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  1. Bradster

  2. Bradster

    How long is the night expected to be? I don't want to spend over 2 hours playing L4D2
  3. Bradster

    add vr
  4. Bradster

    bought it
  5. Bradster

    time to buy game1
  6. Bradster

  7. Bradster

  8. Bradster

    However, on the way, Boy Sempson, drunk, shoots a bullet into the area where "Malcom" was.
  9. Bradster

    Edgar began to bleed out and claim to be an American Spy.
  10. Bradster

    Two weeks later, a funeral was held for her by none other than Victor Hans.
  11. Bradster

    However, the police witnessed this and realized the bystander was black. hope it ends happy
  12. Bradster

  13. Bradster

    But before he drowned, he was screaming racial slurs towards everybody in the area.
  14. Bradster

    uh oh
  15. Mostly TF2, GTA recently and Stellaris is up there. Only time I play GMod is when there's a Desert Bus event in the Twitter Parody Community.
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