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  1. Tyger

    You're right in every aspect. I have a very attractive track record of drifting after slowly returning and there's a lot of reasons for it. The first time i completely flew under the radar and didn't return for a while was after burning out. I tried countless times to come back before i was ready and it really showed. Once i was finally ready when the servers were rebooting, nothing much was really happening even though i actively tried to get some sort of nudge going, then it went full steam ahead after i lost my discord and ultimately gave up again (add me back btw if u want people, relytttt#4531 ). I'm not talking shit by the way, there were reasons why things weren't moving quickly but i was just being impatient because i really wanted it to happen. I would very happily take over, push an ACTIVE motive (unlike my track record) and dedicate my time as my life is becoming a lot less chaotic than it used to be but i simply dont have the money to "buy" the community for the amount offered to me last year. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 6k though, that's a very far stretch. I find it quite rude to discuss financial purchasing details without full consent so i'll keep it as an undisclosed amount unless lyndon decides to blabber it out or anyone else offered the same amount for that fact.
  2. Tyger

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  4. Sweet potato stir fry
  5. Tyger

    You have a great point with the gmod servers. My highest likely condendors (in my opinion) are DarkRP and TTT out of absolutely anything at the moment due to the fact that we KNOW they work and we KNOW they are efficient (if done by the right person). Prophunt, Deathrun and Murder have all proven in the past to be low playercount gamemode due to many complications with managers and shit but they CAN work. TTT is a player magnet but it just needs to be done right and needs to be done by the right person. Not just any old schmuck who can put the gamemode together and code up a few things, they need to be likeable by the playerbase and have a real sense of connection to the server. Not just becasue everyone likes said person. Murder on it's own is a dead gamemode that has to jumpstarted a few times before it can really kick off. I'd like to throw this out there that monkey and i know murder better than any poseidon manager at this point. It's super finicky with it's playerbase and it's extremely easy to lose that playerbase that was just gained. I quite thoroughly enjoyed working on the gamemode as it was easily put together but it's also a bit of a clusterfuck. Murder is not profitable but it can gain a decent playerbase ^ I will put my hand up for these two if im not tasked with anything else if it's needed, though i think we should focus on AAA gamemodes before branching again. v Deathrun has potential but it's quite seasonal unless you've done the job completely right. This new gamemode by Arizard is popularly disliked by our old deathrun playerbase and I'm personally not a fan of it either. I believe a good ol'fashion version of our deathrun server would be an ideal player magnet, it's different and it's efficient. Arizard's deathrun is overused to shit and doesn't suit the theme of our server. Deathrun is very profitable if done right. Prop hunt has potential too but it's much more finicky than murder. You REALLY need to work to keep the playerbase. Not much needs to be done to the gamemode aside from some custom things to keep the players happy and interested (Powerrounds?? (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/power-rounds-murder-ttt-ph-jb-mb-dr-gw) < Works on murder too but wasn't a fan favourite on that one). My only problem with all previous prophunt servers is that the players weren't invested in the community and they never really bothered to be. Alot of Prop hunt players made their own little community in the prop hunt server which is cute but it stumps community grows and disconnects the server from our community as it basically self isolates, that needs to STOP next time.
  6. Tyger

    Did you not read the OP?
  7. Tyger

    How long did it last and how much money did it make is my point. Not very long and not very much. @Yuki ? great points. I'll edit them into this reply once I'm available to respond nd re-tag you.
  8. Tyger

    My primary concern with Minecraft is that its something we have tried countless times before. Quite literally in the tens of times, by different people nearly every time. Almost half a decade. It won't kick off without a pre-existing player base to keep it going and continuous attempts have proven this. @Lantos has shown lack of interest based on these grounds too.
  9. Tyger

    It directs to the home page like it used to. No creds to me, I didnt do it.
  10. Tyger

    Gosford is a dedicated sauna when you don't want it to be, can confirm. Most of the time you'll have a rainy week with two blistering hot days or a hot week with no rain at all. During every single season. Summer tends to blister more than the rest of the year but the pattern stands the same, the hot days are just hotter in summer.
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    Since when?
  13. Tyger

  14. Tyger

    who u callin nerd, nerd? oh yeah Headphones: Razer Kraken V2 Keyboard: Razer Chroma Blackwidow V2 Mouse: Iris RGB optical
  15. Tyger

    CPU: I5-3570K 3.4GHz GPU: RTX 2060 PSU: Silverstone ET-550-B 80+ Bronze (Silverstone Essential Series 550W) RAM: 4x4GB DDR4 dont know the name SSD: 120gb HDD: 1TB Samsung Internal something or other Motherboard: idk
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