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  1. Hinzy

    Time to freeze to death or have my leg eaten by cannibals again
  2. Hinzy

  3. Hinzy

    I love this movie, highly recommend anything by Paul Thomas Anderson
  4. Hinzy

    Okay it's not free but Alien: Isolation is only $2.20 on Steam. That's less than a cup of coffee so you don't have any excuses to play one of my favourite games https://store.steampowered.com/app/214490/Alien_Isolation/
  5. Hinzy

  6. Hinzy

    release of death.
  7. Sexy Profile would smash 100%

  8. Hinzy

  9. I’m currently on my phone so I won’t write a big rant, but I’m a strong advocate for airsoft to be legalised; I think that it’s an incredibly fun sport and superior to paintball, which is legal in Australia. From what I’ve read, the police outlawed airsoft originally because of the claim that the guns themselves look realistic enough that they could be misused in areas of crime. The same argument has been applied to gel blasters, off the top of my head I think they’re only legal in QLD. Even the UK, quite notable for its stringent gun laws have kept it legalised without consequence. They have not been used in robberies to a major extent, and the airsoft sport is very popular there. I think that the Australian authorities should legalise both airsoft and gel blasters, the reasons against it are pathetically weak. But it'll never happen, especially when the Australian Border Force has recently been making laws on their own surrounding firearms, even though they lack the authority to do so. Also the fact that NSW and Victoria have legally categorised airsoft and gel blasters as firearms is a bad joke and further proof of how much of a nanny state our country is lmfao
  10. As silly as it sounds, swimming was a big fear of mine when I was younger. When my school was first getting swimming lessons I saw a girl fall into the water and had to be rescued, ever since then I didn't want to learn to swim or get into a pool. I stopped being scared at the start of high school but just never learnt to swim, kinda regret not learning since it's essential - maybe one day though.
  11. Hinzy

    A very friendly reminder that if you voted coffee you are a brainlet, and no I will not expand on my point
  12. Hinzy

    CPU: i5-6600K (OC @ 4.2GHz) RAM: 16GB Corsair DDR4 @ 3200MHz GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini (was planning on changing to an ITX build down the road) SSD: 128GB Kingston HDD: 1TB WD Blue
  13. Hinzy

    Autumn>Winter>Spring>Summer Personally, I’m a big fan of colder weather since it gets so hot here all of the time. Plus I like wearing jackets
  14. Hinzy

    Mostly Rising Storm 2, FiveM/GTA V, GTA IV and Hitman 2. I play Gmod on occasion but mostly just testing stuff out that I make, although I did play on Elitelupus DarkRP once and wanted to blow my fucking brains out
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