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  1. Osama Trump

    Nothin can beat a 12 year old screaming "RUSH B" in CSGO
  2. Osama Trump

    we did are job boissss GG
  3. Osama Trump

    Drop 26k in 6 hours "Never done before" - Logan Paul Elon knows something we don't Aka ELON IS A TIME TRAVELER
  4. Osama Trump

    Wheres Sid Sloth when you need him
  5. My Child is dead

  6. Osama Trump

    Wasn't meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Osama Trump

    It wasn't me fred gott on my acccount again and killed 16 people Fuck staff are badddd Fred got on my account and Killed like 16 people with a stun stick and yous gave me a ban for "Mass Stun Stick abuse" fuck off it was 16 MASS RDM BRING BACK THE GOOD STAFF Like Sid Sloth, Jamie Duke, Diego, Frank, Frank again YOUR ALL FUCKIN PLEBZZZ new staff suck all a bunch of 12ives
  8. Osama Trump

    +1 chuck another massy for sid sloth
  9. Osama Trump

  10. Osama Trump

    +1 absolute legend
  11. Osama Trump

    Do it pussy
  12. Osama Trump

    Nibba be playin that Doc.Seuss shit
  13. Osama Trump

    @Fusion61 "I AM GOD" Free steam key 35. 4W46V-NWLEH-9BY78
  14. Osama Trump

    Congratz on your first period OOPS FREE STEAM KEY >> 3. FZ6QK-NML8B-WBWPC <<
  15. Osama Trump

    Can i claim this is DarkRP Money OPPS FREE STEAM KEY AGAIN >> 34. MXFG2-R7TJ8-4BVI9 <<