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  1. “Oi Wheatley you wanna help me fuck up ryans thing” - Jamie, later gave me and 10mil to gamble and lose
  2. I’ve seen multiple advertisements read for the browser app “Honey” Youtubers have also added and have been endorsed by the company to advertise their service, my question is does it really work, and how well does it, would it be worth using etc, this topic I have actually thrown around in my head for about a year and I generally never used it because I thought it was just “yay you saved $2 on this coupon I find every few weeks” basically I thought this app is a money making scheme for its curators but the topic has floated toward me again and I’m just wondering is it a legit worth while thing.
  3. Most likely, steam loves to stay on the exchange rate so they can get more bang and you less for your buck, your wallet balance will remain untouched but the exchange rate to purchase the mlney will fluctuate in their favour usually
  4. -1 everyone must hear my loud good profile music. OT: I never really encounter this since I’m usually on the forums on my phone but yeah the ability to turn down music is great for people maybe wanting to listen to their own music or just barely hear it etc. +1
  5. This would take a while to code, there aren’t any ore made scripts, I’m pretty sure jimmy has stopped with coding entirely when he resigned.
  6. Accepted, your purchase will be delivered to you soon.
  7. Heheh all the staff are resigning, time apply!1! ot: bye baby
  8. I would get D2 if I didn’t already have it and all the dlcs on PS4
  9. It’d be cool if I had more followers

    thank you Kanye, very cool!

  10. Accepted - if you have any inquiries about your administrator rank, don’t hesitate to message me.
  11. -1 I don’t think your trusted material smt penguin
  12. @Jamie had no match for my bhop skills and banned himself and gave me tcadminge time to move on to @bat once the seniors are gone we’ll move onto @Tyger.
  13. IMO the new weapon pack is better with more weapon choices and actual god weapons that cost a fortune, with the old weapons there was a glitch that would mess up your screen, the load outs of players were the same, “Kev, att kit, m3, m249, m4a1 and alt ammo kit” now more thought is put in and no simple meta really exists.
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