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  1. Don't really care about the origin, i'm talking about people who listen to it now. It was an important genre, but it's time has since passed and the setting of casual listening doesn't work well with it. I'm yet to see a single person who's claimed they love jazz actually listen to it over other genres. There is going to be a small sector of the jazz community who genuinely enjoy the genre, but by god if they aren't the minority.
  2. Cant share a screencap cus i haven't updated but my guy on Elder Scrolls Online is an Argonian sorcerer Lvl 50 CP 400ish.
  3. Yang's idea of a UBI with no strings attached and an emphasis on challenging issues such as people avoiding community work for the sake of keeping their benefits and his whole 'trucker' argument makes more sense. Culturally, it works. People don't see it as something that you get when you're disabled or just out of a job and unable to find new work quick. I won't restate his whole argument, because i really only know a little bit about it and don't feel like writing a whole ass essay, but i get where he comes from. He uses the state of Alaska as an example of a UBI working. Economically, he acknowledges that it would cost quite a bit, and i haven't read up too much on how he plans to pay for it but i assume it probably has something to do with cutting down on military spending and also useless/ineffective social services. Would something like that work in Australia in place of the Centrelink Welfare system? Maybe. Personally, I reckon it would work a whole lot better down-under since we have a smaller population and lower debt as a percentage of GDP (Although, Labour and LNP are making leaps and strides to fuck that part up, VOTE LDP).
  4. They do it to sound sophisticated. CHANGE MY MIND.
  5. I've found that while a lot of people who play rust are toxic in that particular game, outside of it (CSGO, Gmod and various other games) they really aren't bad people. It's the PVP centric environment that really brings out the worst in us. I really do doubt it would affect the community to a point of actual notice. If this community is already toxic enough to consider blocking a vast majority of us from having fun, then maybe instead of not allowing a rust server we should instead address the current community problems. But I do understand how you came to your conclusion, i thought Rust had a toxic community to at one point, but realized that it was the game that was toxic, not the people.
  6. +1 See him on a lot and would definitely moderate well. Seems to know the rules, and also seems like a nice person.
  7. +1 See him around alot and never seen him break any rules in front of me. Seems pretty chill.
  8. Looks pretty fucking glorious!
  9. I believe this is an attack against Samir Hyde, and an attack against the greater Lebanese community. How dare they tread on such a great philosopher by being so disrespectful and renaming a loyal follower of that genius. I demand personally that his original name be returned. Please listen to us. +1
  10. +1 Seen on the server almost every time im on. Great mod.
  11. He also respected the Greeks, due to how they fought during italy's invasion.
  12. Pretty sure it was purely because of the majority of Islam's view of Jews at the time.
  13. The nazis didn't like any religion, with the only tolerated religion being Germanic Paganism.
  14. It would have been a kind of cold war between the 'Aryans' and Mediterranean/Latin American nations that would have fallen under Italian and Spanish influence. TBF i only voted yes so i could comment that to piss off any turks, because i know that in reality the Greek race would have been persecuted just as much as the Slavs, Italians, Spaniards and turks.
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