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  1. Sea Shanties

    11 first milestone lets go fellas
  2. Yeah I definitely agree. The main point I wanted to make though was just that there are a lot of bad faith actors that definitely want to spike this into either a race war, and definitely with the white-supremacists would want to de-legitimise the movement (since quite a few have been arrested for looting)
  3. As unfortunate as the situation is, I believe that there are quite a few police (both in Minneapolis and the USA at large) who are trying to escalate the situation. I also believe that it would be much better for more civil disobedience and less rioting to be happening but these are people in a fraught situation that many of us can't even begin to fathom (partially due to the multi-mile distance). What also doesn't help is the white supremacists inciting more damage and violence (for some reason, I'm sure nobody really knows).
  4. Sea Shanties

    topical album
  5. Sea Shanties

    sour cream and onion pringles I like them lots
  6. Sea Shanties

    I've been watching The Last Dance (the Michael Jordan documentary) and it's actually quite fun to watch, seeing up close all the action up close along with the behind the scenes footage. Also jojo is great fun to watch, part 5 is the one i enjoyed the most.
  7. Sea Shanties

    not my time
  8. Sea Shanties

    I used to be scared of the ‘wiimote flat’ screen that would come up when the wii remote went flat, same with the ‘error screen of death’ for it and any other warning screens
  9. Sea Shanties

    I ate ants a couple years ago (properly prepared of course) and they didn’t taste too bad, more of a texture thing though
  10. Sea Shanties

    since now cutie xoxo
  11. Sea Shanties

  12. Sea Shanties

    Bruh sound effect #2 have fun
  13. Sea Shanties

    Kyrgyzstan or Iceland
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