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  1. Probably going to change it next update whenever I get around to it
  2. Please edit your post to include the following template:
  3. I had my 970 up until recently and it ran 1440p medium-high at 60FPS, for 1080p you could still get away with one, don’t spend too much on getting a PC unless you have the money tbh
  4. I'm just going to lock this as some of these changes will take place in the upcoming update(s).
  5. +1 Haven’t been on the server in quite a while but I always remember that you do some excellent roleplay and you’re quite capable for the rank.
  6. I’ve taken down some notes and I’ll probably start doing major/functional changes in V2B, next update (V2A) will just bug fixes. As for the trainyard I’ll probably keep one or two of the open carriages and create a new, larger warehouse. I’d rather not have lots of open spaces for huge fuck-off bases otherwise we’d may as well change to Flatgrass. All of the buildings on this map have been designed to be nice and open inside and have a a purpose - be creative. If you’re really that keen you can use the space on the water in the beach area.
  7. Thanks for the constructive feedback I always appreciate it. So the rules regarding building in the PD were tweaked earlier today, you can’t block off the fire escape door or main lobby, but you can block off any additional pathways, including the breakable area in the cells. So one could fortify the top of the stairs to make it much more difficult to raid. As for the darkness of the map, I’ve increased the brightness of the environment and reduced shadow distance which gives a pretty nice improvement to visibility. Hoping to push the update later tonight, full changelog can be viewed here: https://trello.com/c/e3wmSOhf/327-update-v2a Keep the feedback coming I always appreciate hearing it ?
  8. Hinzy

    I'm leaving

    wow I'm sad because you're not actually leaving ?
  9. Excellent post, I'm glad you're enjoying the map as well as the new content update that was pushed last night from Jimmy as well. If you have feedback I'd love to hear it from everyone, can't wait until later today when the server is much more populated. ?
  10. owo https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1724608573
  11. Both lighting and reflections around the map have been greatly improved, pretty happy with the result. There’s a fence model that’s a too shiny in industrial but not a big concern.
  12. The map is darker than daylight obviously, but I’ve put ample lighting around so you don’t have to walk around with your light on. Certain alleyways and the underground will be darker which is perfect for criminals.
  13. Blinds act as solid objects (with collisions) and you can’t shoot through them, you just toggle them on and off via a switch in the room
  14. If you chose the long sleeve version of the current uniform, formal hat and no duty belt would that not be formal? What did you have in mind exactly?
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