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  1. baby

    +1 rdm's me very nicely
  2. baby

    +1 Would love to gnome again
  3. +1 Is a great addition to my soundboard OT: pretty good man ngl
  4. baby

  5. baby

    I was the person who took your sit but it was Leemon who ultimately banned you. This wasn’t the only reason you were banned as you killed me and another when I brought you. You said you were bored with the server which was very immature of you as you could’ve left like anyone would have done. Just because you have issues with something doesn’t mean you have the right to take it out on others. I suggest that you take this time to recollect yourself and come back with a better mindset after you serve your time.
  6. baby

    The sound emanating from this post is making me go insane
  7. baby

    As long as I get to hear more of that sexy guitar +1
  8. baby

    +1 He is a genuinely nice person and cute
  9. baby

    Beautiful "thing" +1
  10. +1 cracker of a dude and was one of my best patients tonight
  11. baby

    +1 very pure
  12. baby

    Holy shit yes, what pissed me off even more was the fact that he ordered a hit on Chris and that failed, so he just mowed everyone down. I loved how everyone was making it look like a real court case, until that fucker ruined it. Everything was stacked against him and I was looking forward to actually saying my full Witness Speach but instead I got absolutely demolished