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  1. Islanders are the real OG's mad respect
  2. I mean that's the definition of there culture right there.
  3. Osama Trump

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/Stellaris/ Best game to ever exist free weekend others galaxy edition is like 5$ on other key stores
  4. Osama Trump

    Lady Gaga's Dangling Scrotum
  5. Osama Trump

    Give it an hour
  6. Osama Trump

    30 mins into the survey She'll turn out good
  7. Osama Trump

    VICTORYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!! I Sniff Vodka and Drink Cocaine
  8. Osama Trump

    Dont make me do a survey right now between 100 people from my community cause i will
  9. Osama Trump

    Well from my servers of course its an estimation but i Guarantee you that its some what accurate. Maybe less of a 35% - 40%
  10. Osama Trump

    Yeah but then you also gotta compete with how many other server? also you gotta understand that about 50% of Rust players have no job & are out of school. Would count for about 30,000 rust players meaning around 1,000 Australian players etc etc. I've clearly proved its possible to start a server with no serious admin skill no serious development skill like i'm a literal walking joke and i manage a 200 pop rust server that wipes on Saturdays I've literally hit a sweet spot.
  11. Osama Trump

    I'd highly suggest a 5x Solo/Duo Tuesday wipes or something Unique to get the server poppin
  12. Osama Trump

    Surely Poseidon makes a rust server @Echo For server manager.
  13. Osama Trump

    CasinoRP yes?
  14. Osama Trump

    Yesss plss I'm the real Viper
  15. Osama Trump

    RIP John Mate
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