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  1. William

    Nothing is too harsh on the internet.
  2. It's hard for me to come to a decision but right now I'm leaning towards Labor but I'm not really sure if that's an objective opinion or if I've been brain washed by those ads. Scott Morrison is taking money out of the hospitals... Blah blah blah. Youtube you know I'm not old enough to vote, stop giving me the same ad.
  3. William

    Still not moved to shitposting....
  4. William

    Do we really need more emotes tho? Yes. The answer is yes.
  5. William

    The hype is real!
  6. William

    I like how no one has moved it back to shitposting yet.
  7. William

    FTL by Subset games, fits the game very well and is pleasing to hear outside of the game too.
  8. William

    Unpin some stuff, there is way too much stuff pinned.
  9. William

    I get away with too much shit, from now on I request that all staff treat me with extreme prejudice and discrimination, and blame me for everything. I am now a scapegoat. Community perma ban me if you want. I need more punishment, make me permanently fspeced in every server. Whenever I do literally anything, interpret the rules in a way that allows for maximum punishment. I am a bad person.
  10. William

    What if the son's adopted? That's how black can have white for son.
  11. William

    This guy uses a dead meme as his profile pic.
  12. William

    Yeah, I probably should have done that Echo. List: SIMPLE!!! I also liked coastline, I don't think Deusmask is a good idea because of spawn room exploit would be a pain in the ass for the staff to constantly tp or bring people. Assault Bank Suburbia Boston Castle Chaser Community_Bowling Craftroom Crisis Deadhouse Digdown District Enclave Forest Goldenplixprison Halo_Crysis Innocent Hotel Intergalactic mc_Mineshaft Medieval Medival Castle Metropolis (The old one) Moonarbase mw2_Terminal OFFICE rats kitchen resident evil 2 Star Templar Trading unatco Vessel Waterworld Westwood EDIT: Some of these might still be in the map pool but aren't played frequently. Also, it's weird but most of these maps were already in the pool but were removed.
  13. William

    That what I was thinking.
  14. William

    Because we needed more Dark RP players... Eeeerrrr I mean hello!