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  1. Sea Shanties

    Bruh sound effect #2 have fun
  2. Sea Shanties

    cya bud, good luck out there
  3. Sea Shanties

    Kyrgyzstan or Iceland
  4. Sea Shanties

    The more thieves there are, the less rp that takes place. -1
  5. Sea Shanties

    Nobody can replace you OT: +1 the kid seems really dedicated to helping TTT and he looks smart enough go get ‘em pal
  6. Sea Shanties

    “I know people in the mafia” -Spex
  7. Sea Shanties

    Chris was banned for spamming on the forums before this one as he told me and a few others that he had no intention of being in the community anymore also I think the voice recording of spex being a spastic is on youtube, so having the right keywords would help
  8. Sea Shanties

    I’d prefer the bugs ngl also can we have MCDR Sylveon please?
  9. Sea Shanties

    Granted but jonny is manager i wish I could play on boxel
  10. Sea Shanties

    ooga booga new reacs
  11. Normally you’d send he evidence towards my boy @Jimmy but whatevs, it’s up to him to decide what happens now
  12. Sea Shanties

    BC: Congratulations to _____ for receiving _____ (double card) In no particular order WC1: destiny WC2: TheRealJohnnyBoy WC3: Tyger WC4: Down syndrome WC5: (a) free permanent ban WC6: a +1 edit: id like to participate thanks @larko
  13. Sea Shanties

    +1 my mans waited long enough
  14. Sea Shanties

    Unfortunately I don't have any example to show, but I do not need to encounter you to see your unreasonable behaviour is what I can say with certainty