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  1. I tried /claim but it says i don't have permission and I checked in /help but couldnt find anything plz help
  2. That's probably it but idk. I guess I need to get a life lol.
  3. I don't understand how the server died... I know that people stopped playing, but why? What drove them off? Nothing? I know this has happened before and I'm sure we'll see our server come back some day but how did this happen? It was too slow do notice but eventually the server was just empty. Then we started migrating to Sabretooth (but that's another discussion). I find it weird that the server died multiple times after me getting banned, when Echotiger took a break, when he left, and now.... Obviously this is correlation not causation but I am curious as to how Rahj's management got us here, especially when the server got high teens and low twenties at the start of last year. This is probably correlation rather than causation again since, in my opinion Rahj is a better manager than Monkey. Why does this serve seem to spike up and then fizzle out in fluctuations? Well I haven't been in the community for very long so maybe it only began recently? I hope this server gets back to it's prime again, sooner than later. I love this server and it hurts me to see it die over, and over again. I need to get a life lol.
  4. *Leaves then joins back
  5. Other than the one time I map abused I think I deserved Trusted. At the time I didn't think so but in retrospect I did a decent job, vote kicking and banning RDMers, gagging and muting mic and text spammers and telling noobs about the rules (Only when there were no staff of course). What do you mean I've been banned thrice for meta-gaming? That doesn't mean I can't change! I have been trying to follow the rules after those incidences. Shitposting lol
  6. Nothing is too harsh on the internet.
  7. It's hard for me to come to a decision but right now I'm leaning towards Labor but I'm not really sure if that's an objective opinion or if I've been brain washed by those ads. Scott Morrison is taking money out of the hospitals... Blah blah blah. Youtube you know I'm not old enough to vote, stop giving me the same ad.
  8. Still not moved to shitposting....
  9. Do we really need more emotes tho? Yes. The answer is yes.
  10. William


    The hype is real!
  11. I like how no one has moved it back to shitposting yet.
  12. FTL by Subset games, fits the game very well and is pleasing to hear outside of the game too.
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