong with Razer o: I've looked at a few keyboards and i like their switches
  5. if you have a warrenty that's not expired, you can return it
  6. pc has gmod and many other games that console will never nor able to handle unless they implement in built keyboards and mouses as well as a proper workshop system like steam has
  7. What is your favorite gaming soundtracks? and when did it come out, how old were you and what type of music was it~? and do you still listen to it to this day?
  8. SPOILERS AHEAD FROM EPISODE 1 TO EPISODE 3 PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED/ CARE ABOUT SPOILERS so thoughts on the current episodes and events that have happened so far in the episodes? Did you like how the Arya was the killer of the white walker king? what's your favorite scene from the current episodes? do you think the white walkers died too soon or did you think it was the perfect day of the death and what's your thoughts and theories for the next episode and how Arya reacts to being the savior of all of the 7 kingdoms (Please note, this is only for episode 1 to 3, I or another may make a post for episode 4 when that comes out)
  9. Heya peeps currently I've been looking at different PC setups as well as different Peripherals so why not have the community come together and talk about their gear? Be it their dope Peripherals and shitty pc or the other way around o:! (Also as an added extra, take some time and check this out o: https://forms.gle/KrTWF7xzeKaTsVgW9 )
  10. I agree with this another chance, however this time there should be proper limits in place that can't be broken Meaning no ability for him to gain admin or anything higher! and if he does it's clear bias and unfairness that should not be in the staff team AT ALL and may result in changes in management overall
  11. oh also forgot to add this and i'm too lazy to edit, if he does get mod why not just never let him become admin or higher? since in the past when i was admin, i actually saw how fast he became admin last time he applied and i thought it was kinda scummy when it took everyone else way longer to be thought that they could be admin ?
  12. I'm not gonna + or - , instead, I'm going to suggest a solution to lower the fears of the Higashi abusing his power again, as well as satisfying the people who like and want Higashi in power and that's two suggestions I am suggesting an excel sheet, as well as a no chances rule 1, the excel sheet; in the past when I was a staff member, I was afraid of improperly doing my job, so I made an entire spreadsheet for my bans, kicks and even reports that I deemed that I might end up biting me in the ass on how I handled it. and I want Higashi to do the same if he gets this app approved, the reasoning for this is because the higher staff (admin and up) can check his claims for his bans and kicks and cross them with the actual game files and logs when that happened. (and yes, you should snapshot the !reports and !responses, as well as the chat logs when putting them into the spreadsheet) and I know you guys can just check the logs to what he does, but I suggest this idea because he can say why in his own words why he did these bans.. also cuz if he does end up kicking or banning someone for no reason he has to explain why ;3 as well as why he said "fuck you" as the reason xD and 2, the no chances rule; by this, I mean if he ever gets toxic, abuses his moderator powers or generally ignores his responsibilities (including ignoring the spreadsheet), he should be put up to vote by the entire staff team, (everyone gets 1 token, and no 3 token managers 1 token moderator or any of that shit, everyone should have 1 vote) and they should vote if he abused his power or not as well as the reasoning why they believe he did or not so no biases happening with the staff team now I know this might be a bit much, but at the same time Higashi has been demoted already for abusive behaviors of his position as a high staff member, been called out by the community for his toxic towards other players as well as other things people may bring up which I have forgotten xD And If i was confusing on how i wrote this, well.. ask what got you confused and i shall explain
  13. you can already spawn the enter dragon in the base game, and why not just promote him already? or make someone else who wants the server done it?
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