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  1. yee haw baby just let someone take the reins already, there's already a keen playerbase wanting to get on it, Minecraft as autistic as it seems it back on the rise in 2019, you already pay for hosting a server might aswell make something out of it it's all gain with nothing to lose. higher ups have such a weird spite for this server and its coming to fruition like shits wild
  2. yeah what's good ill manage it
  3. Can we get the logs again but with timestamps aswell to help figure this out more? I trust Dazza Limmo tbh and he does consistently only play those gangs and kidnap people. I mean don't trust this guy for shit tho. There might have been a bit of confusion with the ban being a 4 person mrdm, maybe it was just the 2 he rdm'd. Who was the sit actually done for, all 4 players killed or maybe only the latest 2 to die?
  4. ay I wouldn't mind being a host just provided you gimme a lil run down of whats properly needed from me otherwise if that's taken ill be a bouncer boy
  5. Neutral Hey so I've started playing again and I gotta say chief I know you're keen to help the server out and you're a dedicated guy, and what I'm about to say is somewhat based off your age but not the whole thing. As you are you wouldn't do well as a staff member, there's a good blend between enforcing rules and being able to have fun as a staff member which I'm worried you won't be able to achieve right now, that could lead to a burnout on your part and/or less enjoyment of players on the server from what could be called over-enforcing the rules. You seem like you'd crack down really hard over quite trivial things, but if your friends were to push the rules a bit too far I don't think you'd have the ability to punish them. Alongside this being in sits all day can be a stressful thing depending on your personality, and since you're quite young you should understand there will be a lot of shit flinging at you because of that, when this happens you won't be allowed to lash out or punish them because of doing that, staff should never punish someone for insulting them only when it crosses the line with regular players. My honest opinion is you need to sit back for a longer period of time and let these kinks work themselves out as you grow older and more mature, not saying you aren't mature just a different kind for what's needed with staffing. Take a good 6 months to a year to let yourself change as oppose to applying every month once you're able to again.
  6. Doing this eliminates the point of new players getting shit printers and working their way up and encourages job camping and afking just for a big fuckin increase in salary. Doesn't need to be changed it's fine as is -1
  7. Finna say everything Yuki argues would be able to happen if we remove FearRP you can already do, if the fella with a guy looks away from you either pull a gun or slip the fuck out my guy he breaks his hold of you once he looks away. If you want to try and distract until someone arrives go for it just be slick with your words it's not hard. If you roleplay someone who's shit scared to do anything even if they look away that's the persona you're playing, other people have the opposite though and it's completely within the rules. Don't mix up FearRP with Powergaming too, I see it too often people think they can just strip me of my shit and remove my comms, that's nowhere in our rules currently and until it is I'll continue to fuckin ignore it. There are too many servers without FearRP that you constantly see someone with a gun in their face whip there's out and spray, FearRP is vital to the server running as intended, semi-serious. I definitely think a system to log where players are looking would be hella tight but I can see a few situations of it potentially displaying vague information itself, say you may not be looking directly at a player but they're slightly off to the side of your view, you're still technically looking at them. Instead of removing FearRP trim the fat off it of whatever people are actually upset about with it and once that's done add plugins for staff to help better enforce what's left. Something Yuki did say that I absolutely agree on is a bigger punishment on dying, it's so trivial it doesn't matter if I get killed it's better that than lose a good 10 mins of time on the server I could be doing something more interesting. Harsher death punishments create more incentive to roleplay the FearRP out and that's both positive and negative depending on individuals playstyles (e.g people who come on to fuck around on Thief and don't want any rp won't like the increased punishment, whereas semi-serious and serious roleplayers would find it more appealing). TLDR; I'll kill myself if we remove FearRP just because some staff don't like they can't resolve a petty case
  8. +1 Nobody plays any gang classes anymore, the only exception is the occasional Gopnik or Mafia group of friends that always revert to something else. Bloods and Crips are practically fucking worthless in their current state, the only people who hop on these are new people who all change their rp name to shit like 'blood nigga 1' 'blood nigga 2' and so forth, it's primetime to do this especially because of the economy reset. People understand now that there money isn't worth shit and can just be reset at the end of the day, there's gotta be more emphasis on the roleplay aspect of gangs and that. The last time gangs were changed there were fucking stupid names like 'bikey boys', it's obviously a minge class if it's name some shit like that but these are mostly fine for bringing the serious aspect. Not super keen on the whole Terrorist/White Supremacists class, I've never been to keen on the idea of involving a heavy amount of racism mixed with the ability to pull of public executions and bombings the ratio of serious RP to mingeing is gonna look like 10/90%. I've got nothing to suggest to change it personally just weighing my thoughts on the negative side of it. Letting gangs purchase certain things is also a huge yes from me, it gives even more reason to play them since they're not as useless, the only issue here again is that brings away from the dealer roles. So many people can just be supplied by a leader, the few people left to go to dealers are non-donor thieves, civs, etc. you only need one gun to start to snowball yourself as a crim class anyway. That's me personally though I'm not big on putting tonnes of money into a load of weapons and gear I just use the bare minimum I can for the fun of it and because I can be a bit impatient.
  9. nah fuck making it criminal associated just make it a cosmetic only thing, server needs money dumps otherwise the economy issue will just continue and get stale cosmetics are a good idea, but not like how they did it last time with the hats and backpacks and shit that was autistic it needs to be a big money dump like this
  10. +1 if you're the john strange I used to know then sure you were pretty solid would be good mod guy
  11. yeah but like what happened here tho also you're still calling him pathetic and not a man smt talking about being raised not to be rude but still carrying on like a baby
  12. the way you make it sound is as if he never actually answered you ever out of your many times asking which like i'd imagine at one point he would of said "no you cant have the name", even tho its implied you cant have it because yknow, it got changed in the first place. but like you said the first time you asked wasn't taken very well, it'd be assumed this is the part where he said no and told you to fuck off tbh but like imagine saying someone isn't 'professional' in their volunteer position, when you call them pathetic and have bothered them for a long period of time over something already answered crazy idea tho go bother the managers instead about it like perrin lets through autistic names all the time just get her permission and you overrule the staff
  13. free him its his birthday party
  14. +1 been fucking asking for this for years just be careful with adding rules about it like letting people in the same org defend eachother that shit gets cancer real fast gotta do it right
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