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  1. Hinzy

    stick it up your ass
  2. Hinzy

    Love you Higashi, all the best for whatever happens in the future
  3. Hinzy

    I'm assuming this is DarkRP? That's very strange I've never heard of that one before. All I could recommend is either removing and downloading the map again, remounting CS:S or verifying the game cache
  4. Hinzy

    embed isn't working idk why https://i.ibb.co/whL0vCq/meme.png
  5. Hinzy

    Hello welcome back, a lot has changed since then for sure
  6. Hinzy

    I wish I was on board the Hindenberg
  7. Hinzy

    love / haha / wow and suspicious react all in one
  8. Hinzy

    below average
  9. Hinzy

    wtf don't tell anyone my name is actually pepsi hax!!!!!
  10. Hinzy

    can black people say the n word?
  11. Hinzy

    Yes it's an issue with CS:S not being mounted which causes money to stay there - I can't even manually remove it myself. A fix shouldn't be too far away
  12. Hinzy

    darkrp is trash as fuck who even plays it lmfao
  13. Hinzy

    Accepted - don't do anything stupid like this again.
  14. Hinzy

    Appeal accepted, just a FFRP warn will suffice instead. I'll work with Bat and the rest of our staff team to further clarify the FFRP area in the MOTD to prevent situations like this happening again in the future.
  15. Hinzy

    why did no one reply to the link I posted pages ago https://www.theage.com.au/interactive/2016/gun-city/day1.html