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  1. The more thieves there are, the less rp that takes place. -1
  2. Nobody can replace you OT: +1 the kid seems really dedicated to helping TTT and he looks smart enough go get ‘em pal
  3. Sea Shanties

    Quote thread

    “I know people in the mafia” -Spex
  4. Chris was banned for spamming on the forums before this one as he told me and a few others that he had no intention of being in the community anymore also I think the voice recording of spex being a spastic is on youtube, so having the right keywords would help
  5. I’d prefer the bugs ngl also can we have MCDR Sylveon please?
  6. Granted but jonny is manager i wish I could play on boxel
  7. Normally you’d send he evidence towards my boy @Jimmy but whatevs, it’s up to him to decide what happens now
  8. BC: Congratulations to _____ for receiving _____ (double card) In no particular order WC1: destiny WC2: TheRealJohnnyBoy WC3: Tyger WC4: Down syndrome WC5: (a) free permanent ban WC6: a +1 edit: id like to participate thanks @larko
  9. Unfortunately I don't have any example to show, but I do not need to encounter you to see your unreasonable behaviour is what I can say with certainty
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