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  1. Has a problem with people saying retard, but will say stuff like this +1 extreme hippo crip
  2. who moved this artwork? show yourself
  3. Hi and Welcome to the Second Installment of our lovely Interviewing Program! Today I will be interviewing an individual so masculine, so sexy and so loved, his name is... Napoleon! Q: First Question, did you think that M3 being banned on the forums was justified? Napoleon: i hate niggers Q: Alright! Epic! Now next question, Why do you choose to stay with this Community? Napoleon: i hate niggers Q: This is the Answer! Now, What drove you towards Garry's Mod? Napoleon: suicide Q: Ok! Moving on, if you were to choose between Poseidon, and reviving a dead server of your choosing which would it be? Napoleon: i hate niggers Q: Alright then Mr Napoleon, Final Question! What exactly are you going to do for Pride Month? Napoleon kill gays Q:Thank You! Now, do you have a question for the Viewers at home? Napoelon: i hate niggers Thanks for your time, anything else you would like to say before I show myself out? Napoleon: i hate niggers ___________________________________ LONG LIVE NAPOLEON RIP FOUND DEAD AFTER BEING GUNNED DOWN IN MIAMI AFTER A DRUG DEAL WENT HORRIBLY WRONG GONE TOO SOON WILL LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS
  4. some man just called me screaming "Nothing Happened at Tiananmen Square in June 4th 1989". Any Advice?
  5. Hi Everyone and Welcome to Baby News and Interviews, and unseen and unheard of format that has Never been used before, and today I will be reviewing the one and only, Chris Mango! Q: To start off, what drove you towards GMOD? Almond: When i was like 6 i'd go over to my friends house and we'd just fuck around on sandbox it was so fun to me that i bought it for myself! Q: Next Question, was m3 being banned on the Forums Justified? And what will you do to the Man who banned him? Almond: M3 got banned for shitposting apparently, that didn't make sense, people like heinz shitposted daily and didnt cop shit for it however, he has been unbanned recently but! yin had m3 banned off ttt due to a personal vendetta, an abuse of power if you ask me Q: Sounds like Corrupt Staff! Another Question, What has driven you to stick with Gmod for many years? Almond: the community, i fucking hate them all Q:What would you do if you happened to see one of these "community members" on the street? I can only imagine the worst Almond: you know i'd give an answer like: i'd kick the shit out of them, but we both know that anyone that plays darkrp would just shy away Almond: You know Baby, if you don't start typing faster I will fucking murder you! Q: So Sorry Mr Mango, I will try harder. Next Question, Mr Cringe, if you were given the choice of a LR (Last Request) before you eventually do die, what would it be and why? Almond: ban everyone but m3 so he can wonder the streets alone in solitary joy Q: Okay! Final Question, how many levels of Irony are you truly on? Almond: i've lost count, is this interview being answered ironically? Is my entire persona an ironic farce? theres no way to know anymore Q:Excellent! Now, do you have a question to ask the viewers? Almond: why doesnt m3 have his csgo server? _____________________________________________________________ God Rest his Soul RIP ALMOND
  6. what did he post I can't see it
  7. baby


    Where’s my thanks
  8. we didn't get office
  9. making other people sick
  10. you killed the server
  11. shaggy don't got shit on -rep
  12. how does rice milk taste? I have seen it a lot but never felt like trying it
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