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  1. Ryukai

    +1 Genuine guy who has past experience moderating, very easy to talk to and gets along with people very well ?
  2. Ryukai

    Neutral I was going to give a +1 but after seeing everything that went down today i think I'm going to stick with Neutral until some changes are made.
  3. Ryukai

    +1 Very active from what iv seen, doesn't break the rules, deserves mod
  4. Ryukai

    That part was a little confusing as I went off of the in game rank system, and I wouldn’t class donator as a rank, I would class veteran in that part. Also in the template it said “user and member” in the examples and iv never seen any classification between the two so I just went with user to keep it simple. I changed it anyway...
  5. Ryukai

    +1 Great guy from what iv seen, would be great for the role.
  6. ~ Steam name: Ryukai ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56136520 ~ Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ryukaiii/ ~ Have you donated?: Yes $20 ~ Do you have experience with TTT?: I am familiar with the rules of TTT ~ Current server hours: 77 (initialy 61) (the minimum has been updated to 45) ~ Current Rank: Donator ~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes ~Age: 15 ~ Short description on yourself: I’m a male from Victoria Australia, I started playing Poseidon in September last year and have been on and off the server, I do plan to stick with it from now on though, I’m a huge animal lover and even though I spend 90% of my time on video games I can still backflip :3 Also purple is my favourite colour. ~ Why do you want this rank? I play TTT almost every day now and becoming moderator would help me contribute to the server, it would help me give back to the community in the best way i can for all the fun times iv had on this server by keeping the server clean of cheaters and trolls. Now i'm not perfect, and I do expect a couple of people to -1 this because they might have had a past experience with me that wasn't very pleasant but i have been trying to get to know the community better and make more acquaintances/friends to help me be more well known from the community and make up for past negative experiences iv had with people. I feel as though i am ready for the Role, Responsibility and Privilege of becoming staff on Poseidon but it's not up for me to decide so i'll leave it to the comments. Thank you for reading my app and I hope you have a great day.
  7. Ryukai

    +1 saw him helping a player learn how to use keypad fairly active and a good lad :3
  8. Ryukai

    Aight here is mine: Ninja, Bar Slipper, Fence Jumper, Gang Member, Gang Leader, Shank Craftsman, Smuggler, Riot Starter, Brawler You can add stuff to escapee eg. Novice Escapee, Average Escapee, Legendary Escapee or something like that :3
  9. Ryukai

    +1 Good lad, just get a $15 mic tho xD
  10. Ryukai

    +1 Seems like a good idea, an economy reset would be good aswell
  11. Ryukai

    +1 see him almost every time i'm on, very nice and well deserving of the rank
  12. Ryukai

    oof its been like a month, just go ahead and reject it, ill start playing again hopefully sometime around late march- early april, just too much stuff going on rn
  13. Ryukai

    I would like to say now (before my app gets denied for low recent activity) that I haven’t been active the last couple days, that is because of moving to a new house, I will be more active the second I can get my laptop to stop being slow.
  14. Ryukai

    +1 Cool dude, fun to talk to, may be 14 but is definately mature enough for the role
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