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  1. He “was” a born idiot
  2. baby

    I am gonna suck the shit out of your dick nigga ~ Napoleon
  3. baby

    +1 held me at gunpoint
  4. baby

    What are you talking about, this will be a great watch. They have the animation on point and I guarantee you this will have a great story. Just wait and see
  5. baby

    I am coming for that tight booty
  6. baby

    Can you please remake this into a 2018 Version
  7. baby

    (OOC) Isador Cortez: look at baby cakes thinking hes legit what a deadset slow cunt haha
  8. baby

    Holy shit, someone finally fucking said it. This has been going on for days and it got so annoying. Constantly hearing this in the street, “I have a gun to your head, follow me” or “open the doors” Joker took the words from my mouth. Although I will leave a neutral as you’re a nice person after knowing you.
  9. baby

    A new Challenger has appeared!
  10. baby

    [Advert] Herculs Satan: COme here Kyle [Advert] Herculs Satan: I'll fuck you up Herculs Satan has been arrested.
  11. baby

    @everyo- +1
  12. baby

    baby has reacted to your post: box
  13. baby

    Sr. Lenny Parayeet: !menu
  14. baby

    Sr. Lenny Parayeet: !warns
  15. baby

    I think you have said enough